Journal Entry, Monday, August 15, 2011

I admire  an astoundingly beautiful array of billowing white clouds over  our Country Lakes. I rest on the dock my husband built for me where I mediate and calm my soul during times of stress and crisis. I’ve resorted to come much more often as world evens escalate at an alarming rate and I find my only solace has been to come and bear my burdens to the Lord in prayer. As I weep and pray for peace and His protection, I notice ominous dark  clouds moving closer to the west of Country Lakes.

Similarly, an ominous, unseen and diabolical clouds expands over the United States as “whistle-blower” websites report unbelievable plans to destroy our nation.  Reports about nuclear bomb toting terrorists crossing our borders from Mexico, to our government preparing FEMA camps, Martial law, to major flooding along the Mississippi to Israeli/Us relations regarding  the dividing of Jerusalem abound, as well as the brewing of the National Glacier park volcanoes and the comet Elenin moving closer to our earth. pretty dismal news!

The elite and high government officials have been preparing for years, building underground tunnels for when the comet strikes, leaving the rest of us to perish in darkness and chaos. We have never seen or experienced such a catastrophic event and only with God’s help and wisdom will we be able to survive and endure.

Pondering all this, a heart can become overwhelmed and fearful because of catastrophe prophecies which predict our demise. Great suffering and destruction awaits  us, they say.  Scenes of mass deportation of the Jews in Europe during the Holocaust come to mind with lines of people lining up before the gas chambers. What a horrific scene. Can this happen  here in the United States?

So many emotions and feelings flood my mind. Why would our loving Heavenly Father allow His people to experience such devastation and suffering? How can we stop this horrendous event from happening? Am I the only one feeling such a torrent of sorrow? What can I do about all this? Can anyone do anything about this?  These are the questions I ask everyday as I pray.

I felt overwhelmed by grief and so alone. I am thankful for the handful of  Christian friends who agree with me in Prayer for our country, our president and our world. I urge all to continue fast in intercession, faith and doing good works. Be about the Father’s business I encourage.

Despite scoffers who criticize and mock the godly when they address the evil that has pervaded our nation because of corrupt leaders, I see much faith and much concern.  I realize as I weep unto the Lord how much we need to be prayerful, vigilant and thankful for the blessings we are still receiving now!

Today is the day to stand well armed with our spiritual armament. Let us pray for our godly pastors and TV prophets who are revealing great dark deeds across the planet. God help us all as we seek Him ever more seriously.

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