Journal Entry, Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A strange day it was today. Yup….mild temperature, blue skies and white, billowing clouds.  I was exhilarated, even though still in agony with the Dystonia spasms that plagued me 24/7. It was so wonderful outside, I was temporarily joyful to be alive, (for a change )! Moving forward with my phone book delivery routes in Brick Town, NJ. I started my  fifth route and had one more to go. Then I could finish my 5 part book series and concentrate on finishing the recording, mixing and mastering of my CDs. I was grateful to God I could even work such a physically demanding job. I had one more route to go..

I arrived at my street and saw a group of girls congregating on their front lawn. They gave me the evil eye, gazing seriously at me as I attempted to load my hand truck. I thought it strange that not one of them were smiling as I walked to the end of the street.  A little girl of about seven leaped on her bike, raced in front of me as if to make sure I knew she was watching my every move.  She still didn’t crack a smile as I smiled at her.  Two older girls about 13 stood staring at me as I continued delivering my phone books.None of the five girls took their eyes off me. It was the strangest thing I ever felt from kids.

I tried to break the ice by smiling at the little girls as she cut in front of me & stared.

” Where’s your kitty cat?” I asked.

No answer.

As I rounded the cu-de-sac and stopped at the house were the group of girls gathered, I put the book down near the lintel and smiled again.  I could feel their eyes boring into the back of my head as I got into my truck and drove to the next street. I saw a police car come up the street, lights flashing and figured out that surely it had to be the mother complaining about me being in the neighborhood. I parked, under a shady tree at the end of the street,  knowing that he’d stop me. Sure enough, he parted right in back of me.

“Can I help you officer,?” I asked.

“License, registration and insurance,” he answered. I was really annoyed and wondered why I couldn’t just be a normal person doing their job with dignity. It was becoming a habit to be pulled over by these police. Last month, my husband and I couldn’t even enjoy our dinner at Friendly’s Restaurant because woman called the Toms River police on us because she saw PeeWee in our car and accused us of mistreated her.

As I sat waiting for the officer to give me back my papers, I though about all the strange mishaps and unfair harassment I’d endured over the years trying to be a friendly, simpering person.

“Do you have a cat?”

“She’s somewhere back here.” I answered.

The police officer looked at the passenger seat and asked gain, “Where is the cat?”

“She’s behind the seat, officer. She gets hot and stays in that area where it’s cool.” I got out of my seat and walked over and pulled PeeWee out.


“Officer,” I turned to him, I’ve serviced this area and the surrounding counties for 28 years and have worked for PDC delivering telephone books for 12 years. I’m trying to do my job and be an inspiration.  I’ve never been reported in all my life for trying to be nice to the neighborhood kids. This is very upsetting. Those girls were very weird following me and string at me the whole time. I was trying to be nice to them. I’ve also performed at the Belmar and Bradley beach board walks with my guitar and little cat to entertain and uplift. I’m a youth minister and I love children and animals.”

“Well, let me tell you, I’m the father of a little girl and if I saw a truck with a spider on the side and someone talking to my kid, I would call the police too. That mother was probably concerned.

“well, I’m pretty upset about this officer. I’m a harmless, kind person with no record, so this is  very strange.”

He seemed apologetic and walked off, leaving me with  sadness about the state of the human race.  The Bible talks about the hearts of many will grow cold, Kids will be arrogant and proud.  People will be void of compassion or being able to purely appreciate good things, like reporting a harmless, sweet woman who asks if someone wants to see her kitty cat). Intuition will disappear and suspicion will replace good Samaritans with kind intentions and outdoor minstrels who perform just for the love of beautiful music and inspiring others to make the world a kinder place.

Our world, (or the people)  is surely changing.

rest assured that one must be educated in political correctness or expect to be arrested for the most unusual offenses.  Long gone are the days when I could play my guitar at the boardwalk with my little cat, Baby-baby accompanying me and not get a ticket by Belmar municipal. Long gone are the days when people appreciated, talked to and befriended strangers who were musicians or artists.

Who do we blame for the coldness of society and the fear of friendships with new people? I struggled not to be angry and bitter, knowing that God would expect me to forgive and pray for the girls, or whoever was responsible for ruining my day. Hubby Mark, remarked,

“You’ve learned a lesson”.

“Mmmm, so what is it?”

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