Here are Websters dictionary’s meaning for these words. This essay is not so much about impotency in a once viral man, but God’s people, the church of Christ.  Are the following accurate, descriptive adjectives of your church…your life?



not potent; lacking power or ability.

utterly unable (to do something).

without force or effectiveness.

lacking bodily strength or physically helpless.

(of a male) unable to attain or sustain a penile erection.

Benign:  a condition that is harmless.  not malignant; self-limiting.

Malignant:  very dangerous or harmful

My husband and I spend a good part of the morning discussing revelations he received from God while driving home late last night from a double shift at work. Though he was fatigued and mentality paralyzed, the double-edged sword of the Holy Spirit cut through his daze. I rejoiced in my spirit that in spite of all his malaise, he was receptive to God’s urgent grief for communion with his busy and very distracted people. God was answering my intercessory prayer for my husband to be alert and listening to God’s still small voice.

Mark reiterated various preachers and friends saying they believed the internet would be cut off as well as the means of TV and broadcasting. An anger like a defensive mother lion boiled within me and I remarked,

“How is it that that RODE VS WADE law was shoved  upon the American people, evolution is now the creed in our schools,  (while prayer was taken out…and very easily at that), Jesus name can’t be mentioned in prayer by Navy chaplains and our constitutional liberties are slowly being taken!

I went down to attend a chore in the laundry room, then came back to the kitchen. Hubby had slipped off to the bathroom. Holy Spirit spoke to me and I had a spiritual conniption!

God showed my how His people, the church had succumbed to being an impotent church.  We have become weak, powerless and the kingdom of Hell has mowed us down as easily as a lawn mower over new grass. Satan’s children have aggressively pushed until they’ve pushed over our flimsy walls of watered down doctrine, ungodly, compromised living and prosperity pastors and teachers!.

We are no longer a spiritually malignant people with overcoming strength and power, but a weak flimsy minority whom world rejects and disrespects.

Back in the old testament, The foreign and pagan nations knew of the famous reputation of God’s deliverance of the Israelites and their exodus from Egyptian captivity. As Joshua prepared the great men for battle,  their hearts melted!

This week, I battled in intercessory prayer withe several brothers and sisters in the faith who had been under great spiritual duress. As I cast and bound the spirits in high principalities ans spoke power and victory over my friends, I could feel God’s power imbue them. Oh, the glory of victory in spiritual warfare in the power of the Holy Spirit!

I told my husband that I had been imprisoned and violently abused. I was helpless and overcome for decades from girlhood to a married woman bound to a demon-possessed husband.  I realize now, that God wanted me to taste of such a  devastating and cruel existence so I could see the difference between being powerless and imprisoned and free and victorious in Christ. I will never again lay down impotent and let the enemy just mow me down. There’s gonna be a bloodbath and it won’t be me with the split blood!

Though I wear many battle scars from my attacks, I’m proud that I look to the scars of my Savior who transcended hell, death, sickness and captivity.

Lisa Bevill shared an amazing story of her love for the beautiful, wild land of Africa. Her favorite pastime was watching lion prides in the wild, particularly mother lions. In one of her visits, she watched  a mother lion attending her young cubs. Even when the mother was tired from her cubs feeding, her eyes and ears were super sensitive to every sound or threat of danger. She said that the mother lion was alert and highly dangerous and any predator would be savagely torn apart if they came near her cubs!

That is how the church must be…alert and dangerous.

I told my husband,  that I was not about to once again lay impotent and benign as the evil infidel men in high positions took away all our rights and tools to spread the gospel.  King Hezekiah refused to accept the prophet Isaiah’s announcement  God said,

“Set your house in order for you will die”. He wept, repented and believed, in God’s mercy and he got it. God answered his faith by giving him fifteen extra years.

Everyone can go ahead and accept America;s demise, but I will not…not on my watch. I will continue to compel my brothers and sisters, prayer warriors to fight for our spiritual rights that were so bravely fought for by our military and that was paid for with such a high price. Our forefathers would turn in their graves if they beheld what we have succumbed to as a people.

The church must get serious and start today to be a malignant spiritual tumor that is eating the very insides of the kingdom of hell. We must be like that mother lion, alert and highly dangerous, where when we oppose and bind in the authority of Jesus the evils in high places. We are destined to win. Christ has called us to  occupy and to prevail.

Today is the day of Salvation and victory, so let us put on our spiritual armor and our heavenly ammunition. Out battle is not with tanks, machine guns and bunker bombers, but on our knees with a repentant heart.

Let us prepare for battle… today!

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