Come Away With Me, My Beloved

Declaration of faith: I declare God’s blessings over my life. I will walk in my God given power and exercise my authority as God invested in me. Today I will function in my godly creative ability and my words will bring forth good things to the world around me. Genesis 1:26-28.

So, quieted myself and decided I must make some serious changes because I wasn’t where I wanted to be spiritually and emotional, (walking in joy and abundance). God is never the problem when we stand and survey our landscape and see it is negative. At this crossroad, I knew it was way past due to re-asses my life and invest in some serious soul-searching in a quiet place with God. In Hi quiet presence was where I could find solutions.,. For those of us who’ve been in the valley for a long time, frequent times of re-evaluation are necessary to be able to be consistent and forward moving.

I reconnected with a precious friend and spiritual sister who went through a breast Cancer season and is living with a very abusive and negative roommate. She has been praying and steadily saving for her own place but she share her feelings about the difficulty of being positive and expectant when in a very long season of greet hardship and despair. Her feelings resounded with me and she acknowledged my long season, (14 years) of battling my vicious symptoms,) yet holding fast to God’s promise of .prosperity and good health.

I had another spiritually inspiring conversation with a Christian sister from the Facebook Mold illness group.. She always posted powerful scriptures to encourage us with severe symptoms and depression. Just before we talked, I was listening to an amazing teaching from Pastor Ed Citronelili! I was searching for teachings on identifying and reaking curses on the YouTube channel and his teaching video came up. Halfway into the video he brought out another curse. He said that sometimes we ourselves speaking death by the words we speak.! He gave examples of negative declarations, “I am sick and tired of this or you.” “This_______ is killing me” and “I’m getting worse.” Guilty realization hit me as I thought of some egative statements I spoke aloud, not realizing they were prophetic and ignited depression and/or hopelessness over my spiritual atmosphere.

My Christian sister and I both agreed that we needed to stop saying out loud, “Oh, I feel horrible” or “Oh, I will never get better”. I’ve caught myself a few times, looking in the mirror after waking up, growing “Ugly”. That certainly was not going to inspire me to be thankful and expectant of good things! for my day I’m being transparent here because I know many of you reading this are unaware or forgetful about the words you speak aloud. It is time for us to understand Life and Death indeed are in the power of our own tongue and we absolutely must take control of our words because it’s dead certain that they do affect our life, atmosphere and future.

I’ve no trouble receiving the truth, that my identity is in Christ, but my problem is rashly blurting out whatever negative feelings or condition of my painful or uncomfortable symptoms are at the moment. It is one thing to think good thoughts.. It is quite another to declare with hope with expectancy!

This won;t be a long blog. The antidote is simple choose to speak life. Choose to speak goodness, healing, joy and expectancy. (yes, I know..not easy, but no good new positive habit is easy). If you have a bad memory or are so programmed to speak negativity because of very long seasons of suffering and hardship, ask God to remind you. Post notes all over your house to remind you to speak out God’s promises and hope for you. Ask God to help you find one or two people who you can agree with each time you re weak, depressed and frustrated.

Cancer is not your death sentence. Dystonia, MS, Mold Illness, Mercury poisoning, Fibromyalgia, fatigue, ADHD is not your identity. Remember, you are BLESSED! You can do it You are God’s Treasure. His thoughts toward you are so innumerable, and full of liquid love. You are beautiful, a hand-made one of a kind design! You are getting better and your painful symptoms are diminishing. You will FLY with wings as eagles. Jesus will never leave nor forsake you.

If you are lost, broken, suffering, Jesus waits for you to invite Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life..and your best friend! Declare this prayer of Salvation:

Heavenly Father, I come to you, asking for help. You sent your only precious Son to save and deliver me from my sin and brokenness. I ask you to forgive my sins and everything wrong I’ve ever done. Jesus, I ask you to be the lord and Savior of my life and I surrender all to you. Thank you, Father for giving me your son, Jesus Christ, Yashuah, the messiah! in Jesus name, I ask and thank you, amen.

Now get baptized, start reading the Gospels, praying and communicating honestly with your Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Sprite. Seek a full Gospel church. Stay committed and share your testimony of salvation and your new life and what JESUS did for you! Shalom beloved!


Fire Fighter, Chris Fields looking down at baby Baylee

I consider my song,  I  Can Still Cry one of my most most compelling and heartfelt I’d ever written. I rarely write hit songs because I’m most touched by incidents,, relationships, tragedies and injustice, (and probably that’s why most of my songs are rejected by music A&R companies like Taxi and Music X-ray, lol.) The movement of time and circumstances which assail all people throughout the ages, moves me deeply.

I was shell-shocked when I heard the first report of a horrific bombing of the Alfred P Murrah Federal building on April 19, 1995. The photograph of a firefighter, Chris Fields, holding a tiny baby girl, Baylee, made me burst out in tears. Tears of sorrow spilled down my cheeks as I gazed at pictures of the bombings’ devastating outcome. I could not wrap my mind around the reasons of the person who had such hatred and rage that he could care less that  there were babies and little children in the building. One hundred sixty eight people died and hundreds more were injured. Many babies who were being cared for at the day care center also perished. Few of us could not be stirred regarding this tragedy. For me it was a pivotal time in my songwriting and journalism calling.

As i write this blog, I hear the strains of the refrain of I can Still Cry, a mournful legacy of a long-past disaster who many may have forgotten. I cannot forget, every time I upload the song for pitching to film, documentary and TV music companies.

One thing is sure, despite ll the evils that had  assailed me in my own life and the myriad of rejections and abuse by people, I can still felt deep empathy for  the suffering of people. I consider it a blessing and gift to be able to weep  about injustices,  human rights violation, murder and actions such as bombings. My prayer though, is that we weep not when reading or seeing devastating events, but that we would do something to prevent them A tall order I know, but if we can at least intimately connect and communicate to each other, ( to assuage gripes) we may prevent an act of vengeful hatred and violence.

  My prayer as you listen to my beautiful song, recorded and engineering by the talented, Nejat Bakin, you will aspire to be a person of empathetic action. Nejat did a beautiful job of capturing the anguish and purity .  A decade later, I  recorded a remix and extended  keyboard version of the song  done with the  wonderful John Mulrenan, Acorn Digital, Howell NJ.      You can purchase both versions of I Can Still Cry on my website:

What is the cure for retaliation, rage and violence? Love is always the answer, without expect for return and unconditional. Jesus Christ the greatest lover of us all made random acts of kindness his life’s work. Practice random acts of kindness and see your world transformed!


So, it’s been about a year since being under the care of Brooklyn Hanna, nurse-facilitator of our Facebook Mold illness/CRS group. This woman is so helpful and besides being a Christian, she is so eager to be transparent and share all her knowledge with us.

Since 2007, (when that nitwit dentist removed my one amalgam filling without the Hazmat rubber dam protocol) the journey has been extremely slow and discouraging, but I am determined to get back to my performing and recording in the studio. I’m continually rewarded to be able to share the vital information and natural healing protocols to the many suffering on the Mold Illness/CRS, Lyme Disease and Dystonia Facebook groups. So many are severely discouraged and even losing hope because their symptoms are so disabling and /or painful.

Researching is the major time- consumer, more than guitar practicing or song-writing.. I haven’t been inspired to write new songs or work on my book and photography because my body is in distress from the time I wake up to the time i go to sleep each night. At times I get disgusted with the routine of having to take 6 Snooze in melotonin sleep capsules, 2 PM Ibuprofen, 6 caps of GABA and CALM powdered magnesium just to get undisturbed sleep. Without these, I would be waking seven or eight times from my mouth-jaw spasms.

So my quest to find a cure for these incessant mouth-jaw spasms continues. I’m quite sure that my gut condition is the culprit. I ran out of my Biocidin about two weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been suffering from severe pain (trapped air gas) in my esophagus. One night, the pain was so sudden and stabbing that I thought I was having a heart attack, while praying for healing, I remembered also that I was eating way too many raw garlic cloves and that was giving me acid reflux. So my research is also including esophagus-related disorders.

Out of the blue, I thought about not using my Biocidin in several weeks and realized that my esophageal distress could be because of my gut biome-disbiosis, bacteria and toxins which have not yet been diminished. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but now i see that I should. not have allowed my Biocidin use to be interrupted.

Today, I decided to research Biocidn and found an amazing doctor who formulated it. This Sound Cloud interview is quite in depth and i know many of you will be absolutely convinced that Biocidin should be part of your healing regimen. Dr Rachel shares much information like taking Quercitin and marshmallow root. Make sure to takes notes and confer with Brooklyn My prayer is that this blog will benefit you in your healing journey!


Whew! After over thirteen years, independent release, Mod Prophet is now available for download or physical CD.

Mod Prophet was a severely burdensome baby to carry to term, but now, looking back, I wish to share some insights about the varied and compelling lyrical content and subject matter.

I am first and foremost, a poet and journalist. Even before I fronted our Christian hard rock band, The Promise, with Chris Durante in the summer of 1989, I had won awards and had my creative writing lauded by all of my Brookdale Community College professors, (even the non-Christian ones).

Being the first-born offspring of a dark-skinned Puerto-Rican and Indian father and a German mother, I never fit in with my classmates. My transference from Catholic school, (where I was an A student and teacher’s pet) to Tinton Falls public school) was the downfall of my being and I was bulled. The bullying climaxed with a traumatic incident by a huge and fearful classmate in my art class I was never the same afterward and my exuberant creativity in the arts diminished to the point, my only outlet was journaling my emotions and ponderings of my unjust and cruel world.

God makes everything beautiful, though, in His time and though my long and arduous artistic journey took me to very depths of hell, shame and bondage, I can honestly say that my glorious Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit does an excellent job in bringing sense and order to a very broken and deeply traumatized girl.

That all being said, as I contemplate how to utilize and bless other shattered people with the treasures Abba God has cultivated within me, I share with you Mod Prophet’s story.

Mod Prophet was one of the most rewarding, and ambitious projects, working with some creative and gifted men. Long-time, guitar genius and friend, Chris Durante, provided tasty and unconventional motifs to my songs. Co-producer and engineer, John Mulrenan, lent his artistry on bass, piano, keyboards and drum programming. Jeff Palley, Roman Dolinsky, Phil Long drummed magic. Marq-Paul LaRose reworked my folk-jazz song, Basket Case to dizzying jazz-rock satisfaction.

Mod Prophet deserves a good listen. This baby grew me in fruits of humility and integrity, long-suffering and patience. It took incredible faith to wake up each day, asking Christ for the strength to push a phone book-loaded hand-truck up and downs streets in the sweltering heat of August and the windy cold of winter to scrape money for studio time and to pay the various musicians for their skills. Without the hard-earned paychecks from PDC, the phone book delivery company, I’d never have been able to support myself on my performing- gig salary alone. On top of all that was the extra burden of enduring violent neck and upper body spasms from the Dystonia. My supervisor at PDC could have been my daughter and not empathetic bout my suffering. She treated me with the same business roughness as the young men. I no longer cried and complained that I didn’t get signed to a record deal, but was thanking God for the strength and endurance o be able to do such physical work for 15 years!

The greatest miracle has been the many studio sessions with John where my spasms were so violent and painful, I had to lay on the couch until e the very moment I had to track my vocals and guitar.

Tracking “In the Bink of an Eye” with John and Roman

Many people who hear my songs have no idea how they were birthed, but God knows and He sees and He will reward for I will be faithful to what He’s called me to do. My prayer is that Mod Prophet will cause you to meditate on the conditions of injustice, social and spiritual apathy and God’s redemption to the human race. For me, Life has been no joke and neither should it be for any of us because everything we think, say or do will be weighed in the balance, Christ’s Book of Life.

Mod Prophet is not for faint-hearted. It is for those who can celebrate powerful, aggressive and anointed Christ-centered rock!

Tracking at Living Waters Studio

I KEEP FALLING   (Struggling with sin)

2. COUP D’ETAT ( Facing & felling Goliaths, standing Strong in faith) 

3. ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACKS (Wacky world of politics) 

4. BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL   (Beauty, body image angst)

5.   CHANGES ALL AROUND  ( Losing loved Ones)

6. .IN THE BLINK of an EYE  (Dangers of Texting While driving & road rage)

7   POLICING THE OTHER (Condemning Others)

8.  STRUGGLING ( THE HUMAN EXISTENCE)  (The struggle of Living Righteously)

9.  NOBODY SEES  ( Courageous journey of special needs people)

10. TESTOSTERONE, LOGIC & INTUITION  (war between men & women)

11. HIDE & SEEK (Living in Deception and  delusion)

12  PRAY FOR RAIN  (A world thirsty for the living waters of Christ)

13 BASKET CASE   ( Artists and musicians are NOT crazy!.

On the FRINGE… but Walking on Water

Sittin’ on the dock.. creating a song


So, I received a notification from the music pitching A&R company, that I’m a part of, Music Xray, (similar to Taxi Music), that famous Producer, Marty, (name changed for privacy) had a message for me.

As I do each day, asking the Lord for his guidance and counsel. as I expressed myself to Mr Marty, I was given a confirmation-revelation bout my position as a true artist I feel a peaceful reckoning about my identity, first as a devoted child of God, living true to His design and then to my calling as poet-minstrel. My prayer is that God will move on Mr Marty’s heart in an intimate and transforming way. despite my letters depth and length.

Hello Mr Marty, 

  I didn’t forget you.  I’ve been inundated with urgent health demands, (more and countless tests with my new Mold Illness MD) and more research for healing of my Phrenic (diaphragm nerve)  and vagus nerve. Injuries of these (singing muscles & nerves is deadly for  singer.  It’s been a very daunting and disheartening journey with such SLOW improvements, however, I try my best to keep creative and productive and  am focused on getting my Christmas album out to sell and bring income in because my poor husband has been overburdened by the  massive medical expenses of my condition.

    After gigging and recording music since 1996 and  amassing  6 original (pre=producing my third worship and seventh original) and 2 cover (JAZZ standards and classic pop and rock albums, I MUST bring some kind of income stream. so, I’ve been struggling to set up my new music and designing website. (I absolutely do NOT know what I’m doing), but since there are FEW people interested in investing time into a “special needs” artist, I have to  muddle through as best as I can, (and with the Lord’s help:).   I know you’re a very famous and busy producer, but after conferring with the Lord, I must first finish my Christmas album and  get my past 4 albums set up for selling streams. The design & template process, ( CDBABY manufacturer process) is another headache  I’m grappling with, (without any help or guidance). As much as I’d be honored for you to guide my artistry, I just cannot afford to spend that kind of money on a song which today’s listeners have no interest in!!!  

   I must tell you, Marty, I’ve come to the conclusion, (after giving a listen to some (SoundCloud artists) I deduce that what  appeals to today’s listeners is urban, rap and EDM  (Some of it is okay, but it looks like those types of music are get the lion’s share of attention. Honestly, I have no  interest in compromising my acoustic, organic “Pure” poetic style to  appeal to  mostly “soulless” people abide in  the  “sheep- heard”-mentality. I’m inspired by nature and “pure” things and Jewel, Joni Mitchell and the Wilson sisters, (of Heart) have moved me as well as Christian artists such as Amy Grant,  Jennifer Knapp,  Brooke Fraser of (Hillsong).    

After listening to what appeals to people currently, I’m wondering if I’m a dinosaur and intimate  acoustic-driven Folk is just out of style! I hate RAP and i I dislike the robotic  auto-tuned vocal sound and  the cheap sounding hip-hop drum sound of these new artists. I even find the production of  some of current Christian and Worship artists repulsive. And I wonder if the secular rock arena-styled videos with the blinding spotlights and smoke honor and reverence God at all. Of course, God can use anything to draw people to Himself, but in these trying times of confusion, hatred and violence, the music industry needs artists who truly are spiritual movers and shakers. We’re losing our young people to drugs, suicide and  spiritual detachment. Apart from Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the universe, humanity cannot be saved. 

That being said, Marty, I’m sure this obscure place I’ve had to  endure for 20 years is because the music trend has drastically changed from the  Singer-songwriter female styling, of the 70s and 80’s  I’m not edgy and I’m not in your-face. Ia; a little bit corny, a little sweet and truly honest1 This is a revelation I received today from the Holy Spirit as i pondered how to answer your email:)   

   I am a journalist-poet, expressing my ideas through my limited  Taylor  acoustic guitar, inspired by the losses, hardships, enigmas and joys of the broken people, I’d met in my ministry journeys. That is who I am and I cannot and will not compromise this treasure to appeal to the  soulless and narcissistic  masses.      If Christ has moved you through this transparent  discourse I would be blessed. If you’re interested in working with a Gospel artist on a different song, let me know;)    blessings to you and thank you for your time, Marty!
Warmly,reverend Anita Ivette

Brave Flame Productions and Outreach
Here is my website if you are interested in my other songs and my ministry journey,

This reckoning has a long time coming.. Thanks to female musician-entrepreneur CEO, the gifted Bree Noble, WOS, Women of Sustenance radio, a divine opportunity has come for me to leap a giant step forward! It took me by surprise that her team chose a handful of my original songs which they deemed as intimate and relevant to their high standards. I was amazed to hear the excellency and polish of all the female artists that Bree spins on her program and I am humbled and excited of the coming opportunities because of being part of the WOS family! Thank you Bree for your very needed and award-winning platform and family. God bless you and your amazing team of gifted gals!

Would you pray about sowing into my music ministry? I thank those of you, (you all know who you are) who supported and believed in my gift over the years. Would you pass this website link on to anyone you know who needs support and has, or is enduring a great crisis. I also ask, for those of you who have marketing skills and are Christ-minded for evangelism and restoration-healing for the broken, to assist me in this great calling! Feel free to visit my Guestbook and send me a note! may God bless and prosper you and your family.


So, it’s going on 14 years since being diagnosed with Dystonia. It’s hard to believe that I’d become so intimately acquainted withe the innumerable nuances of this vicious “movement’ disorder and different nerves and systems. I wrote my first article in 2011, fully expecting this staggering battle would be won. In my desperate search for a cure, (and finding out a decade later that the cure would not be a quick fix) I feel very qualified to share what I have learned and applied to my healing (survival) protocol.

This article is a sort of dissertation medical dissertation about doctors. I don’t pass judgment to them regarding their choice of protocol for their patients, but I do criticize the lack of empathy and willingness to diligently research and study new medical breakthroughs and holistic modalities. Most of the medical entities embrace only orthodox procedures and surgeries medical as dictated by their medical encyclopedia.

My opinions and observations stated here re based on the treatments efficacy and health results by my many former MDs, chiropractors, Osteopaths, dentists , Neurologists, Specialists and natural-holistic practitioners. My information is also complied from the experiences and testimonies from suffering and misdiagnosed people on the Lyme Disease, Mercury Detox, Mold illness and Dystonia Facebook groups.

I also base my opinions on the negligent and orthodox treatments of my late beloved father and mother and other dear friends, (many of who died in their fifties)!

It boggles my mind that in spite of living in one of the most technically and “so-called” medically -advanced nations in the world, Americans are among the worse in physical wellness and vigor.. I’ve found the American medical system is terribly lacking and our population as a whole is sickly and extremely vulnerable to any and all viruses and pandemics.

My hell started when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 1992. I was prescribed 31 consecutive days of intravenous Rosphin antibiotic at Reviewer Hospital, Red Bank, NJ. I was never given a script or told to take probiotics. l felt much better after the treatment, but started to feel very rundown, weak and foggy-brained after 3 months. follow up tests showed Lyme had came back full force and another different round of antobiotics were prescribed. The Amoxicillin was a high dose and to be taken for a full month also. Again, I felt better, but after a few months, a felt a strange sensation like my body was being poisoned. I gained weight even eating sparsely and madly exercising,. I craved pasta and bread. I felt so toxic, I could barely function. I knew something was terribly wrong and I am forever grateful that a new neighbor who became a kind friend recommended me to see her wonderful chiropractor, Dr Kelly in Lakewood.

Dr Kelly turned out to be one of the very practitioners who truly were concerned and wanted to see me be totally restored. He admired my desire to minister and also see people walking in vibrant health and discounted his services and supplements. He told me that I should have been on probiotics for the Lyme antibiotic treatment because the gut flora is severely disturbed and the lining becomes overwhelmed by bad bacteria, causing Cadidasis. It took tow years of fighting my cravings for starch and recover from brain fog, depression and toxic ill health.

I’d like to report that I was on to realizing my dream of being a successful singer0pngwriter, but that antobiotic season was the catalyst of suffering from chronic miserable bronchitis and Pnumonia episodes. I won’t ever forget coughing my brains out night after night because of the choking bronchial sputum. Then I was almost died because o my very ancient heater dying and sending carbon monoxide into my apartment instead of heat!

What a relief to marry my husband Mark in 2005 after a glorious honeymoon on a luxury cruise! I thought my troubles were over and I was set on recording my forth album, Mod Prophet with my lead guitarist and other guest musicians. I was an exciting time. Suicidal bronchitis nights were far behind. A year and a half into married life, Mark read a health article about how toxic silver amalgam fillings were to the body. He chose a local dentist, (who we found out years later, didn’t use the HAZMAT protocol for Mercury), who reomoved my one filling an a couple of his.

Within a week, my neck and throat muscles were pulsing in a bizarre way and after a month became very uncomfortable. Two months later, the Platysma muscles was pulling on my TMJ jaw joints. In 2007, Mark took me to see our local primary care physician who diagnosed me with Dystonia. That Dystonia nightmare continues today.

This Dystonia, which the amalgam removal caused, was responsible for completely dislocating my jaw joints. The misalignment destroyed all the cartilage, causing excruciating pain for months. My desperate research brought me to the wonderful Dr Jeffrey Brown, a TMJ specialists. (By this time, we had been through about 4 different dentists and even Dr Rasa, Environmental Illness MD. Red Bank, NJ who specialized in Dr Dietrick Klinghardt’s mercury Detox protocol). The treatment was very costly and also not covered by our insurance and we got deeper into debt with still no explanation of what was causing the violent, jaw, neck and throat spasms!

I constantly researched medical and dental website for knowledge and for relief from my often-disabling symptoms and staggering fatigue. The constant jerking wore me out by mid=day and I became very depressed that I could barely continue my performing and music ministry endeavors. Nor did I feel inspired or motivated to even find a publisher my book, Arise From the Grave picture book series.

My online research, did bring me some hope through meeting and being treated by the wonderful Dr Jeffrey Bron, TMJ Sleep center in Falls Church, MD. The treatment was costly though, to get fit for and purchase a $6,000 mouth TMJ appliance, (which was supposed to reset the dislocated jaw joint and give relief.. I was also grieved and shocked to financially see the results of the jaw issue via my MRI. A jaw surgeon said I would have to have surgery, but there no guarantee that my spams wouldn’t dislocate the jaw joints again!

After all the disappointments and non-successful treatments, (and resisting the temptation to be addicted to pain-killers and dangerous drugs or Botox), I realized that I’d have to tackle this giant alone and find my own answers. I have to tell you, the often, I’ve felt hopeless and that I’d be suffering and getting worse, but I had to fight that inclination by prayer and asking God for help.

Here a a video of how bad the spams became because of misdiagnosis:

In the researching of the anatomy of my brain, jaw joints, nervous system, ( especially the Enteric nervous system), I gained an astounding understanding of why my body was acting the wy it did. That understanding was very empowering and I felt a responsibility to share this knowledge with other precious, incredibly suffering and baffled people of the Facebook groups. It was confirmed that the root cause of most of these neurological, digestive, respiratory and even brain issues occur because of a sever gut disruption, (Which Dr Richard Schulze has stated about any illness.).

When the Dystonia situation progressed into a severe breathing issue this past year, my research into the Vaguss and Phrenic nerve system revealed astounding information on how chronic inflammation can weaken or immobilize the breathing apparatus. The many years of ignoring my gut health has created a serious BIOFILM issue which affects all the major systems of the body. I found this all out, not by any doctors explain how my nody work, but my aggressive research.

If anything positive comes out of this article, and people take their health into their own hands first, (asking God for wisdom) my suffering was worth it. I say to many of these doctors who diagnosed and treated me, “Shame of you,” for not explaining to us about probiotic’s efficacy while receiving antibiotic treatment. When that gut flora is disturbed, it changes, bringing the body into a disastrous caldron of deadly bacteria, A biofilm is composed of attached microbial cells encased within a matrix of extracellular polymeric secretions (EPS), which surround and protect cells. The EPS matrix is typically composed of polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, and extracellular DNA. I believe Biofilm is the crux of almost every disease.

I’m grateful that God has blessed me with the ability to study and understand some of these complex medical and anatomical websites and information. Most of my fellow Mold Illness and mercury people suffer brain-fog and couldn’t possibly decipher and compose health articles. If you are suffering from a mysterious and complicated illness I hope this article inspires you to participate in your own recovery. If you are too mentally-incapacitated by brain-fog to recsearch, ask a friend or spouse to help out. Take notes on your symptoms. Chronicle your storm episodes and research that body part and its function so when you do find a doctor that is compassionate and listens, you will be well-informed and educated about your anatomy and the way your body functions.

I wish you Godspeed and great health as you forge forward in your health journey.

One more thing, do not only trust your doctor. If he doesn’t listen to you, find one who will.

Here are some key supplements you may wish to research

Digestive enzymes, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Olive leaf, EDTA, Chlorella, Spirulina, Mangosteen Juice, Noni Juice, Acai, Juice, Moringa Powder


Here we are, a mere month and a few days before the elections. Controversy and conjecture are the norm as the battle rages between good and evil. I wake up each day, remembering that I must work hard to keep my peace and not be dissuaded from truth-seeking , while many of my fellow American citizens fall into the cavern of anxiety, fear., indifference and/or complacency.
Jesus did warn us And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Mat 24:6 Most importantly The wisdom book of Proverbs 4:23 states, Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it [are] the issues of life.

Today, out of the blue, I recalled a 70’s game show, hosted by Bob Barker called Truth or Consequences. How apropos that God should bring this title to my remembrance because it is the topic we prayer warriors should be urgently concerned as fake monumental decisions are executed without our knowledge or permission.

With the passing of justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, our president’s concern of course, is that the next justice be conservative. That should be the most important aspect. But we face the urgent issue of forced vaccinations and the current lock-down crisis which has had had devastating consequences on our economy and the emotional well-being of our children and citizens.

We know these facts from our conservative and Christian reporting agencies, particularly from FOX network, (who, by the way is headed by globalist, Rupert Murdock). Tucker Carlson happens to to be hanging by a thread because of his staunch adherence to report very succinctly the truth. I believe Tucker has never been afraid to question or seek diligently the truth, as all of us intercessors should be. Staunch truth seekers are being censored and an example is Faulkner Harri’s recent interview with Newt Gingrich. The next day, there was no explanation or apology for the interruption.

Folks, we shouldn’t be afraid to question or leaders or be afraid that we will be ex communicated or fired. Innumerable Christian and conservative reporting platforms have been demonetized and/or deleted from YouTube. The first target was Alex Jones, InfoWars and he has been viciously attacked. We should be very concerned about where we, the people, will get true news from if we don’t have a strategy. Our Bible reminds us,

24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Mat 24:4

Beloved prayer warriors, now is not the time to be bedazzled by luminous false prophets who are teaching how to astro project and engage in time travel. Many are wearing certain bracelets and I wonder if our brothers and sisters are asking Holy Spirit if it’s okay.

A reminder, how earnestly and diligently did the sons and daughters of the most high God, Jehovah,. examine the fruit of then running senator Barak Obama. Did we wait on Holy Spirit’s divine counsel on such an imperative matter of our next commander in Chief’s devotion to God, God’s commandments and our Constitution? We made a deadly mistake, bringing damning consequences to America.

My beloved pastor, Augusto Perez, mentioned on his radio program how he believed integrity was the most important
attribute when he was judging a person\s character. Being gifted and/or having high intellect was never a factor in deciding on a godly prospective candidate for a leadership position in his ministry.This man of God knows the importance of Godly integrity and sadly, this is an attribute that we intercessors need more teaching, guidance and revelation about.

The Return convocation (Sept 26,& 27 2020) was an excellent and timely spiritual event sorely needed for our nation. True repentance should be our diligent and passionate mandate. We all should be repenting, for marrying the wrong spouse, for pursuing a degree that Father did not equip us for because our parents would be angry, for voting a candidate into office because our parents voted for a certain party. He should repent for voting into office candidates who support the barbarism of abortion (partial-birth) and the ruthless, blood-thirsty child sex trade.

We should be diligently researching and praying about (asking  Holy Spirit for  divine revelation about a candidate, judge or president ) and wait for His answer. There’s a lot of praying but not enough waiting. There are over a hundred scriptures on waiting on God. My husband and I both have suffered many negative consequences for rushing ahead because we made decisions in haste or by acquiescing to the pressure and or intimidation of friends, business acquaintances and even Christian brethren.

Let us be wary and diligent and learn a lesson from Abraham and Sara who rushed ahead of God to make a baby and received an Ishmael. May we be mindful to understand the implications of surrendering to our fleshy and foolish desires. As we stand at the precipice of utter destruction, (where there will be no turning back), let us approach the throne room of grace with great humility, repentance and reverence

Holy, Heavenly Father Jehovah
Draw us ever nearer to you as we await Your divine and perfect guidance and will for our nation’s destiny as well as the future of our children’s and grandchildren’s providence, in Jesus name, amen!


My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6


I won’t take this scripture out of  its original context, but I must address the truth of this  scripture in regrading to the position of the church in this present time.  As I wake up each day, my fist impulse is to seek Father’s will and be guided by the Holy Spirit  to accomplish His perfect will in my life. This isn’t always easy because there are myriads of distractions and new headlines vying for my attention.

One of  my beloved pastors, Augusto Perez, The Appearance Ministries, shared a report on his weekly  Mail Bag Show program about  California pastor,  John MacArthur’s victory for his church. Indeed, he won his case allowing his congregation to worship. I want to say Thank God for bold pastors who aren’t afraid to oppose the demonic agenda to keep God’s people in bondage and  deprive us of our constitutional rights.

I  wish to also introduce another courageous watchman on the wall, Dr Simone Gold who shared her medical  and legal expertise and address the wearing of masks and the Covid-19 Controversy  regarding the efficacy  of Hydroxychloroquine protocol  Marcus and Joni Lamb’s Ministry Now program (on Day Star Christian TV) had guest, Dr Simone Gold. Dr. Gold was fired from her job at the hospital. She explains how the masks offer very little protection because the virus is microscopic and people believe that they are safe from the virus.

Personally,  Mark and I are astounded at the ludicrousness of people wearing their masks  while alone, driving in their vehicles and   even more ludicrous, while outside  in the fresh and moving air ! But people are buying the  propaganda, rather than research and  being educated by very experienced and  compassionate doctors. What on earth is wrong with our Christian brethren, who should know better and  too many of the population   acquiescing to the  herd mindset? Didn’t God give us  magnificent brains to think critically? I have found many of my  Christian brethren  to acquiesce to the influence of the world and the false propaganda of the liberal secular media.

Herd Mentality: Noun

            The tendency for people’s behavior or beliefs to conform to those of the group to   which they belong.

Christian brothers and sisters, this is a clarion call to come up higher!

Jehovah God’s will is for us to be in health and prosper. So why is the  church not performing at maximum capacity? We are NOT maximizing the wisdom Holy Spirit gives us access to because we are listening to  and heeding  (and being deceived by the enemy, who seems to be gaining momentum) the reports of the liberal media and even Fox news! Sorry Folks, there are  many conservative and cutting edge reporting agencies that are not behind the 8 ball so to speak. We Christians, (Kings and priests having high authority, according the Bible) and especially the intercessors should be way ahead of the demonic assignments of satan’s kingdom.

   Sadly, the proof of the pudding is the destruction of our cities, (billions of dollars of damage)  and a diminishing of our once vibrant-growing economy! We should also be alarmed and shaken to  the core ( and out of our stupor)  about the horrific rise in shootings and the increasing murder statistics.  And most urgent of all is the continued  harvesting and marketing of our precious, innocent unborn fetuses and the trafficking of our little ones. I’ll not apologize for being utterly concerned about the future of our children and our nation. Brothers and sisters it is our Christian  and civic responsibility to have Godly, righteous dominion over the earth and some of you need to repent and take this in prayer to the Holy Father and Jesus.  Do not wonder why this Covid 19 season is  prolonged and the enemy is vehemently waging strong warfare against Jehovah’s righteous ordinances! Do not wonder because  many of us have not been diligent to stand up, like pastor Augusto Perez, Pastor John MacArthur, Alex Jones and Dr Simone Gold.

    Folks, the devil has his generals and lieutenants  strategically organizing  their demonic and destructive assignments over our children, our health, our constitution and nation.  See how successfully the enemies’ minions,  violent murderous BLM and Antifa groups have succeeded in tearing down our great cities without opposition)  The Church, God’s called out people,  should be in dominion over our earth. ) Unless we stand up, (lead by the Holy Spirit), we will lose our nation and life as we know it, will forever change for the worse., ( and get ready for guillotines).

WATCH this video!

May this urgent blog compel you to pray each day and ask Father what your  portion and responsibility  is for such a time as this. Remember the parable of the talents, that every child of God is required to be obedient and fruitful for Father Jehovah God’s kingdom. We all are called to bear much good fruit or we will be cut off and cast into the fire!

So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Mat. 7:19 NLT

Conservative and christian reporting agencies to get your news from:

Mail Bag Show and End Time Current Events, Appearance


Veritas Project

Bevelyn Beatty

Info Wars

Joel Skousen  Last Days Timeline











growing Zucchinis

Journal Entry, August 1, 2020

So, our electricity just went out. I was sending out email notifications about my Sunday, August 9th beach front gospel concert. My difficult Oromnadibular-Tmj Dystonia journey continues as I grapple with mysterious and complex body system issues.

Our nation still lingers in the Covid-19 crisis grip as the battle rages between the Hydroxychloriquine efficacy and the creation of a vaccine. National Hurricane Center reported tropical storm, Isaias barreling down and engulfing the east coast. Mark scurried to set up our power generator as the wind roared vehemently across our neighborhood, already ripping off large branches from the fungus-covered tress. As I gazed out my kitchen window, trying hard to remember where I put the box of candles for weather emergencies, (like the one  at present), I saw huge branches strewn across my back yard. I had just raked up the last few piles of dead leaves, debris and twigs and now, I would have to begin all over again with raking and gathering piles of yard debris.

It’s about 12:51 and the rain stopped. I went outside to see what damage was done. Heavy branches had fallen on some of my special flowering plants. On the other side of the yard, a huge branch had fallen so close to my little vegetable garden that some of my tomato plants were crushed. I took some pictures of my littered yard and spoke life to the remaining plants in my patio. I thanked Father that the dead , bark-stripped tree at the  other end of the yard did not collapse on our rental’s roof, otherwise our landlord would have had a huge expense. I was thankful that our Heavenly Father was so faithful to hear and honor our prayers for protection, as He always has!

These past several months have been severely distressing for me reading and watching so many reports of the death toll from the Covid-19 and the controversy regarding people having access to Hydroxychloroquine. Coupled with that, the continuing anarchy and rioting from the angry Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs which resulted in the senseless shooting deaths of many innocents. Being an intercessor involved with several prayer battalions, it has been almost overwhelming,  coupled with enduring my disabling symptoms  due to the 90 degree and high humid weather.

Facing the  resulting  isolation, lack of social camaraderie, boredom, stress  and unemployment from the  lingering and disabling  Covid-19 crisis, I felt strongly to do something positive and inspire others not to succumb to hopelessness. I know how powerful an impact a child of God can have  using a wonderful platform such as a blog site!

My prayer is that as you read this blog, you decide in your heart to do something and not allow this daunting giant to imprison you permanently. Only the fittest survive and  with Christ, we can do all things.  If we do nothing, indeed we’ll not recover and our lives will change dramatically for the worse.inspecting my tomatoe plants

Let us decide today to be overcomers and remember Jehovah God’s and Jesus’ faithfulness in bringing us through the Storm victoriously. I grapple with the same emotions, frustrations and sadness as you and some days, I really haven’t felt like I wanted to get up and face the day.  But we must remember that our trials besieging us are simply difficult obstacles we transcend while walking with our beautiful Christ. We are runners in a long-distance marathon and Christ is running alongside us!  Our race of life is comprised of different seasons, relationships, and environment and we must decide whether we will adapt or die. I dislike the present view I see of our national horizon, but I know that God has given each of us a gift,  (or for others of us, multiple gifts)  to address and traverse the challenging terrain of life.

Today, I was compelled to revisit the parable of the talents in the Gospel of Mathew 25: 14-30.  It tells the story of the wealthy master going on a business trip and giving talents to his servants to gain interest. This story has always greatly inspired me to be vigorously devoted to multiply my Heavenly Father’s affairs.  Fourteen years ago,  (before the Dystonia diagnosis-battle) I had no problem  boundlessly engaging, with precision and speed,  in all of my endeavors.  As the years came and went speedily, my pace seemed to slow down to almost a snail’s pace and wrought with great frustration, anguish  and regret. Continually re-evaluating my relationship with my Heavenly Father , I deduced that I had to make some emotional and spiritual changes if I was going to continually be fruitful. And I knew it wouldn’t be possible without the help of Holy Spirit.

I continued to have  bouts of  great sadness regarding what I was and was able to do before the Dystonia battle. I continued to rely on the Lord for guidance and He was always faithful.  The uncontrollable muscle spasms often drained me by mid-day, but I adapted to the strategy of taking my journey one hour at a time. I also was greatly encouraged by spiritual moms,  prayer warrior sisters-in- Christ and mentors.  They stood with me as we  declared victory,  envisioned success and  praised the Lord . I’ve had to put a few projects on the back burner, but little by little, they are becoming a reality.  Meditating on scriptures establishes my footsteps and keeps me on track.

Though this Covid-19 crisis has worn many of us thin and haggard with grief and disappointment, we will victor over it  God makes everything beautiful in his time! Ecc 3;11. That is the gorgeous thing about the Lord. There is no devastation that He cannot recreate. The question is, Do you believe it?

In real time,   enduring this movement disorder  at times taxes  me  to the point where I cry out to Father for releif. A voice insists that I can’t do one more day  and losing hope that the the Covid-19  giant will never leave.

Okay, so how do we adjust and emotionally prepare for the consequences of this difficult season? We should first of all be informed and eager to stay abreast of what’s happening through the alternative news reporting agencies. There are many doctors, scientists and Christian leaders dedicated to the betterment of society. Most of them educate and teach how to prepare in times of crisis. There’s a plethora, including,  Breitbart, Info Wars, Veritas Project, Briteon, (Mike  Adams, the health Ranger), WND, Celeste Solum,  Appearance Ministries,  Omega Man, Sheila Zilinksy and many more.

A good first step in prepping  is starting a vegetable garden. Growing vegetables has been an inspiring experience for me , watching tiny seeds sprout and then grow into lush, strong tomato and cucumber plants! Mother’s especially can inspire their children’s imagination and love for nature and to help them understand the value and the necessity of nurturing and growing   Along with working on my garden, I’ve been watching and enjoying the precious small animals which have been regular visitors to my yard.  My husband, looking for a way to cheer me up,  suggested we buy corn, seeds and peanuts to invite the birds and squirrels to our yard. It really has made a difference in my demeanor and I love watching the cardinals, bluejays and squirrels enjoy the treats!

I ask father God to help me to focus on ways  and people to nurture and speak life to the dead things. It is imperative that we find ways  in this season to be creative, nurturing and expectant, because we don’t know how long it will last.  Above all we must  daily cultivate an attitude of gratitude,  however negative and  threatening our world seems.

Another creative endeavor is having family photo album-memory-gathering times. It’s a great way to bring smiles, laughter and hope to break up  the mundareness of  home isolation. There are many creative photography and photo book web-sites you can gather memories to make albums, photo books and blog articles! Michael’s craft stores and Joanne’s Fabric stores are wonderful places for women and kids to be creative. Think of the wonderful things you can make and give to shut-ins and/or elderly. You just have to be creative and dream. God will provide ways where we and our children can grow and thrive during these times. We need only draw near to God and walk in faith to use those gifts He’s given us. The late, precious pastor Derrik Prince and his wife started each day with a powerful declaration each day.    May we declare and decree that everything we create is fruitful!

      For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:  So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.  Isaiah 55 10 &11

my first corn stalk2


          Anita Ivette Ferrer

 Ocean Grove Summer Gospel Concert Series

         Ocean Grove Beachside Pavilion

 Sunday Aug.9 2020
4 PM

Looking forward to seeing you all again. I will be sharing wonderful  traditional hymns, CCM worship and my worship originals. Prayer for healing and/or deliverance will be available.My beautiful hand-made jewelry and worship CD, The Anointing, His Presence will be available to purchase and enjoy.





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