As I sat at the computer at the library, my eyes happened to fall upon the computer screen of the little boy sitting next to me. He looked to be about  6 years old was infatuated by his game. Curious, I checked out what he was playing and was shocked to see a cartoon human figure hanging from a noose. The little boy hacked away  at first one arm, then a leg. My stomach lurched and I turned my attention to the blog I was composing. After about ten minutes, I looked to see that the little boy had progressed to working on severing the mannequin’s head from the body!

Something within me stirred and I turned to the little boy,

“Wow, what is that you’re doing, little boy? Would Jesus like to see you doing that?”

“No,” answered the little boy.

“What is that game you’re playing?”

“The torture game.”

That was it. I had to say something or I would be sick.  What made this  youngster an aficionado of such  heinous entertainment?

He turned back to his game very nonchalantly as my mind raced with images of grown up men who were now serial killers. The next time I glanced at the boy’s progress, the head was almost completely off and blood was  splashing in every direction. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing!

How a child’s world changed had changed.

I had to say something and asked the little boy where his parents were. I got up to walk to the librarian counter as the boy followed me nervously.

I cleared my throat and faced the librarian.

“I’m very concerned about this little boy here. He is playing a very violent game and I’m wondering where his parents are? My husband and I pay very high taxes to support this library and I’m not happy about the games you have here for the children.”

Her eyes widened as the little boy led us to his father who was standing by a shelf looking at a book.

“Sir, this young lady here says she is very concerned about the game your little boy was playing at his computer….” Before she could continue, the man exploded in rage.

“What my children play and do is no ones G… damn business!”

“Excuse me sir, but God has wonderful plans for this little one and learning to decapitate is not one of them!”I asserted.

Oh, yeah?” he screamed, waving his hand  towards the foyer. “Well, why don’t you come outside and we’ll talk about it?”

The man’s eyes bulged out and I could see the veins standing in his neck. He was a time bomb and I was going nowhere with such a lunatic.

“Come on now!” he barreled towards the lobby.

“I’m not going anywhere with you, especially without my husband who is my Godly covering. We can get a policemen here to protect me, but I’m not going anywhere with you.”

It was touch and go for a minute and everyone’s eyes were on us. I was ready for  policemen to storm in, but I was standing my ground.  The man was like a bull ready to charge and kill.

Just as quickly as the confrontation started, it abated and I calmly walked back to my computer station. The man called his three little children to get ready to leave and that was that, but I was very shaken.

Some very unhealthy and demonic things are becoming more prevalent and mainstream and our children are the target. One of my passions is protecting our children’s innocence for as long as possible. Today, I was grateful for God’s protection, as the situation could have turned very ugly.

Statistics and  history shows us that Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer and other serial killers start maiming and killing small animals before they graduate to bullying and rape.

Violence, in games and in social interaction are serious issues we need to be very concerned about and parents especially need to be very aware of everything that their children are watching/playing on television and the computer and in movies.

This episode at the library has really opened my eyes to what our precious children are influenced by and we must be diligent and responsible that they become compassionate and productive members of society.

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  1. Sonja
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 21:49:25

    I agree Anita, the entertainment world is in effect sexually and mentally abusing us and we let them and allow them to do the same to our children. Just by the content of the words and dance steps in music videos and games and the shows and movies we all are exposed to. Thank you for bringing to the attention of others.



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