No weapon formed against me shall prosper

Journal Entry, Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It’s been a horrendous week-end, stressful beyond belief. Why? A pitiful human  being with nothing better to do with his life,  decided to cause utter chaos. Or at least he thought he would rock my spiritual boat.

Little does he/they know that although they plundered my Verizon account  and then went to my Hotmail account, changed my  email address and locked me out, I’m still standing and fighting the good fight.

These people are pitiful. What goes through their minds as they wipe out peoples emails, folders and other important online materials. I had folders and  more folders in both accounts. Special emails, receipts from my online booking agency payments, artwork, links that I’d researched for Cancer and Dystonia, music MP3s. What make these people delight in hacking an account?

Upon Googling info on hackers, I’d found many people suffering from this modern scourge disease. Pitiful people. Directionless, angry,  destructive. What causes them to do such a thing and take pleasure in it?!

The hacking of my accounts and being locked out from even the latest makes me kind of nervous that someone is hell-bent on causing me utter sorrow and unrest.

I have news for you, hacker, you have not won!!

I am a child of God and He saw what you did. My Bible says that my heavenly Fathers says, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay” saith the Lord.

I lay awake the night before Christmas, thinking to myself what a miserable Christmas. The worse I’ve ever had. While everyone is enjoying their family, sitting around a Christmas tree and eating treats, all my 8 years of work researching health/holistic and  medical subjects is gone. As well as my beautiful emails from friends encouraging me as I struggle to recuperate from this Dystonia nightmare. All my artwork, writings, lyrics, poetry and music MP3s …gone!

All my private stuff has been violated. I have never experienced such a violation.  Quite a different one from being bullied in school and abused by a lover or ex husband. Why did my heavenly father allow this horrendous nightmare to happen to me while I’m still trying to recover from the 24/7 seizures? Every night, I declare out loud that no weapon formed against my husband, house, pets, property, bank accounts, websites family shall prosper.

Imagine waking up and getting two messages from friends who rarely call. They say they got a strange email. Then you go  to check your emails and find your account VOID of ALL correspondence!  I was shell-shocked, I must admit. I sat sobbing hysterically for 20 minutes and then called my spiritual mom for prayer. Her powerful prayer did comfort me a bit. Then straight to my Prayer Warriors Group on Face book.  I let everyone know what happened and asked for their prayers.

A dear asked me where was I? He had fallen  for the crooks email, ( that stated I’d gotten mugged in London and had no money or credit cards). My friend came to my aid and wired his savings!  Ooh , la, la is all I can say.

Verizon support was worthless and a waste of time. Forget about HOTMAIL. no support or phone number at all. The next day, I wondered and asked my Heavenly father, “What good could possibly come out of this cruel and cold-hearted violation?

I spent the whole Christmas week-end ill at ease and sick to my stomach.

Fast-forward Tuesday, December 27, I discover my You-Tube channel has also ben hacked and all my emails, subscriptions etc are GONE! I guess this person/persons didn’t have enough fun with me.

Honestly, I know that my nemesis,is very threatened by me.  Hubby Mark and I support our dear Pastor Ray and his internet radio broadcast  ministry, www. Pastor Ray is a whistle-blower and a Watchman on the wall. He is speaking God’s message to prepare His people for what its to come. It’s all a strategic attack .

So…the message to you hackers, …God loves you. I am NOT defeated and  you have not dampened my love for God. I forgive you and pray that you will come to repentance and accept what Christ has done for you on Calvary. He will reveal the awesome plan for your life and you’ll have no reason to hack people’s accounts just for the fun of it. God will give you so much more relevant and inspiring work to do. you’ll see that your hacking has been vanity and foolishness.  My God is bigger than your hacking fiasco of my accounts and my internet treasures because these temporary and tangible losses are NOT worthy to be compared to the eternal rewards that My Heavenly father has set aside for me in the  afterlife. My god is a mighty fortress. You meant it for evil, but he will bring it fruitful for good! That is my Heavenly father. He is good!

So, you have lost!

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  1. anitaivetteferrer
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 20:33:28

    Why don’t you face me like a man, instead of being a COWARD hiding behind your CYBER DECEIT! GOD saw what you did and you will be accountable for it!


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