Yup, I woke up today, thinking, same old, same old  prepared my morning coffee and set out to trudge through another mundane goalless  day.  For  those of us in the midst of difficult health condition,  detoxing from mold or heavy metals ,(the sauna and staggering fatigue -herxheimer after the sauna), life can be a weighty burden. My formula for enduring long, chronic illness is to search for beauty in everything. Artists and musicians may have an easier time to do this, but everyone has the ability to hone  their love gift.

For those of you in the grip of a catastrophic illness, Arthur’s story, out of captivity into wholeness. You can do it. Just believe!

Being a prayer warrior, I am inundated with videos and links everyday. Almost all of them are negative and even alarming. If I’m not careful, I can  get sucked into that quicksand of doom-hopelessness.  It would be nice to receive some mail that is inspiring or funny because joyful, miraculous and humerus  material is sorely what we need to focus on and to forge forward in lives that are faith-filled  goal-oriented to tackle the difficult things of life and the world. We must oppose  the  negative forces that be and let them know they cannot imprison our soul!

This  video of a precious young mother’s love is beyond beautiful and tear-jerking!:

May this blog be an incentive for you to seek beauty and joy and pass it forward!   May these heart-warming stories  make you smile  and give you hope. We  certainly need  it in these troubled times.  Be an encourager  and start today!   Look up stories of inspiration and send them. Better yet, call someone. Tell them how much you  love them, how special they are and  we will get through this stronger and better than before.

love never fails





Today, I am focusing my blog on  navigating the Covid-19 trap, by strengthening the immune system. Hearing about all the unnecessary deaths and suffering has been  distressing for me, but even more so the utter laxness and unwillingness for people to discipline themselves  and implement powerful health and immune system strategies. My husband Mark and I have been passionate about preventative  and natural medicine.  ever since we both had catastrophic health assaults which  made our fatigue staggering and our productivity nearly unmanageable.

I enjoyed decent health right after graduating from college and soon was  enthusiastically hired by regional supervisors who were impressed by my college studies and my vivacious and infectious  joy.  They could see that I loved people and seeing them thrive.  I enjoyed my new position as Behavior Modification counselor at Nutri-System Weight Loss centers, and  my reputation as an inspirational weight loss counselor so preceded me, that there was a waiting list to attend my classes!  Even though I’ve had a tough  almost 14 years completely recovering from Oro-Mandibular Dystonia, my disciplined health lifestyle;e has rewarded me with many successful and inspirational projects and endeavors., (by the grace of the good Lord)!  You can still chase your dreams and contribute to society despite a catastrophic illness, like Covid-19, Lyme Disease, Mold Illness or Mercury poisoning.  It is entirely unnecessary for so many unhealthy people  to suffer needlessly and I can’t stress enough the importance of diligence, commitment and focus if we are to avoid succumbing to  Covid-19.

This blog is devoted to those of us  filling our idle time sitting at the computer all day,  surfing  for trivia. I urge you to pay close attention to the information I am about to share with you as it will affect the quality of you and your loved ones lives . It’s been prophesied that our lives will never be the same as before Covid-19 and it certainly won’t  because of economic, our food supply and our health. My late father always chided “When you have your health, you have everything”.  In a way , he spoke truth.  When I was constantly barraged by lung ailments, from the Lyme antibiotics, my whole life and attitude changed and I had to struggle to keep motivated and positive. I found myself isolated and fragile every time I caught someone’s cold which always  became Bronchitis. To make things worse I had allergies, hay fever and a heart  murmur. I probably would not be alive today if it weren’t for  a  compassionate holistic chiropractor, Dr Kelly, who introduced me to natural healing and medicine.  His protocol led me on a life long journey of understanding and applying principals of supplementation, exercise, detoxing and  God’s precepts

I won’t go to great lengths with this blog, because what Mike Adams shares today is cut and dry. He urges strengthening your immune system with supplementation, daily  exercise and sunshine. God truly has given us everything we need and yet people sill ignore the basics.   We do not have to succumb to Covid-19 if we change our present ways diet and health. It seems too many of us  have a lax attitude about our bodies and health.

One of my prayer warrior sisters, shared her grief that over 15 bishops  in her community who died of Covid-19. That would make me question if they were obese, on high blood pressure medication or had an underlying health issue which would indeed make them vulnerable to the Corona virus. People, we need to wake up. Everything we eat and drink affects us sooner or later. We may insist on eating pork, fatty junk food, soda laced with Splenda,  GMO tainted foods. (and we may even bless our meal). but in the long run, they will affect us. Everything is allowable, but not everything is beneficial!

Check the weight-weight chats here to see if you are on target:

it would behoove us to research the drug our doctor prescribe us because  they may cause more problems than  benefits.  Most of the drugs have serious side effects   For some, drug are saving their lives  Some must stay on their medications for a while, so going off cold turkey should never be done without conferring with your trusted physician. With dietary changes, plenty of rest and fresh air,  natural supplements may improve the health.

I hope this article will inspire you to not fear taking that first step making the past, I’ve been hostilely responded to because of my alarm for a friend who suddenly  became ill or died.  Again, I say, Don’t shoot the messenger for my concern is for your health, safety and longevity.  The closer you are to the medical- height-weight charts, the better for you to maintain optimal vigor . I highly URGE everyone reading this to take special measures in your attention to your and your loved ones health!. Mark and I have had to watch many overweight loved ones die unnecessary and painful deaths because they refused to listen to good health and spiritual counsel.

Among the many natural doctors who  confirm  strengthening your immune system against Covid-19 you can GOOGLE Dr Mercola, Dr Shiva, Dr Oz, Dr Don Colbert and many others. Most of all, the lord Jesus took ALL our infirmities upon Himself and by His stripes e were healed.  Jesus should be the first one we come to when we need healing. I’m sharing a powerful prayer with you from my precious deliverance counselors, Ministers Ken and Sylvia Thornberg.

PLEASE FWD this ar to your Social media timelines or via email or any communication platform you have available.  More than ever, we let us be concerned enough to share relevant information which can save the lives of many! We are facing a VERY daunting future if we do NOT change our ways , strategies and thinking. God bless you all and may our gracious God Jehovah and Jesus indue us with all wisdom and counsel from above. Fear NOT, he is with you!


The Covid-19 crisis has turned the world upside down and many nations are seething in chaos. Upon awakening today,  my mind started to wander and this strong feeling of powerlessness  started to seep into my being.  A YouTube video showed the people of Bangladesh, a sea of vulnerable and  impoverished people wandering aimlessly and fearfully. The invisible foe, Covid-19, blanketing yet another vulnerable nation unable to contend with its deadly  force.

Bangladesh  was not the only one, suddenly faced with such a powerful  and invisible foe.  The people of  Guayaquil, Ecuador were also gripped in chaotic angst and helplessness. Covid -19’s swath of death. was now global and few  could deny the reality of this monster.  After watching the two videos, I felt overwhelmed by grief for the people and  related to Jesus being surround ed by hordes of weary, broken and confused people. like sheep without a shepherd. Mat 9:36

       So many questions and concerns  have  clouded my mind and spirit since the first reports of China’s pandemic in late 2019. Unbeknownst to many, 5G was deployed in Wuhan and  military Olympics took place.  I wondered why God allowed  all of us, (and even His own covenant people) to be caught unaware.  To make matters worse,  the liberal media  has succeeded in  ramping up  the public’s fear, panic and unrest. It’s only a matter of time that  civil unrest will  be added to the conundrum of  the Covid-19 pandemic. As the disease continues to infiltrate the masses though, truth warriors blow the trumpet of faith and  strategy. Despite the rigorous efforts of  media, music and corporate America,  who try to rule the airwaves with their poisoning propaganda, strategy is being revealed by courageous reporters and journalists.  Though the Deep State has a firm grip on financial institutions,  our economy and even the food and drug administration.  devoted prayer warriors are opposing.
        Stated Celeste Solum, “They” pretty much have us under their control…and there is nothing we can do about it”
        As I try to  maintain peace and  focus on Father God and Christ’s business,  I wonder. How on earth did we fall so far from grace that we are faced with an enemy so cunning and devastating that only our greatest weapons of prayer and repentance can save us. At what point will the whole body of Christ come to reality and  understand what has hit us and why.
        My husband Mark, is also passionate about truth and has tried many times to share his findings with his servicemen coworkers. Mostly, their response has been  sarcasm,  mockery or they just walk out of the room.  He tells me most of them are very intelligent and schooled in the sciences and technology. I respond, “there is big difference between intellect  from schooling and wisdom . Alex Jones has been known to rant hysterically about the idiocy: of the American people.  I have long known that the issue here is  that we have lost the skill of critical thinking.  The far left and Deep State have succeeded in almost totally brainwashing  us over the decades  through Hollywood,  sports  and their propaganda.
        Thankfully,  if enough people awaken,  whistle-blowers and  alternative media outside of the mainstream, like WIKI Leaks,  Info Wars,  Steve Quayle, Liz Crokin, Mike dams and many other truth warriors. we might extricate ourselves from this diabolical web. Kudos to Mike Smith, the director of the  documentary,  Out of the Shadows,  an exposé on how Hollywood and the mainstream media manipulate the multitudes by spreading propaganda throughout their content.
          The most recent Haggman live report, features  guests Steve Quayle and Mike Adams  who offer hope for this mind-boggling pandemic-conundrum.  I highly recommend all seekers of truth to watch video and take notes and forward to as many people as possible.
        Comments Mike Adams, Health Ranger:
                 “You can be in close proximity to each other  and wear masks and protest and exercise free speech and not infect each other.  It’s so simple, but they want us to stay apart and stay locked down in our homes forever while the economy is being crushed  while you are being herded like cattle into a waiting coral system to be injected like farm animals with the vaccine. Wearing masks and taking zinc and vitamin D. These are ways that we can beat that system,.”
dowShhep to the Slaughternload
Going back to our subject of critical thinking, when our minds are at a loss to understand and/or deal with  a personal or national crisis, most of us collapse into a protective shell of denial or apathy. We become numb or we throw ourselves into a fantasy mode, escapism: sports, shopping addiction or television. Our minds and spirits are dulled because this invisible blanket is an assault of deception from the enemy. The only way to avoid  falling headfirst into the precipice  leading to global bondage  is by surrendering to the gracious and pure  truth  revelation of the holy Spirit, and God’s wisdom in the Holy Scriptures. Mind you, Bible reading alone cannot  enlighten and  inspire  minds that are infiltrated by demonic propaganda.  Rom. 12:2  NLT
            Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect
       We should always be prepared to suffer backlash and retaliation from the enemy when we  oppose deceit. Here is where unity in the spirit with other like-minded brethren (strength in numbers) results in success and victory.
                 Without counsel, plans go awry,  but in the multitude of counselors they are
       established. Prov. 15:22
           Folks, it is time o wake up.  As my pastor Augusto Perez, mentioned in last weeks program, he was urged by Father God to rest and think during this difficult season. Surely,  God is compelling us to stop our frenzied activities and look to him for guidance. I, too have felt the need to focus on Father’s omniscience and omnipresence regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Yesterday, while seeking peace and solace from  the Holy Scriptures, I was led to James  1:27
          Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
       That reading led me to Isaiah chapter 1. By the time I was halfway through, I was weeping uncontrollably. The chapter read as if God were speaking to America at this moment! I got it. This revelation was confirmed by  our Thursday night prayer battalion leader Jim Kohlman who read  to us a similar prophesy  from Isaiah. Father God did not send this plague, but He is using it to chasten His people into true repentance and to cultivate a passionate empathy for his heart and commandments.  As Jesus blasted the Pharisees for uttering prayer from their  mouths while their hearts were far from Him, so we are being rebuked for our religiosity. How many pastors and ministers have w heard preaching against abortion, child trafficking an same sex marriage!?
           Seriously, God will not strive forever and He is waiting for our true repentance and action, in regards to bloodshed of the innocents and  utter perversion of some of our legislation. The bottom line is, we’ve buried our heads in the sand for decades, accepting everything we see and hear, rather than question.  This herd mentality has been the bane of many nations and could be our demise if we don’t quench it’s insidious power and influence. Have we forgotten the slaughter of the Jews during the Holocaust and the recent killings of white farmers in South Africa?
          We Christians and even spirit-filled intercessors can be mislead.
           For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. Mat 24:24
         That being said, before we tune in anxiously for the latest fox news report, (by the way, run by a globalist) we should be questioning and researching the true facts. And  indeed God has blessed us with a plethora of courageous whistle-blowers and reporters who lay their lives on the line for our benefit.
        My husband, Mark often complains out loud,”Why don’t the Christians boycott Face Book, Twitter  who censor our freedom of speech? Do they know that the CEO is a globalists and calls us all dumb mother f_____rs?” WOW! He has a good point! I respond that I am milking it as long as I can to inform and educate those who are unsaved or back-slidden.  But the longer I use Facebook, even for my journalistic–evangelistic endeavors, I’m more disgusted.  Have we intercessors mindlessly  jumped on the Facebook  bandwagon, thinking we do service to our KING Jesus? Are we promoting the enemy?  Why are there almost no Christian social platforms as powerful and  influential as Twitter and Youtube.? We are supposed to be the head and not the tail, right?  Isn’t it time for wealthy, powerful and Holy-Spirit-filled  Christians to innovate new platforms for God’s people and all who seek God?
        At our present state of heard mentality and lack of critical thinking, we will leave a  horrifically hopeless  future to our children and grandchildren. My prayer for those who seriously consider this article pray  our God Jehovah endue them with that different spirit that Joshua and Caleb had when they surveyed  Jericho with the other ten spies. Joshua and Caleb did not think with a herd mentality and God honored their courageous thinking by ushering them into  their Promised Land. Will we stand   confidently in God’s promises and decree that He is more than willing to heal our land if we turn from our wicked ways.
          if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.  2 Chron 7:14
          What are our wicked ways?  Perverting justice, Accepting bribes,  Abortion,  Pedophilia, human trafficking, same sex marriage, Obstruction of Justice, slandering reputations of righteous people, etc, etc
           I hope the viewing of Out Of The Shadows documentary will forever impact and influence your mindset and cause you to step into  an enlightening and liberating way of living your life, rather than as a mindless sheep led to the laughter. In reality, every single person’s actions influences, like a pebble in a still pond. Our very words and actions actually manifest into health or sickness,  wealth or poverty, fear or faith.
      May you honor Father Jehovah and Jesus Christ, the Savior and redeemer of the world in  using your  incredible mind to think, clearly, soberly and with eternal purpose!





                FASTING and WEEPING

                             Psalm 32 7-9

    “You are my hiding place; you shall preserve me from trouble; you shall surround me about with songs of deliverance. Selah. I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with my eye. Be you not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, else they come not near unto you.”

We are living in unprecedented times, reminiscent of the plight faced by the Jewish people in Europe during Hitler’s diabolical reign. As  vivid memories flood my mind about Schindler’s list and some of the documentary’s  about the holocaust, my heart grows deeply concerned for my  fellow Americans, as well as every person on this planet.

I’m all too familiar with the plight of those  imprisoned by social-communist governments. Amazingly, despite the vast amounts of  information available through the internet,  many still bury their heads in the sand as we face the possibility of our  current standard of living and lifestyle catapulting us into the watchful, scrutinizing eyes of Big Brother. My heart trembles as i listen to Celeste Solum, (The Celestial Report)  Deborah Tavares, ( Stop the Crime,)  and Pastor Augusto Perez , (Appearance Ministries), Mike Adams, (Health Ranger, Natural News)  discuss the repercussions of  what our future could be like because of our prayerlessness and apathy.

It is coming folks, if we continue to accept the fear-mongering  death prophecies of the liberal media, (and Bill Gates, Dr Fauci ) rather that what the God of the Universe Jehovah says in His word. I know many of you are fearful and you jut do NOT want to hear about or read such bad news.  Here’s what the Bible says about the fearful and unbelieving.

         Rev. 21:8

      But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

This is a short blog, but the most important message I wish to share is valuable information Pastor Monty Mulkey shared on Shelia Zilinski’s podcast. My pastor, Augusto Perez, The Appearance Ministries  also host his weekly Mailbag Show and End Time Reports about current events. It would behoove everyone to listen closely and takes notes for the health and safety of your family. If you take no action, you will indeed suffer some grave circumstances. and your precious family will suffer because of your refusal to prepare.

What is the Corona Virus and how can I protect myself and my family?

We should be praying and fasting, as Queen Esther did when the  Jews were faced with annihilation. And we are also facing annihilation if we do nothing. We have a responsibilty to be aware, prayerful and prepare.

They’re coming for your children”

And to end with some good news from Dr Shiva, who gives us truth about the Big Pharma industry.

So, I will  end for now and don’t forget to share this valuable information. I will end with an encouraging promise from our Heavenly Father.

Isaiah 41:10

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will surely help you; I will uphold you with My right hand of righteousness.

Now is the time to ask Christ  into your life and allow Him to be you and your family’s shelter!




We are well into Corona Virus  season and my heart breaks  hearing about so many precious people succumbing to this vicious enemy. I’m still a bit shell-shocked and  finding it hard to believe that after enduring almost 14 years of severe debilitation  from this  “movement” disorder and isolation, (almost no social life), my life is even more constricted.  Reality says that when you think things couldn’t get worse, they often  do!

Our administration, medical and science community and even spiritual leaders have been bombarding us with somber reports. Many of you may feel blind-sided,as if a weight has dropped on you. I feel  as if I’ve  been suddenly thrown into  a deep pit or prison cell that is slowly suffocating me. If we are truly  honest with ourselves, we probably feel the same way.
That all being said,  as one who refuses to accept limitations on my life, I  draw nearer to God for wisdom and insight on how to  rise above this occasion with expectation.  The word Boost emblazons itself to my thoughts.

  1.  of measures to boost tourism”

    improve, raise, uplift, increase, augment, magnify, swell

    North American
    push from below.
    “Andy boosted him up high enough to reach the keys”

    Similar: lift, raise, hoist, push, thrust, shove, heave, elevate,

           Most of my life has been  as a salmon swimming against the current. Sink or swim are always the only options and in my choice of swimming against the current, the result has always been is strength and resilience. This was not always the case. Before I gave my life to Christ, I struggled with severe depression, hopelessness and sorrow because of my parents divorce and m being bullied in school. I was unable to overcome many trials, losses and crisis.  In April of 1982, the dark atmosphere of my life shifted  as I surrendered my life to Christ.. His  glorious light pierced through that implementable spiritual ceiling.
           Presently, a thick, impenetrable cloud hovers over our planet, holding  untold millions in captivity. We have two choices , succumb to shopelessness and fear or turn to the Almighty Loving Father Jehovah for help, comfort, provision and peace.
              One of my beloved pastors, Augusto Perez,  shared his heart on his weekly  radio broadcast, The Mailbag Show. She shared with us how last month he was planning  his upcoming missionary-ministry  itinerary. Not so, the Lord impressed on his heart.  God wanted Him to rest and think soberly about what was going ion in the world.
            If we discipline ourselves in the quietness of heart-soul examination, God will enlighten us with  strength and resolve to optimize this challenging season. This pivotal time will be a season of reevaluating:  our relationship with God, our loved ones  our purpose. This will be a time of soul-searching, scrutinizing our  values and  allowing an infinite God to transform our finite minds and hearts. It is a time to ask ourselves if we truly love our brother, not in word, but in compassionate deed. It will be a time to examine whether we truly are sons or daughters in covenant with Jehovah God.
       Pastor Augusto’s powerful March 31, 2020 broadcast.
             In our soul-searching for God’s wisdom, we will find that this Corona Virus season is not the whole picture. There is a much bigger agenda behind the scenes.  This is a wake-up call to all people to come out of the matrix and seek God’s truth.
          To those of you who have scorned and mocked conspiracy theory whistle blowers, now is the time to  do your research  and understand the implications of the global agenda through NWO and 5G.  The time of the apocalypse is now.

So getting back to the boost thing, God has always made a way for His people to thrive, even in the worst times of famine or plague.  The liberal media is busy fear-mongering and most of us are buying it. False deep state prophets prophesy the demise of our our economy and nation. Life as we know it will change forever. The grim report is that everything is against us, but … if God be for us who can be against us!? Rom 8:31.
        If you listened closely to Dr Cotrell’s video, he talks about being conscientious and meticulous about boosting the body’s defense system by natural, pure and drug less living.  Dr Cotrell looks 20 years younger because he started at a young age to research and learn about strengthening his body. There is no reason for so many people to lose their lives to this virus.  Now is the time to boost your knowledge of health. Research natural health supplements and  treatments. get out of the house, away from the TV and computer. Exercise, play sports with your kids. Get fresh air and sunshine. Vitamin D is  vital for immune health.
      Now is the time to boost your  spiritual atmosphere with shalom, praise and thanksgiving to God for your blessings. Compliment a stranger. Find encouraging things to speak to those around you. Studies have shown that cheerful people who say uplifting things to others are much more healthy than negative and critical people. Now is the time for humility regrading personal and national repentance.  If we look up…to God, He will boost us in his power, authority and hope. The ones who will endure and thrive throughout this Corona virus season will be those who humble themselves and draw near to Christ.
          God gave us  Moses’ greatest Psalm of protection-provision, Psalm 91 so we could confidently declare and boost our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. Let us stop accepting the negative words of death, economic distress, chaos and  fear.
      The word for this season is BOOST, BOOST,  BOOST. Boost your intimacy with God, boost the quality of your relationships. boost your creativity. Boost, your immune system. BOOST your energy levels. Boost your worth,  (declare boldly and confidently what God’s word says about you).    Boost your mind set, (Don’t stop setting goals for yourself even if you are housebound).  Boost your creativity and inventiveness, (write your book, or life story, Journal, compose poetry, start your garden, teach your kid to lay guitar or piano).
     The sky is the limit with God I pray this blog inspires you to adapt and soar upward to greatness, just as our grandparents survived and thrived during the depression. Your rest and provision lies in the shelter of the most high!
   1.  Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.” Psalm 91 1&2


Lamb's Blood on the lintel

   So, the world watches with bated breath, the infamous momentum of the dreaded Corona Virus.  Today, I wish  to focus on God’s strategy for us to overcome the  demonic assaults mankind will suffer in the coming years. I will not  delve into the complicated realms of science and the Illuminati’s agenda for mankind, but will focus on Biblical strategies  that Father God has already equipped us with. The Corona Virus is not an invincible foe. Indeed, this  pandemic  could be the catalyst of  a global war on humanity, but God is more than able to equip His beloved Bride, (the remnant who walk in covenant with Him).

     God has blessed us with  devoted and anointed scientists, doctors and health advisers who share their wealth of knowledge and prepare us the coming difficult times.  Sadly, there are very few  who take seriously, (and apply the protocols) because of paranoia and  unsubstantiated mistrust of certain  conspiracy  theory icons.  When you finish reading this blog, I remind you, Don’t shoot the messenger and don’t allow a spirit of offense to blind you. One of my beloved pastors, Augusto Perez, always warns us, Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. As mature, Holy Spirit-filled  children of God, we should be able to assimilate  good information and  discern truth from propaganda. Now, more than ever we need solid information to present to our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.
          Celeste Solum’s video  explains what is happening environmentally, with our food and supplement system and with our health. She is an author, and former FEMA employee, who chronicles space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. She is also a student of biblical prophecy. Celeste  urges us to be aware and understand what is going in our environment and take the necessary precautions and protocols.
       I’ve noticed while living in the semi-rural community of Browns Mills, NJ, we’ve observed: 1. most of the trees in our yard are covered by some kind of fungus. There are many stumps  also scattered around our yard, probably due to them dying of this same fungus.  2. Mark noticed  that many Browns Mills residents cars have license plates bearing the disability wheelchair  icon.  3. Our Mirror Lake is contaminated to the point  that fishing isn’t allowed.  4. Any  tap water we leave lying in the sink or our  dishwater basin overnight  starts to smell like sulfur and has a film.  We all should be concerned and watchful to take precautions for the  health of our children and pets.
           My passion and concern for our environment and health  has grown even more ,long after my graduation  with high honors, in the humanities and social studies from from Brookdale College. I share my research with as many as I can, especially those with challenged health and/or disabilities. My research has been confirmed often by many of the great natural heath practitioners, doctors  and scientists such as Dr  Joseph Mercola, Dr Josh Axe,  Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, and  our favorite health ranger, Mike Adams, (who Wikepedia has dubbed a conspiracy theorist and  Genetic literary  Project dubbed Mike as  everyone’s favorite Uber Quack).
            Obviously, many of these websites  do not want he public to be informed and  walking in good health and mental clarity. They want us to be  bed-ridden, disabled and/or mentally zombified. And we,  Children of the Most High God, are not exempt from the physical incapacitations of environmental  agents (GMO,  chem trails, Mercury amalgam fillings, vaccines, fluoridated water) and toxins . Just last year,  several devout Christian prayer warriors lost their battle with Cancer. Another, died at 55 from Wilson’s Disease, (Copper  build-up toxicity, which could have been helped by chelation).  Another  devoted Christian sister, suddenly died in her home at 58.  Weeks after her death, I was told  her dilapidated  mobile home was mold-infested.. I’m sure her diagnosed mold illness was responsible for her female reproductive problems. and monthly hemorrhaging.
         We are all being pummeled  relentlessly by assaults and many of God’s captains and generals  specifically have been targeted because of their  calling and their platform to inform and educate  the people in  defense warfare strategies. Folks, the government is not going to come to our rescue. It is our responsibility to research diligently and ask Holy Spirit’s guidance to thrive.  We are more than able to victor over the Corona virus or any plague that comes our way, just as the Israelites  painted their lintels with the blood of the Lamb (Jesus)  and the death angel passed by,  We are covered by Jesus’ blood.  Some of he more highly anointed healing( ministers are able to maintain divine health, (they rely on Christ’s atoning blood and Communion)  and it is our legal, spiritual  right. Psalm 91 declares the all-sufficiency of  Father Jehovah’s protection from everything, in the natural as well as spiritual realm, but For the most part, many of God’s people are not at that high spiritual level (of faith in Christ’s provision) and need help!  I often  remark that many of us are so heavenly-minded, we are no earthly good! Jesus Himself saw the hungry and weary throngs  need for tangible sustenance and  provided bread  for the people to eat. God’s people need to understand that many of small faith cannot attain the miraculous if they don’t believe it, and so He has provided doctors, scientists and scholars to help.
      If anyone  mocks some of the above mentioned doctors, I must say their protocols and research confirms the efficacy of anti-oxidants for immune health.  I am a living example of God’s grace because of my willingness to learn and apply principles of health,  exercise, pure living,  cleansing and detoxifying. People overcome by Carbon  monoxide poisoning often die or are permanently disabled. Most Lyme Disease and Mercury-metal poisoned people become disabled or die. I’m still standing,  having suffered all these maladies. My battle with Oromandibular-TMJ Dystonia  continues, but with God’s help and guidance,  I will overcome and regain energetic health!  I attribute my productive  life to, diligence and discipline, starting in my  20’s, and my staples have been and continues to be Vitamin C and the anti-oxidants, like E, A, K, B Complex, (as well as other herbs and supplements like, Cats Claw, Echinaccea, Grape seed extract, Beta Glucan, Manuka Honey (royal Jelly) .
          Mike Adams , Health Ranger, gave an informative interview  with Dr. Thomas Levy. who has proven that  Vitamin C is an amazing anti-oxidant. This a a must watch. Take notes and share this blog with friends and family if you wish to keep a strong immune system.
         I hope to continue bringing you all the best videos and articles from the  finest leaders in health and science because I maintain a love affair with people, just as Jesus, our Redeemer and savior has. How can we truly be His disciples if we do not share the Gospel and divine wisdom for our health and Spirit?
            Let us remember the prophet Daniel, who was so beloved by God because of his devout love, service  and obedience. Though carried away with his three Jewish friends into exile  and serving under pagan King Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel ‘s abilities were valuable. He  was highly gifted in the realms of mystical and esoteric  knowledge. How much more are God’s people today, endued with the divine wisdom and understanding from the Holy Spirit. Yes, we have the ability to walk in such high realms of wisdom as we face plagues, economic and environmental distress. The ones who hold the key to God’s heart are the intercessors who are the skeleton of this world. We are responsible to repent and cry out for humanity. How much more would we be ahead of the enemy’s game rather than behind the  eight ball. We should not be praying about past events, but about those approaching.
            I have been  deeply saddened to see that many of Facebook’s (health and Disease) groups have membership exceeding thousands!  I’ve seen very few healing ministers address to their flock invisible and insidious agents like toxic mold,  pesticides, Fungus,  Mercury tooth fillings, root canals, Inflammation, allergies  and Vaccines). Millions of people’s lives are diminished and some miserable because  these ailments are not addressed, thus the body’s are not healed and  and restored. It is time we grab the bull by the horns and take authority over these afflictions and teach the people how to overcome.
           It would also behoove us to take seriously the impending reports, however chilling and outrageous and realize that the Illuminati will go to any extreme to accomplish their demonic, genocidal-infanticide agenda. Maybe those conspiracy theorists know something we don’t? Maybe we need to stop throwing the baby out with the bath water! And maybe we need to get off our heavenly high horse and educate ourselves about medicine, science and our habitat, an amazingly complex world that our heavenly father created.
           And lastly as added by my dear husband, Mark May of recorded history’s actual conspiracies started out as conspiracy theories!

Miraculous Journey into Divine Healing and Re-creative Miracles

Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy, Psalm 107:2

Many of us on the Christian Lyme group, the Mold illness group and the Mercury poisoning group have suffered years of ill health, disability and despair. Many of you may have long lost your dreams and visions  I have often mourned losing so much  of my life, since 2007 t o the disabling symptoms of  Mercury poisoning and watched as my body was not getting better, but getting new symptoms.  Many of you are in a  state of despair or vacillating between  recovery or being in bondage to sickness. Some of us constantly ask, why am I still sick and setting worse?

While battling these negative questions yesterday,  Holy Spirit reminded me of the verse.

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.  Mat 11:12 NKJV

Folks,  for some of us, the battle may be especially vicious and  many of us have done everything we can possibly think o do.  The fault is never God’s because it is his will for us the prosper and be in health.  As violently as the spirit of death assaulted us, so must we be more aggressive in our  resistance to the enemies assaults. We may have to be consistently militant and aware of our  authority and declarations! We may have  reassess prayer life and our mindsets, asking Holy Spirit to renew our minds. We must take an honest inventory of our faith, our identity. and especially the benefits that Christ has made available o us through His sacrifice at the cross. Thus, our stance must be absolutely relentless in opposition to everything that is not of God.

Minister Becky Dvorak  teaches us how o walk in hat authority and banish sickness and disease.  Her video is powerful and proves that our  we are not in bondage to sickness and death.

Here is my prayer for myself, my husband, Mark and my brothers and sisters on the Lyme, Mold Illness Dystonia, TMJ, and Mercury Poisoning groups and you can declare you own prayers for your friends, family and loved ones.


I am redeemed and I say so!
     I curse the wicked  Lyme, Babesia bacteria and biofim to the root. I renounce  Lyme, Dystonia, arthritis , mercury poisoning, Cipro poisoning, biofilm.  I overtake the curse of satan.
       I release the spirit of life and restoration to my body.. I command bacteria -ridden cells and  damaged nerves to be  recreated and cleansed by the blood of Jesus. I command my jaw joints to be relocated in their proper place. I command my Occipital vision, sensory, esophageal nerve  nerve to be restored. I command all synaptic  processes, all neurotransmitter responses and chemical amino acid processes to be reset and restored by he authority of the Lord Yashuah Jesus. In Jesus name, I overtake he curse of satan, his wicked work of mercury poisoning. They are null and void,

NOW…Envision going into the cellular realm.  I re;ease the spirit of life and I command new cells to be recreated. These cells are super-smart cells. Cancer, mercury, mold or Lyme cannot penetrate because these cells are super strong and they fight off every cancer, Lyme , chem trail of virus or infection,  I command tumors to shrivel up and die. Tumors  and Biofilm may  NOT  reproduce. Infections cannot  grow or live in this body. I believe I am Lyme free, Mold free, Babesia free, mercury-metal free, virus free, In Jesus, of Nazareth, he risen son of God ,who rose from the dead.  Thank you Jehovah Rappha, my healer

Remember: Life and  death is in the power of your tongue. Ask Holy Spirit to remind you, whenever you slip and speak any words or phrases that are contrary to His powerful words! Shalom, healing and Blessings to you, beloved brother or sister.

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