Production of Receive

March,16, 2011

Finally the day came for Steve, Mr Mig, Milgiore, Grammy winning dance producer to work on our first song together! I was glad Mark accompanied me so he could enjoy the creative process and learn some new things about the industry. We opened the session with a prayer for God’s presence.

Steve asked me to play some of my songs so we could choose one that had the appropriate 128 to 132 BPM range. We settled on my ballad, “Receive” a song about forgiveness and healing.


Steve immediately locked in with a beat and we proceeded to set the arrangement He was lightning quick and I was getting more and more excited as the session went on.   Mark & I also met two men who were very influential in the Dance world Both of them were men of faith and were as concerned as I was bout the directionless state of our young people. I shared my concerns about their lack or focus and sensitivity to the basic things like integrity, honor and family. When I got home, I found two new FACEBOOK friend request from Steve’s friends. We would definitely be in touch and network in future for upcoming events.  I  was thinking how God was orchestrating so many great things relating to my outreach and music. I couldn’t wait to see what He had next

Within an hour, Steve already arranged the song so I could take it home and practice my lead vocals and harmony arrangements. He was working some magic with the “LOGIC” program as mark watch in amazement at his fluency with the different keyboard patches and beat.

I felt exhilarated to finally work with such an established and successful man as Steve and to be a part of introducing Gospel to the dance arena! This is something I never would have thought of. I think about Reverend Kevin Nunn reminding me to let God use me in any capacity, no matter how different.    Even Steve said it might be different working a song into a dance tune, but I said I’d already had my folk-rock tunes re-arranged for the urban/pop market, so it wasn’t that new.

I really feel wonderful about this new collaboration and see big things happening for our young people. Steve has an amazing sense of humor & has great creative instinct & easy to work with. Most of all, we had FUN! LONG LIVE AUDDIO MAXX studios, Cherry Hill, NJ!

Thank the Lord for this opportunity and Mark for his intuition.


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