What Being a Christian Means to Me

Hypocrites. Judgmental. Cowards who need a crutch. Very sad that a few bad eggs have made a group so uninviting or attractive.

Here’s my take and experience on the deal and I hope if you’ ever consider taking the leap into Christ, you’d consider all I’ve openly shared with you.

The old saying, “you get what you put in” is true.  I won’t try to compare God to your banking habits, but the more you invest in God, the more value you find! It amazes me that people who disbelieve God’s existence have never really plumbed the well deeply, so to speak. There really are no atheists in foxholes and when those bullets start coming at you, you’d better be thinking of someone larger than yourself to call for help. He hears and He responds.

What makes me continue to pursue Him passionately since 1983? I’ve had enough tragedies, challenges and devastating crisis to last three lifetimes. There is intrigue about how God will respond to my crisis. Many times, my help came at the eleventh hour and with such a supernatural ending, I can only praise and magnify his name exultantly!

My intimate efforts at  communion, communication and listening has deepened my desire to know this unseen Creator who also yearns to be my caring Father, confidant and coach. He baffles, yet comforts me. Why should the Creator who  set the solar system in place and designed the human embryo to grow into a flawlessly created human being condescend to me?

I take my camera out into the expansive panorama of the new spring season and zoom in close with a macro lens. The distinct beauty of daffodils in full bloom and in all their intricate design takes my breath away. Something that exquisite could not possibly happen by accident.

Each and every day, the supernatural artistry of our astounding Creator reminds me of His desire to cherish a people that HE created to have fellowship with Him. How do I know this? Because He has honored my prayers to communicate with Him and understand what He is about. He has not disappointed me, and though I grapple daily with the heart-wrenching questions of brutality, murder and injustice, He reminds me of His gracious permission to grant every man, woman and child free will. He has allowed us to do anything we want, without him interfering!

Whenever I hear of scoffers denying God exists, I ponder the unraveling of His majesty in nature around me. How did the mountains and valleys form? How does a jellyfish miles beneath the ocean glow? The very creatures of land and sea display an astounding array of distinctive attributes for them to adapt to their unique environment.

Ah, the mysteries of our environment, the union of atoms and the most astounding sprawling  expanse of the galaxies and the universe. One can only gaze through the Hubble telescope and gasp in awe at the majesty.

I challenge you to take the plunge into God and see how deep He will take you.  The deeper you get in your passionate search, the more He reveals to you His treasure. Why should God dote on and coddle you if you want nothing to do with Him?

I’ve found Him to be true and faithful and there will yet be more unfathomable treasures that are to be revealed as I trek up the mountain of faith.

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