Miss Liberty’s Almost Extingushed Flame Pt 1

Weary, yet eager immigrants gaze at Ellis Island and Miss Liberty, holding high her freedom flame. At any moment, they’d be stepping on to the free soil of their new country, America. I can almost hear their hearts beat wildly as they anticipate a new frontier of fresh beginnings and a real life for themselves and their families. Soon, they’d be part of  America, strong, brave and free.

Several short decades later, many changes have pervaded America and Miss Liberty’s flame, unbeknownst to many, is about to be extinguished. I’ve been aware of this since hearing chilling prophecies from three men of God who all received a vision about America within days of each other! As my husband and I listened to their words, my skin crawled. My mind raced with thoughts of violent anarchy, rioting in the streets and millions dying of famine. America…plunging to her infamous depth?

Though frightening in its reality, I began to get even more serious about my prayer life and interceding on behalf of our godly leaders in the pulpit, public office and everyone in America.

I was never the least bit interested in politics. I didn’t even use my voting card 10 years ago, preferring to be a hippie, non-conformist, pacifist, artist/musician.  Growing spiritually and in leadership meant knowledge entailing responsibility.  An intelligent, college educated woman and follower of Jesus Christ began to see the devastating down spiraling of my once glorious country now clothed in shame, poverty, materialism and  self-indulgence.

This Christmas season, staring with Black Friday, was the last straw on the camels back. Thronging shoppers lining up all night for the doors to open, rushed through, violently stampeding each other to acquire valueless merchandise.  I refused to be a part of the senselessness and vowed to keep my Christmas shopping simple and spiritual.

Another sign of the times was not being able to find one store that carried religious wrapping paper; a small token to remind my loved ones of the true meaning of Christmas. Leaving the last store empty-handed, I did relish the vision of carolers strolling down the neighborhood streets singing Silent Night and The First Noel.

God is being edited from every aspect of our nation and heritage. Without His protection, America will soon fall. The tsunami of evil and unrighteousness looms and  will soon descend on us unless we reverse our wayward actions and apathy.

This essay is not political and neither is it spiritual. It is about the reality of personal and corporate responsibility.  The “golden rule” has no religious boundaries  and is applicable to all, whether Muslim, Hindu, theist or Judeo-Christian.

Too much blame has been passed around, blame on the government, blame on parents, blame on the economy and  blame on the teachers. But where does blame begin? The liberals blame the conservatives. The churches condemn the atheists. A house divided cannot stand. Division will be our undoing unless unity and understanding makes a way for compromise and healing.

Everyone must stop pointing fingers at each other and delve into their own deceived heart, decisions and actions. Whether good, selfish or reckless, all will come to a reckoning.

In part two, we will explore the root cause of this about-to-be-fragmented and disintegrated nation and also present the cure for the reversal of its sickness.

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