Brothers & sisters, now is the time to start walking aggressively the powerful spiritual authority Jesus Christ has already given us. Seeing the headlines of horrendous crimes committed, national crisis and global atrocities, I can’t help but wonder why…if God has given us dominion over everything on the planet. Good sleep has become a thing of the past as I wake up several times during the night to call out to Yeshua for strength and power to resist fear of things to come.

I’m baffled and startled as I read local, national and international headlines of unbelievable violence, unrest and anarchy. I can’t help but weep and my demeanor has been very troubled. My prayer life recently has been me weeping and not being able to stop. I weep for my people here in US and especially Israel. I wonder how it became this bad and who is responsible for the downward spiral of the once great United States.

I’m frustrated also that many do not take their God-ordained calling of spiritual warfare seriously. Lovely prayers and FACEBOOK post shared online are nice and inspiring, but we must know that nothing is more important than being in His will and presence and interceding for the great warfare that is assailing us at present It is time for us, church, the Bride, to wage victorious warfare. We fight a massive spiritual battling the principalities in high places.

When I see the great delusion and violence wrought by the protestors in the middle east countries, I immediately see demons of rage, violence & murder rampaging without direction or focus. These actions can come from only two places, God or satan. Why do we just look on?

Today. South Jersey city of Trenton, blares  the startling headline that 108 policemen are to be laid off. Trenton is one of the most crime-ridden cities in New Jersey with gang activity a major threat to citizens and policemen alike,. The gang leaders plan to organize riots, looting and murdering in anticipation of a weakened  police force.  There are also terrorist and violent groups ALL over America at this very moment intricately planning great and evil attacks. This should send the church on their knees in fasting and prayer to oppose and squelch the attacks of the enemy. Great bloodshed and unconscionable evil will happen if we do not take these threats seriously and acknowledge the seriousness of these diabolical plans! I have not been able to sleep well regarding all these ominous news reports..

Right now, The eyes of the world are on New York as many nations gather for the Durban III conference and world leaders are there to address the U.N. in support of Palestinian statehood.

Folks, we must WAKE UP and start to be aggressively and violently opposing ‘ plans. Because of our apathy over the past decades, atheist and non-Christian groups have successfully overturned many bills and laws incepted by Godly men. Why are we getting so tangled up in the affairs of the world that we don’t have the time to address, be educated and pray aggressively about spiritual and economical oppositions that are aimed at taken away all our Christian liberties that were so hard-fought for. Many aggressive anti-Christian groups continually seek to override bills that edit God completely from our constitution and keep us from even mentioning His powerful and Holy name. This is a shame.

Decisions that will forever CHANGE the face of AMERICA are transpiring right under our noses and we are nonchalantly going about our business, embroiled in internet nonsense, leisure and work. St Paul has reminded us that a good soldier of Christ does not embroil himself in the affairs of the world, 2 Tim 2:4
We had better start engaging in the hard military spiritual boot camp that God has called us too. I’m thankful for our Pastor Ray who is well aware of the massive coming evil that will come upon America if we DO not repent and get our spiritual swords sharpened! Many pastor have missed the mark,  focusing on social activities and “ear tickling” sermons to keep congregants soothed and tithing. They will be held accountable to God when their flocks are attacked and killed, for they did not blow the trumpet and warn their people to run to the safety of Jehovah. God help these poor, deluded and fearful people! We have very little time left to address and confront the evil tide that comes right under our nose!

Thank God for men like my Pastor, Ray Thomann, HIARADIO, Pastor prophet, Augusto Perez, Appearance Ministries, Jay Seulow, Governor, Mike Huckabee, Dr James Dobson, Focus on the Family organization, and Matthew and Anita Staver, Esq, founders of Liberty Counsel

We also need to pray against the homosexual agenda raising. We have only to blame ourselves for NOT paying attention to all these crisis and legal developments.

We need to pray for the Palestinian leaders that God give them a supernatural revelation of The Abrahamic covenant . Lord, give them a Damascus experience where they acknowledge Yeshua as Lord and Savior or get rid of them, in Yeshua’s name amen.

I pray you will all heed this urgent message. The future of America and Israel is at stake,.GOD bless you all and WAKE up.

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