WAGING the War…and WINNING it!

Journal Entry, March 30, 2011

Lance Armstrong riveted the world with his compelling journey battling and conquering cancer. Despite his devastating and dismal prognosis of testicular Cancer that spread to his brain and lungs, he managed to accomplish astounding endeavors, including winning the Tour De France from 1995 to 2005 and is the founder and chairman of the Lance Armstrong for Cancer research and support. This amazing and determined  man refused to accept Cancer’s “death” certificate.

CANCER thrusts the strongest man to his knees, the most tender and  dedicated wife and mother to the  most influential public servant. Cancer prejudices no one. We hear of battles fought across the oceans in wore-torn third world countries with tangible and energy-powered. weapons: Uzi’s, machine guns, missiles and rifles. But the most devastating foe rages within our own body.

When we hear of a friend or loved ones diagnosis, Cancer or any terminal illness, we are shaken to the core. We watch the daily struggle as body functions diminish and the body wastes away through chemo and radiation. We marvel at the courage of Cancer victims as they somehow survive their treatments and yet all around the world, there are so many others who also struggle against an unseen foe within their bodies.

Many struggle with familiar conditions such as Parkinson’s and Bells Palsy, but a new group of related “movement” disorders such as Dystonia, PSP are increasing with intensity. Not to diminish the seriousness of cancer, imagine the devastation of a condition where the body, jerks, spasms and violently thrusts your head forward, backwards and sideways? Imagine the exhaustion and expenditure of energy from such a condition where there is NO cure and doctors have no diagnostic tools to pinpoint the cause of this bizarre disorder than comes out of no where!

The neurological.system is like the netherworld of the deepest ocean. Most of it is unseen and still very little is known about it’s complex structure. This mysterious infrastructure encompasses ALL the major glands and organs of the body and even the brain.

When properly and accurately treated, Cancer survivors retain an active and productive lifestyle. Lance Armstrong is an icon for miraculously overcoming a deadly foe. I have yet to hear of recovery testimonies of movement disorder victims. From what I’ve seen, most get worse and some are completely disabled. We are looked upon as freaks when entering a social situation as we twitch and jerk our way through a conversation. Many of us eschew even going out in public so people don’t stare at us. It can be an uncomfortable or frightening thing to have a close encounter with a Parkinson’s or Dystonia victim.

I remember waking up one morning and going down to the kitchen of the home of an elderly gentleman who had Parkinson’s Disease. I stared in horror upon entering the kitchen doorway at a counter covered with Cheerios, bowls, cups and spoons. Milk and sugar made a sticky mess all over the cabinet doors and floor! I ran upstairs to Alex’s room and asked him what was going on. Then he explained to me what Parkinson’s Disease was .

“I shake so violently, everything falls. Ii can’t even pour milk into my cereal, everything splashes all over the place.

I was shocked that a condition could do that to a person. It was my first experience with a movement disorder. I asked him, “How can you live with this?”

I will never forget that day and now I’m waging a battle with a similar condition, young and vibrant as I am.

Yet, something in me bubbles like an effervescent geyser. I have something Alex didn’t possess, an undeniable power and strength that impassioned me to shine brighter than the sun and soar higher than any eagle! Like Lance Armstrong, I purpose in my heart, not to be vanquished by the assaults of my foe, but to scrutinize and study my opponent’s weakness so I can victor over him!

Amidst stressful driving through congested highway to doctors and practitioner appointments, through the daily, uncomfortably incessant vise-like invisible grip on my upper neck and spasmming jaw joins, through the myriad household chores and wifely responsibilities and through the endless required health/nutrition/exercise  routines and regimens, I groan with the effort of juggling them all. I stimulate my passion to regain complete recovery by the hope that is in God only.

What is it that sets passionate health and humanitarian advocates in motion and victory apart from those who die or became totally disabled? We refuse to acquiesce to the victim status. We have been given too much to give up. Christ Himself gave ALL of Himself, so knowing this, there is no going back. I move forward with determination, like a triathlon runner who has engaged in rigorous discipline to achieve his goal!

There are unsung local heroes all around us. Theo Vrahnos, one of my dear friends, wages his battle against Wilson’s Disease, a condition where coppers builds up in the body and causes almost irreparably damage to the neurological system. This beautiful young man refuses to allow this condition to stop him from living a social and normal life. I wrote a power  ballad  “Nobody Sees” about him. Every time I sing it in public, I remember signing to Theo while he was bedridden and now is married and a father.

Dystonia has made me a more compassionate person, concerned in bringing a hurting someone more comfort and acceptance. It has stretched me to be more tolerant of difficulties and challenges. It has pushed my mind’s endurance to it’s greatest heights as I focus on emotional, spiritual and creative strategies not only for myself, but for anyone struggling a disabling condition. Dystonia will NOT imprison me, in fact, it will usher me to even deeper spiritual realms than I’ve even imagined. I’m about to explore new frontiers in the medical and natural healing areas. I believe that God Himself is drawing me to Himself to find answers that secular minded experts refuse to ponder or accept.

God reveals great mysteries to those who search…like curious and hungry little children. No new knowledge will be given to those who think they know it all. So…here I am, Lord. Teach me more!


Production of Receive

March,16, 2011

Finally the day came for Steve, Mr Mig, Milgiore, Grammy winning dance producer to work on our first song together! I was glad Mark accompanied me so he could enjoy the creative process and learn some new things about the industry. We opened the session with a prayer for God’s presence.

Steve asked me to play some of my songs so we could choose one that had the appropriate 128 to 132 BPM range. We settled on my ballad, “Receive” a song about forgiveness and healing.


Steve immediately locked in with a beat and we proceeded to set the arrangement He was lightning quick and I was getting more and more excited as the session went on.   Mark & I also met two men who were very influential in the Dance world Both of them were men of faith and were as concerned as I was bout the directionless state of our young people. I shared my concerns about their lack or focus and sensitivity to the basic things like integrity, honor and family. When I got home, I found two new FACEBOOK friend request from Steve’s friends. We would definitely be in touch and network in future for upcoming events.  I  was thinking how God was orchestrating so many great things relating to my outreach and music. I couldn’t wait to see what He had next

Within an hour, Steve already arranged the song so I could take it home and practice my lead vocals and harmony arrangements. He was working some magic with the “LOGIC” program as mark watch in amazement at his fluency with the different keyboard patches and beat.

I felt exhilarated to finally work with such an established and successful man as Steve and to be a part of introducing Gospel to the dance arena! This is something I never would have thought of. I think about Reverend Kevin Nunn reminding me to let God use me in any capacity, no matter how different.    Even Steve said it might be different working a song into a dance tune, but I said I’d already had my folk-rock tunes re-arranged for the urban/pop market, so it wasn’t that new.

I really feel wonderful about this new collaboration and see big things happening for our young people. Steve has an amazing sense of humor & has great creative instinct & easy to work with. Most of all, we had FUN! LONG LIVE AUDDIO MAXX studios, Cherry Hill, NJ!

Thank the Lord for this opportunity and Mark for his intuition.



AUSCHWITZ, Genocide and the Holocausts

Curiosity compelled me to watch Schindler’s List ten years ago. I remember reading the scrolled credits. My stomach lurched with nausea and my heart trembled with sadness at the fate of the Jewish people.

After about a week though, life continued, business as usual.

Fast forward, several years later. I shared my opinion on the holocausts with a friend who urged me to watch Hotel Rwanda. At the end of the movie, the powerful emotions that settled over me during Schindler’s list regurgitated.

My thoughts again centered around the questions and reasons for genocide, so similar to Cancer invading a healthy body. How could a civilized society as the United States stand by and allow such a unconscionable acts to destroy a race?

Stranger still that in Africa, one people decided the barbaric fate of their near neighbors, (by no other reason but because of the width of their nose and the slight differences sin facial features).

This past December, my husband Mark and I dedicated several week-end evenings to watch the Time/life “Auschwitz” and “The Nazis, A lesson From History” series which gave us a clear view of the seed of genocide towards the Jewish people. Th economic, political and spiritual atmosphere of Europe had to be just so to begin the acceptance of Adolf Hitler’s “dream regime.” The DVD series was a historical document including live interview footage with former Nazi personnel,  concentration camp survivors and eye witnesses. The heart-rending pictorial depicting all the suffering of all caught in the net of hatred, violence and mass murder would forever haunt me. I want to remind the world  that this must never happen again.

Images of soldiers storming into the cities with tanks and military vehicles in preparation to deport masses of Jews made me weep. They were herded like sheep to the slaughter into windowless, unventilated cattle trains for hundreds of miles to an unknown destination. Men, women and children were then separated at the station and anyone looking frail or disabled were immediately shot. The fittest were used for hard work and service to the Nazi’s.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the mainstream society, a diabolical plan was unraveling and being set into place for the extermination of all Jews in Europe. “Auschwitz” and “The Nazi’s” gave a vivid and grisly picture of the extremity of the suffering of the Jews and the callousing of the conscience of the Nazi Regime that only be called demonic.

The Jews extermination took root from the The Nazis’ delving into the occult. Satanic perversion prevailed and this was the fuel than fanned the voracious agenda , (not as a fell swoop), but as a gradual erasing of the Jewish race or any people that they considered a threat to Germany’s, (and eventually all Europe’s). This ultimate goal, (for racial purity), had to be implemented at any and all costs, including anyone who opposed the new regime.

Let us not forget the genocides of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Killing fields of Cambodia and many others.

Though extremely graphic and devastation to view, I recommend everyone concerned and passionate about human rights  to view both, “Auschwitz/The Nazi regime” and Hotel Rwanda to better understand the beginnings of such an agenda. We, as a civilized and spiritual culture must never allow genocide to happen again. Don’t say, it can’t happen in America. It can and at the present moment, diabolical assignments of the NWO are being implemented. Only God can save us from the same fate. God’s people here Must repent, receive and intercede on behalf of the wicked lost, or we too, shall be devoured victims of a Christian holocaust.

Please share this message with all you can while we still have time! God is our defense, our shield, high tower and buckler. Lift up Holy hands, not contaminated by lust, pornography or any evil. He will protect us. Psalm 91! God bless you, servants/soldiers of the MOST high God!

What Being a Christian Means to Me

Hypocrites. Judgmental. Cowards who need a crutch. Very sad that a few bad eggs have made a group so uninviting or attractive.

Here’s my take and experience on the deal and I hope if you’ ever consider taking the leap into Christ, you’d consider all I’ve openly shared with you.

The old saying, “you get what you put in” is true.  I won’t try to compare God to your banking habits, but the more you invest in God, the more value you find! It amazes me that people who disbelieve God’s existence have never really plumbed the well deeply, so to speak. There really are no atheists in foxholes and when those bullets start coming at you, you’d better be thinking of someone larger than yourself to call for help. He hears and He responds.

What makes me continue to pursue Him passionately since 1983? I’ve had enough tragedies, challenges and devastating crisis to last three lifetimes. There is intrigue about how God will respond to my crisis. Many times, my help came at the eleventh hour and with such a supernatural ending, I can only praise and magnify his name exultantly!

My intimate efforts at  communion, communication and listening has deepened my desire to know this unseen Creator who also yearns to be my caring Father, confidant and coach. He baffles, yet comforts me. Why should the Creator who  set the solar system in place and designed the human embryo to grow into a flawlessly created human being condescend to me?

I take my camera out into the expansive panorama of the new spring season and zoom in close with a macro lens. The distinct beauty of daffodils in full bloom and in all their intricate design takes my breath away. Something that exquisite could not possibly happen by accident.

Each and every day, the supernatural artistry of our astounding Creator reminds me of His desire to cherish a people that HE created to have fellowship with Him. How do I know this? Because He has honored my prayers to communicate with Him and understand what He is about. He has not disappointed me, and though I grapple daily with the heart-wrenching questions of brutality, murder and injustice, He reminds me of His gracious permission to grant every man, woman and child free will. He has allowed us to do anything we want, without him interfering!

Whenever I hear of scoffers denying God exists, I ponder the unraveling of His majesty in nature around me. How did the mountains and valleys form? How does a jellyfish miles beneath the ocean glow? The very creatures of land and sea display an astounding array of distinctive attributes for them to adapt to their unique environment.

Ah, the mysteries of our environment, the union of atoms and the most astounding sprawling  expanse of the galaxies and the universe. One can only gaze through the Hubble telescope and gasp in awe at the majesty.

I challenge you to take the plunge into God and see how deep He will take you.  The deeper you get in your passionate search, the more He reveals to you His treasure. Why should God dote on and coddle you if you want nothing to do with Him?

I’ve found Him to be true and faithful and there will yet be more unfathomable treasures that are to be revealed as I trek up the mountain of faith.

CONSPIRACY THEORIES, (Am I the Only One Who Feels This Way?)


My rambling thoughts…

With much wisdom comes much sorrow. I must be getting old. I think more deeply, want to solve all the world’s ills, (and if given the chance, I know I could) and wonder how the heck God’s beautiful creation and planet became so contaminated.

I’m still feeling lousy and its going on four 4 years since my Dystonia diagnosis. After that first Lyme diagnosis in 1992, I’ve never been the same, having to contend with periodic bouts of Bronchitis, pneumonia and mercury poisoning which have left me very weak and debilitated. Despite the daunting health battles, I refuse to give up my fight and find regaining wellness means a persistent and aggressive strategy much like the CSI detectives using high caliber and clever technological means to catch their thief.

Increasing occurrences of  Cancer, Diabetes, MS and other serious conditions are also prevailing  with friends and family who tell me about a loved one who just received a death diagnosis.

My youngest sister, Margarita, fights a brave battle against MS for several years and I myself have struggled to cure a bizarre condition called Oro-mandibular Dystonia. I’d never heard of the disorder before and after having done extensive research,  find doctors have no idea what causes it or how to cure it!

The continual opening and closing of my mouth leaves me drained by mid day. My tongue thrashes left to right,  causing incredible bite wounds and profuse bleeding. While chewing, I hear a crack and I’m always aware of the constant moving which makes it almost impossible to focus. All I desire is falling unconsciously asleep and not wake up. I’m battle-weary by mid afternoon in my attempts to juggle my errands and maintain my challenging lifestyle. I find myself highly agitated by the smallest annoyance and mourn the loss of my once soft-spoken and  patient demeanor.

The more I research causes of ailments, treatment protocols and cures, the more information I find about dangerous substances lurking in our foods, water supply and air. I ponder the foolishness of the public continuing to ignore warning about mercury amalgam tooth fillings,  fluoridated and chlorinated water,  and artificial sweeteners. Not even to mention genetically modified produce and foods that could open up a Pandora’s box of genetic and health ills.

Fema camps, HAARP Research, ferocious  oil drilling the Gulf, chem-trails and global warming continue to blare from YOU tube videos. How much more can humanity take? Great anxiety hovers like a black cloud over  humanity with an undercurrent of resignation that something cataclysmic is soon to happen.

In my hometown of Browns Mills and Country Lakes, there is an overabundance of handicapped drivers licenses and COPD is on the rise. Very suspicious to me.  People healing from tuberculosis used to travel down to the Pine Lands for the fresh, invigoration air. Every time  I look up to the sky,  numerous planes etch their trails over the expanse of our sky’s expanse.  Whenever I venture outside, I feel nauseous. According to Dr Perlingieri, Chem-trails are a dangerous concoction of deadly toxic metals,  fungi and  dessicated blood! Read her research for yourself and make up your mind to protect your family and loved ones. Thank God for our physician and scientists who are concerned for their fellow man.


I don’t like what I’m seeing.  People are not questioning why they are getting so sick and why the FDA has infused thousands of grocery products with high fructose corn syrup,  Sucralose and Aspartame.

I think about the nameless, faceless men who fly these plains and who experiment with poisons  and chemicals that will weak and destroy their own people.  Scoffers on You-tube abound, but when you think about it, so did the world as millions of Jews were exterminated over 7 years.   The diabolical hatred and callousness of doctors who did barbaric experiments on small children In Auschwitz will ever haunt me.  We must wake up to what is out there an not pretend. If no one want to be held accountable then we must protect ourselves and our loved ones. There are many excellent health sites where there is information about metal detoxifying. Zeolite is an excellent remover of dangerous heavy metals.


DYSTONIA, (MS, Parkinson’s, Cancer, etc) OVERHAUL

Band-aids seem to be the answer for every ill nowadays. I prefer to allow my wounds to heal in the fresh, open air.There is much hype, and misinformation given to the gullible and  misinformed public.

This blog may save your life or the life of a loved one. All you need to restore your health and well-being is an open mind! People, wake up! We are facing an evil nemesis and only by God can we survive and thrive.

As I’ve aged and received the glorious gift of free information via the internet, I’m impassioned to help my suffering fellow-man and help him/her regain his/her vibrant health. My quest to advocate the sick and dying sprung from my first Lyme Diagnosis in 1992.

A diagnosis of DYSTONIA since March 2007, I’ve befriended many who are burdened with the disabling symptoms of dystonia, Parkinson’s, MS, Lyme Disease and a host of other conditions. My b

Did you know that the Lyme spirochete is so amazingly resilient to any antibiotics or medicines that can kill it?  Lyme victims have become completely disabled and many have died because of this almost  impenetrable invader that is indestructible. How can this be? And how did this bacteria come to be? Lyme was manufactured by a diabolical doctor in his lab.

Dystonia has changed my life in so many ways and as I face this demon, know that education about its root cause is the only permanent way my health can be restored.

My husband and I both have suffered great exploitation by a myriad of so-called health practitioners. Remember, they are businesses and need to stay afloat at any cost. Few practitioners are genuinely concerned about the patients recovery and sadly, the diseased are becoming more and more prevalent in America. We are quickly becoming the “sickest” nation despite our health care, information and medicine! More will continue to become non-productive and die unless the we, the public understands the “root” cause of disease.

We need pure food, pure air uncontaminated water to survive. These are the staples of health and wellness.  Most municipal water supplies are “contaminated” with Chlorine and Fluoride. All you have to do is read about the toxicity of these substances and see why so many are suffering from neurological disorders. Fluoride and CHLORINE are toxic to the nervous system and we need to address this issue. Why is our government continuing to put these chemicals in our water supply? No one is protesting or most are ignoring the dangerous consequences. I hope my blog will educate those who want to have  divine health and wellness.

Check out this informative You-tube video and see how TOXIC these chemicals are!

Do you know that supermarkets have been giving out free sugarless gum & candy! I have seen it in the local grocery stores the past several months & I know there is an agenda to make people very ill.  Why this insidious plan to minimize the world population, killing off everyone regardless of education, social status or race? Don’t we have the right to live? We must unite as an informed people to protect ourselves, our families and loved ones.

WE, the people must be alert, informed and fight back by education ourselves about our bodies, toxins, evil food, the air we breathe. Do you want to stay a victim?

We must not allow ourselves to be ensnared through lack of wisdom and information. We must be meticulous about what we put in our bodies, for all with affect how our mind perceives and reasons.  I’m paying a very heavy price for dabbling naively with Sucralose and Aspartame to keep my figure shape. Most likely, my battle with Dystonia came about from using artificial sweeteners.

What can we do to protect ourselves and what resources can we use to address our disease/condition? Part two will guide you into adopting a new lifestyle of pure health. it will take much, time, sacrifice, money and effort, but if you want to stay vibrant and alive, You will have to do so. God bless you as you pursue excellent health and we;;being!