CONSPIRACY THEORIES, (Am I the Only One Who Feels This Way?)


My rambling thoughts…

With much wisdom comes much sorrow. I must be getting old. I think more deeply, want to solve all the world’s ills, (and if given the chance, I know I could) and wonder how the heck God’s beautiful creation and planet became so contaminated.

I’m still feeling lousy and its going on four 4 years since my Dystonia diagnosis. After that first Lyme diagnosis in 1992, I’ve never been the same, having to contend with periodic bouts of Bronchitis, pneumonia and mercury poisoning which have left me very weak and debilitated. Despite the daunting health battles, I refuse to give up my fight and find regaining wellness means a persistent and aggressive strategy much like the CSI detectives using high caliber and clever technological means to catch their thief.

Increasing occurrences of  Cancer, Diabetes, MS and other serious conditions are also prevailing  with friends and family who tell me about a loved one who just received a death diagnosis.

My youngest sister, Margarita, fights a brave battle against MS for several years and I myself have struggled to cure a bizarre condition called Oro-mandibular Dystonia. I’d never heard of the disorder before and after having done extensive research,  find doctors have no idea what causes it or how to cure it!

The continual opening and closing of my mouth leaves me drained by mid day. My tongue thrashes left to right,  causing incredible bite wounds and profuse bleeding. While chewing, I hear a crack and I’m always aware of the constant moving which makes it almost impossible to focus. All I desire is falling unconsciously asleep and not wake up. I’m battle-weary by mid afternoon in my attempts to juggle my errands and maintain my challenging lifestyle. I find myself highly agitated by the smallest annoyance and mourn the loss of my once soft-spoken and  patient demeanor.

The more I research causes of ailments, treatment protocols and cures, the more information I find about dangerous substances lurking in our foods, water supply and air. I ponder the foolishness of the public continuing to ignore warning about mercury amalgam tooth fillings,  fluoridated and chlorinated water,  and artificial sweeteners. Not even to mention genetically modified produce and foods that could open up a Pandora’s box of genetic and health ills.

Fema camps, HAARP Research, ferocious  oil drilling the Gulf, chem-trails and global warming continue to blare from YOU tube videos. How much more can humanity take? Great anxiety hovers like a black cloud over  humanity with an undercurrent of resignation that something cataclysmic is soon to happen.

In my hometown of Browns Mills and Country Lakes, there is an overabundance of handicapped drivers licenses and COPD is on the rise. Very suspicious to me.  People healing from tuberculosis used to travel down to the Pine Lands for the fresh, invigoration air. Every time  I look up to the sky,  numerous planes etch their trails over the expanse of our sky’s expanse.  Whenever I venture outside, I feel nauseous. According to Dr Perlingieri, Chem-trails are a dangerous concoction of deadly toxic metals,  fungi and  dessicated blood! Read her research for yourself and make up your mind to protect your family and loved ones. Thank God for our physician and scientists who are concerned for their fellow man.

I don’t like what I’m seeing.  People are not questioning why they are getting so sick and why the FDA has infused thousands of grocery products with high fructose corn syrup,  Sucralose and Aspartame.

I think about the nameless, faceless men who fly these plains and who experiment with poisons  and chemicals that will weak and destroy their own people.  Scoffers on You-tube abound, but when you think about it, so did the world as millions of Jews were exterminated over 7 years.   The diabolical hatred and callousness of doctors who did barbaric experiments on small children In Auschwitz will ever haunt me.  We must wake up to what is out there an not pretend. If no one want to be held accountable then we must protect ourselves and our loved ones. There are many excellent health sites where there is information about metal detoxifying. Zeolite is an excellent remover of dangerous heavy metals.

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