I’m composing this post as my husband grapples with his many duties as dispatcher for a utility company. His sturdy HHR was loaded the night before for tonight’s performance at the Englishtown Baskin Robbins ice cream store. Ever efficient and punctual, Mark insists on being well-equipped. That’s the way he’s wired and what a compliment to me he is!

During our pre-marital counseling,session, our pastor praised our union.

“Mark fills in for you where you are weak and you  compliment him where he lacks.”

That was an understatement, because with all the magnitude of challenges we grapple with as individuals and a couple, we temper each others good and bad attributes. After a grueling day fighting traffic congestion, working and getting ready for bed we both thank the Lord for bringing us together.

Mark is compatible enough for me to get along peacefully with him, yet still have areas that need tweaking with the fine spiritual sandpaper of patience, tolerance, thankfulness and love. These rough areas do make our marriage interesting and feisty!

He admired my hospitality, discretion, resourcefulness, wisdom and  strong faith during our early courting months. I found him to be highly intelligent, intellectual, engaging as well as very chivalrous, (which is rare with guys these days)! He has always treated me with great respect and like a lady that I was raised up to be. I can’t think of a time that he has not put my needs before his and even when exhausted after double shifts all week at work, Mark would still drive the handicapped neighbor to the Acme grocery store.

I love our deep discussions about God, the universe, human rights, etiquette and how music should sound live. He has taught me so much about engineering sound so that the listener is moved. Mark has been indispensable during my frustrating times trying to understand the dynamics of a well-crafted and mixed  live sound. His sound engineering expertise is no less impeccable when he prepares me for a live performance. Bad back and all, he carries the bulk of my equipment, sets them up and commands every nuance of the concert to the highest degree!

What a man, what a man! Many wives scrutinize their husbands and find many things wrong to complain about. Ungrateful people can always find things that are wrong in others.  I’ve learned to find the good in all and focus on the possibilities and inspiraing traits in my beloved soul-mate.

We American folks, have  succumbed to to many cushy comforts, leisure, self-centerdness as a way of life. If things don’t turn out the way we want, if our needs are not met or someone disagrees with us, we are angry and judgmental.

MY soul mate and best friend

A strong marriage is a choice…of being grateful, appreciative and working hard to pax de deux through life with the partner you have chosen to journey through life with! I am honored to be married to Mark and treasure all he is. He is a work in progress, like me. He is a gracious, hard-working and generous man who has solid work ethic, respect for others and dedication to me and God’s calling as a minister of the Gospel and helping others to heal. He chose to undertake this difficult task of unselfish devotion whomever he meets and especially me.

Mark is my best friend, my soul mate, listener and roadie. As a rock n roll one- woman- band performer, he makes me sound like a million bucks and I never need to worry at all about my equipment or how I sound. As you all gaze on us as we Pas de Deux through life, I pray that you will understand and witness the magical miracle of a union wrought by God, ordained from the beginning of time.

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