DYSTONIA, (MS, Parkinson’s, Cancer, etc) OVERHAUL

Band-aids seem to be the answer for every ill nowadays. I prefer to allow my wounds to heal in the fresh, open air.There is much hype, and misinformation given to the gullible and  misinformed public.

This blog may save your life or the life of a loved one. All you need to restore your health and well-being is an open mind! People, wake up! We are facing an evil nemesis and only by God can we survive and thrive.

As I’ve aged and received the glorious gift of free information via the internet, I’m impassioned to help my suffering fellow-man and help him/her regain his/her vibrant health. My quest to advocate the sick and dying sprung from my first Lyme Diagnosis in 1992.

A diagnosis of DYSTONIA since March 2007, I’ve befriended many who are burdened with the disabling symptoms of dystonia, Parkinson’s, MS, Lyme Disease and a host of other conditions. My b

Did you know that the Lyme spirochete is so amazingly resilient to any antibiotics or medicines that can kill it?  Lyme victims have become completely disabled and many have died because of this almost  impenetrable invader that is indestructible. How can this be? And how did this bacteria come to be? Lyme was manufactured by a diabolical doctor in his lab.

Dystonia has changed my life in so many ways and as I face this demon, know that education about its root cause is the only permanent way my health can be restored.

My husband and I both have suffered great exploitation by a myriad of so-called health practitioners. Remember, they are businesses and need to stay afloat at any cost. Few practitioners are genuinely concerned about the patients recovery and sadly, the diseased are becoming more and more prevalent in America. We are quickly becoming the “sickest” nation despite our health care, information and medicine! More will continue to become non-productive and die unless the we, the public understands the “root” cause of disease.

We need pure food, pure air uncontaminated water to survive. These are the staples of health and wellness.  Most municipal water supplies are “contaminated” with Chlorine and Fluoride. All you have to do is read about the toxicity of these substances and see why so many are suffering from neurological disorders. Fluoride and CHLORINE are toxic to the nervous system and we need to address this issue. Why is our government continuing to put these chemicals in our water supply? No one is protesting or most are ignoring the dangerous consequences. I hope my blog will educate those who want to have  divine health and wellness.

Check out this informative You-tube video and see how TOXIC these chemicals are!

Do you know that supermarkets have been giving out free sugarless gum & candy! I have seen it in the local grocery stores the past several months & I know there is an agenda to make people very ill.  Why this insidious plan to minimize the world population, killing off everyone regardless of education, social status or race? Don’t we have the right to live? We must unite as an informed people to protect ourselves, our families and loved ones.

WE, the people must be alert, informed and fight back by education ourselves about our bodies, toxins, evil food, the air we breathe. Do you want to stay a victim?

We must not allow ourselves to be ensnared through lack of wisdom and information. We must be meticulous about what we put in our bodies, for all with affect how our mind perceives and reasons.  I’m paying a very heavy price for dabbling naively with Sucralose and Aspartame to keep my figure shape. Most likely, my battle with Dystonia came about from using artificial sweeteners.

What can we do to protect ourselves and what resources can we use to address our disease/condition? Part two will guide you into adopting a new lifestyle of pure health. it will take much, time, sacrifice, money and effort, but if you want to stay vibrant and alive, You will have to do so. God bless you as you pursue excellent health and we;;being!

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