Journal Entry, Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A strange day it was today. Yup….mild temperature, blue skies and white, billowing clouds.  I was exhilarated, even though still in agony with the Dystonia spasms that plagued me 24/7. It was so wonderful outside, I was temporarily joyful to be alive, (for a change )! Moving forward with my phone book delivery routes in Brick Town, NJ. I started my  fifth route and had one more to go. Then I could finish my 5 part book series and concentrate on finishing the recording, mixing and mastering of my CDs. I was grateful to God I could even work such a physically demanding job. I had one more route to go..

I arrived at my street and saw a group of girls congregating on their front lawn. They gave me the evil eye, gazing seriously at me as I attempted to load my hand truck. I thought it strange that not one of them were smiling as I walked to the end of the street.  A little girl of about seven leaped on her bike, raced in front of me as if to make sure I knew she was watching my every move.  She still didn’t crack a smile as I smiled at her.  Two older girls about 13 stood staring at me as I continued delivering my phone books.None of the five girls took their eyes off me. It was the strangest thing I ever felt from kids.

I tried to break the ice by smiling at the little girls as she cut in front of me & stared.

” Where’s your kitty cat?” I asked.

No answer.

As I rounded the cu-de-sac and stopped at the house were the group of girls gathered, I put the book down near the lintel and smiled again.  I could feel their eyes boring into the back of my head as I got into my truck and drove to the next street. I saw a police car come up the street, lights flashing and figured out that surely it had to be the mother complaining about me being in the neighborhood. I parked, under a shady tree at the end of the street,  knowing that he’d stop me. Sure enough, he parted right in back of me.

“Can I help you officer,?” I asked.

“License, registration and insurance,” he answered. I was really annoyed and wondered why I couldn’t just be a normal person doing their job with dignity. It was becoming a habit to be pulled over by these police. Last month, my husband and I couldn’t even enjoy our dinner at Friendly’s Restaurant because woman called the Toms River police on us because she saw PeeWee in our car and accused us of mistreated her.

As I sat waiting for the officer to give me back my papers, I though about all the strange mishaps and unfair harassment I’d endured over the years trying to be a friendly, simpering person.

“Do you have a cat?”

“She’s somewhere back here.” I answered.

The police officer looked at the passenger seat and asked gain, “Where is the cat?”

“She’s behind the seat, officer. She gets hot and stays in that area where it’s cool.” I got out of my seat and walked over and pulled PeeWee out.


“Officer,” I turned to him, I’ve serviced this area and the surrounding counties for 28 years and have worked for PDC delivering telephone books for 12 years. I’m trying to do my job and be an inspiration.  I’ve never been reported in all my life for trying to be nice to the neighborhood kids. This is very upsetting. Those girls were very weird following me and string at me the whole time. I was trying to be nice to them. I’ve also performed at the Belmar and Bradley beach board walks with my guitar and little cat to entertain and uplift. I’m a youth minister and I love children and animals.”

“Well, let me tell you, I’m the father of a little girl and if I saw a truck with a spider on the side and someone talking to my kid, I would call the police too. That mother was probably concerned.

“well, I’m pretty upset about this officer. I’m a harmless, kind person with no record, so this is  very strange.”

He seemed apologetic and walked off, leaving me with  sadness about the state of the human race.  The Bible talks about the hearts of many will grow cold, Kids will be arrogant and proud.  People will be void of compassion or being able to purely appreciate good things, like reporting a harmless, sweet woman who asks if someone wants to see her kitty cat). Intuition will disappear and suspicion will replace good Samaritans with kind intentions and outdoor minstrels who perform just for the love of beautiful music and inspiring others to make the world a kinder place.

Our world, (or the people)  is surely changing.

rest assured that one must be educated in political correctness or expect to be arrested for the most unusual offenses.  Long gone are the days when I could play my guitar at the boardwalk with my little cat, Baby-baby accompanying me and not get a ticket by Belmar municipal. Long gone are the days when people appreciated, talked to and befriended strangers who were musicians or artists.

Who do we blame for the coldness of society and the fear of friendships with new people? I struggled not to be angry and bitter, knowing that God would expect me to forgive and pray for the girls, or whoever was responsible for ruining my day. Hubby Mark, remarked,

“You’ve learned a lesson”.

“Mmmm, so what is it?”


The History of Victory

Journal Entry, Wednesday. August 17, 2011

Last night before retiring, I visited gazed at the earthquake You-Tube posts from Japan, ChristChurch, New Zealand and Chile. My heart ached for the devastation and loss of life suffered by the victims of these recent disasters. A Facebook sister posted another You-Tube, Elenin video about another impending earthquake on the west coast of United States. People everywhere are fearful.

This morning, I woke up and felt strongly to take the day off. I feel overwhelmingly thankful as I made my coffee and washed my hair.

“Thank You, Lord for running water, a sunny day and all sorts of modern conveniences  not interrupted by a major earthquake or nuclear attack.” I’d never felt so thankful before and I started to worship out loud and thank Abba for all His blessings throughout my life. Then I contacted my closest prayer warrior Facebook friends to agree with me in prayer about a prophecy of an earthquake to happen today. Whether the Illuminati is instigating HAARP activity to stimulate earthquakes,(conspiracy theories or not) which enabled the last devastating earthquakes, God is sovereign and more powerful than any evil, conniving  group on this planet.

Truth is, (conspiracy theorists aside) scripture  says that men devise evil Many are deluded into thinking they are merrily going about their business without any demonic opposition. Evil plans are conceived continually devised by unregenerate men under the influence of Satanic spirits, including drug lords, sex-traffickers, abortion clinic owners serial killers, and pedophiles. That is why God’s people must use their spiritual ammunition, the name of Jesus, prayer and fasting as a their defense against evil. No weapon formed against us shall proper! Chaos and disaster swirl around, but as heirs of Christ, we have been adopted into a magnificent heritage.

1 Peter 2-10 exalts the glory of Christ being the living stone and how we are being built a spiritual house and holy priesthood.

We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people called out of darkness into His marvelous light! Our old testament patriarchs have proved the great and mighty exploits of men and women of God who overcame the most horrific and daunting obstacle and battles. It is time for the church to stand her ground and take her rightful place as powerful and anointed warrior/priests. Too many in Christ’s body are weak, impotent or not walking in the powerGod has called us to walk in.

Psychics and secular prophets predict doomsday and the church acquiesces or just rests on her laurels that they are saved and going to heaven. So what of the destinies of millions who will die without Christ in natural, (or mad-made) disasters? When we scope the carnage of our dead  loved ones, co-workers, neighbors and cashiers at Wawa after a Tsunami, like the Japanese, will we still deny the power of prayer and covenant of divine Psalm 91 protection?

Wars and threats of extermination assailed God’s people throughout the old Testament. I take great courage from one of my  favorite heroes, Joshua. He was so confident and empowered in God that when facing the Gibeonite soldiers, God said, to him, “Not one of them will be able to withstand you.” Josiah 10:8.

Imagine his faith as the battle raged. The Gibeonites ran confused and terrified as God hurled large hailstones upon them. After the great victory, Josiah commanded the sun to stand still and
it delayed going down about a full day. Pretty amazing stuff!

Elijah was man just like us, yet his prayer was so honored by God, that he approached King Ahab and told him that there would be no rain for three and a half years. (1 Kings 17):1 Several years later, God told Elijah to go again to King Ahab and tell him rain was coming.(1 Kings 18:1). Most of us will remember when Elijah dueled it out with the Prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel.

Elijah’s predecessor, Elisha,  grieved watching his master taken up to heaven in a chariot. He then grabbed his masters cloak and came upon the the waters of the Jordan River.

”Where now is the God of Elijah?” he called out.  The waters parted and Elisha crossed the river! Immediately afterward, a company of prophets who saw the miracle exclaimed, “ The spirit of Elijah is resting upon Elisha.” From that very day, Elisha’s anointing and exploits doubled that of his late master. Elisha spoke healing of the bitter water of a town, by throwing salt into it. When he came to a town in the midst of a famine and met a struggling widow, He provided for her an endless supply of oil to pay off her debts and keep her sons from being sold into slavery. Elisha also saved a company of prophets from being poisoned by wild, poisonous gourds that were being stewed for supper, throwing in some “anointed’ flour and it was safe to eat. He also healed Naaman, the commander of King Aram’s army, from leprosy. The rest of the book of 2 Kings is replete with his amazing spiritual exploits.

As I continue believing and decreeing in my healing from Dystonia, I most cherish the account of King Hezekiah. God told the prophet Isaiah to tell the King to get his house in order for he was to die from his illness. The king wept bitterly, reminding God of how faithful he had been to uphold all His commandments to his people. God was merciful to his humble plea and sent Isaiah back to him to tell him that he would live another fifteen years! Here is an example of a prophecy of death, but because of sincere repentance, God can decide to give us one more chance. What a gracious and merciful God we serve.

1 Peter 2-10 exalts the glory of Christ being the living stone and how we are being built a spiritual house and holy priesthood.

We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people called out of darkness into His marvelous light! Our old testament patriarchs have proved the great and mighty exploits of men and women of God who overcame the most horrific and daunting obstacle and battles. It is time for the church to stand her ground and take her rightful place as powerful and anointed warrior/priests. Too many in Christ’s body are weak, impotent or not walking in the power God has called us to walk in.

Satan had a plan to destroy the Jewish people through an evil man called Haman. The story of Queen Esther tells us about the intuitiveness of Esther’s older cousin, Mordecai, a servant in King Xerxes court. After the king banished Queen Vashti from her position,  Mordecai took advantage of the Kings new edict to find a suitable new queen to takes Vashti’s place. Mordecai was intuitive enough to know his beautiful, younger cousin, Esther, (Hadassah) had an excellent spirit. As the maidens were prepared with beauty rituals to be presented to the king, Esther was noticed and highly favored. Esther was chosen to be the new Queen, but Haman had a hatred for the Jews and managed to get the King to sign a decree to destroy all Jews in the province. Mordecai urged his cousin to petition the King and save the Jews from death. Esther had her maidens and all the Jews pray and fast for three days in the Hopes that God would intervene and they wouldn’t be murdered. When Queen Esther approached the King, she found  grace in his eyes. He reversed the edict and the Jews were not exterminated. Oh the power of prayer and fasting. Esther made her mark in history…one small women, one small voice, but powerful and effective in God.

Many of you need to reread and meditate upon God’s word, the life stories and miracles performed by His faithful men and women. Many of you have placed limitations on your God-ordained abilities by doubt and unbelief. Many will perish because of lack of knowledge and fear, but imagine what you can accomplish when you accept and realize you are fully equipped to slay your Goliath!

Oh my people, have you forgotten the great power I have invested in you to oppose great evil and every assault?

The shepherd boy David did not flinch when the circumcised infidel, Goliath confronted him with a sneer. The fearful Israelites probably said, “We’re finished.” Is that what you are decreeing over your family, prodigal child, your marriage, your health, your financial status or the conflict in the Middle East/Israel?

We have allowed the non believers and atheists  to overturn the right for the unborn to live. Today, millions of unborn children are statistics, denied their right to live. We’ve allowed prayer to be taken out of the schools, public places & governments without any opposition. Is it any wonder, if we continue being spiritually  impotent in the eyes of Satan’s forces, that we too will be in horrible bondage. When we fear being “politically “incorrect,” do we expect God to deliver us from our idolatrous enemies if we bow down to them in fear or apathy.

We called to be set apart, as His sanctified people. We are a royal and powerful nation and priesthood. Today is the day of reckoning, my brothers and sisters and anyone seeking to come out of your destiny-less existence can drink from the River of living water, flowing freely to quench your thirst forever. Yeshua, Jesus Christ is the river of living water. Come and drink and you will never thrust again!

Scoffers will deny the power of our resurrected Christ, but one day, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. Psychics, tarot card, palm  readers, witches, warlocks, the members of the Illuninati, this is your last chance before Christ comes to take His people home before the great wrath and judgement falls. Believe it or not, He will not come humbly as a helpless baby in a dirty manger. He will come as the lion of Judah in all His power and glory. I lovingly present this glorious offer to you today, so come and drink before the door to salvation is closed forever!.

Do you believe in the great miracles and exploits of Jehovah God and Jesus, Christ His only begotten Son? Do you believe Jesus when he said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” John 14:12. Now is the time of Salvation. Today is your day to accept Him as the Lord of your life. Be not deceived for God is not mocked. Though the vision lingers, it will surely come. Repent and turn away from your sins which separate you from His love, grace and mercy. Accept Christ into your heart today