OUR BROTHER’S KEEPER, (An Argument for Peace)

The first recorded incidence of violence in the Bible was Cain murdering his brother Abel.  When God confronted Cain about his evil deed, “Where is your brother?”

Cain replied, “I don’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Since that first crime exploded into jealousy  and unbridled wrath, every conceivable act of violence has erupted, escalating into a spiritual virus threatening the very fiber of marriage, culture  and family life. The coveting of the neighbor’s wife, goods and property has always been the excuse to murder. But what about other reasons for killing, like directing hatred towards a gender, race or religion?

Premeditated murder and/or genocide has always troubled me since a young girl. Though today, I’m a mature woman of faith, having experienced many personal instances of violence towards me, I ponder deeply the seed of hatred bringing forth violence, torture and death. Everyday, the headlines blare of rapes, assassination and genocides worldwide

I set out to sleuth a mysterious deep, unrest in my soul that cannot be quenched.  I was hungry for understanding premeditated killing as a college student studying courses in the humanities.

Mother Teresa’s advocacy of the barbaric murdering of unborn babies was my first focus, then Mahatma Ghandi’s  impassioned advocacy for humane treatment of all people, regardless of their caste. They proved that peaceful protest about human rights was possible. They loved humanity and cared about justice, compassion and protection for the unprotected. As a naive, young believer and college student studying their amazing callings, I knew it was possible to address inhuman injustices with wisdom, grace, and non violent strategies.

More and more atrocities rage everywhere in the world and I wonder how will leaders address the increasing chaos. I needed to make  sense of all the evil and violence, but there were few leaders who followed the ways of Christ, Mahatma or Mother Teresa. The world is a threatening and dangerous place where  violence and murder loom like a black, venomous fog, enveloping civilization. There seems few ways to stop this swirling, seething mass of rage, barbaric murder and uncontrolled greed from destroying us.  Unless a pure and powerful people stand up to the plate, remembering lessons of great leaders and and their mandates, we will destroy ourselves.

Presently, powerful demonic strongholds have overtaken most nations and we stand at the cusp of a planet-wide revolution. How did this happen and how did the minds of the intellectual elite and terroristic leaders become so calloused?

Only through communion and relationship with my Savior and gentle Shepherd, Jesus Christ has my deeply unsettled soul been calmed. Christ is the greatest Prince of Peace, conquering, violence, barbaric torture and the grave. This divine, yet human, Son of God, supernaturally connected to us through His sacrificial passion.  This glorious glimpse gave me a new  perspective and understanding about what His calling entailed, being our brother’s keeper.

He connected with all the broken, fragile people he met, touching them with His presence, His love and His healing. He was all about non violence for the sake of being an example. Surrounded by an angry throng coming to arrest him in the garden of Gethsemane, Peter sought to defend Christ by angrily waving his sword towards Malchus, the high priest’s servant. As Malchus clutched his open, bleeding wound, Jesus, rebuked Peter.

“All who draw the sword shall die by the sword.”

He knew that fighting fire only ignited a roaring pyre ready to devour all.

Jesus compassionately put the severed ear back into place, instantly healing him! What a lesson of mercy and grace in the face of attack and violence.

Mahatma was on to something as he modeled non-violence regarding the peaceful protesting of injustice. There is something supernatural to be said about enduring violence or abuse without striking back.  This meekness; controlled strength, speaks louder than vicious retaliatory actions

I have seen and experienced  many heart-breaking injustices during my own journey.  God has invited me to live under His grace into places of trust, truth and dependence. I’ve rested in comfort and peace even  in the most daunting of circumstances. I remember the many times facing death during serious health trials and seeing others face their own mortality and fragility in critical care units in hospitals.

Since my college graduation, Christ has revealed glimpses of His deity and purpose for His creation, sometimes to endure great suffering, attack and violence. In faithfully chronicling my spiritual growth and addressing my yearnings to understand violence, murders and genocide perpetuate. I hope to model Christ’s meekness and love in the face of attack from my deceived enemy who thinks that brutality is power and control. “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

As I watch God’s beautiful creation fall into the vacuum of deception, lust and unbridled thirst for murder, I see a desperate need for Christ-like wisdom and self control with the intangible weapons of prayer, wisdom and spiritual strategy.

Nehemiah, another great Biblical, spiritual leader had a great love and compassion for his own people, the Jews, who were in great poverty and despair. He was also a humble man  and totally dependent upon God for provision and protection. He was a man of prayer and prostrated Himself before The Lord, asking for mercy and repenting of his own personal sins and the sins of the nation. He had great favor as the King’s cup bearer and was granted permission to start the rebuilding of the walls and temple.

Nehemiah’s two greatest enemies, Tobiah and Sanballat were determined to frustrate and  intimidate the Jews, as well as to kill Nehemiah. But Nehemiah said, “Don’t be afraid of them Remember the Lord who is great and awesome and fight for your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”
He had wisdom and a strategy to finish the work of God in spite of the threats of evil men who hated the Jews.  Through wise strategy and trust in God’s guidance, Nehemiah commanded half of his troop to work and the other half to defend with their shields, spears, bows and armor.

As the story ends with the successful completion of the rebuilding of the temple and the walls, Nehemiah’s people enjoyed prosperous times under his spiritual guidance. We too will live under the protection of our God and King when we place our trust in Him!

All over the world, God has called his people to prepare for battle with spiritual armament. Today awaits sons and daughters to step out in their callings, clinging to Him in trust and faith and imparting wisdom and guidance. Soon  civil unrest, violence, cataclysm and economic despair. will be worldwide. God’s faithful are already being sought out and opposed, but now is not the time to be fearful and slack.

Supernatural deception in high places shall delude the nations, bringing about the end of the world as we know it today.

We have nothing to fear for Biblical history reminds us that  God’s people have survived and thrived through tribulation and upheaval. Not only must we care for our own, but also the lost and wounded.  The great holocausts prove that there is always a remnant who survived tsunamis.

Let great, divinely instructed leaders rise up and lead against the violent and evil clamor of society.

Will I take up my sword for battle? My  calling is urgent , but my spiritual ammunition is powerful, authoritative prayer and faith in Him who is greater than me. I must find the one lost sheep and bring them back to safe pasture.

What will I do if threatened with death? Like Mother Teresa, I will protect and comfort, the broken, the widows, the little children, the sick. I will command Holy Angels to surround and protect us, just as Jesus had the power to call down legions of angels to lift Him out.

I pray I will not have to be a  part of barbaric bloodshed. I pray that by the touch of my loving hand the wounded and injured will find their way to His bosom. These are fearful times, but we must be sure of our  standing, in our High Tower and Refuge,  Our Mighty God.

We are our brother’s keeper.

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