America has become has become one of the sickest developed nations and in the midst of the great Healthcare issue. How did our health as a whole become so diminished  and sickly? Why is there such a vocal response to national Healthcare?

There are many factors regarding this severely flawed issue. We Americans, despite being one of the most developed nations, has amongst the highest numbers of sick people!We are amongst the fattest amongst the developed nations, even with all the outstanding books, diet programs and natural health food stores!

Obesity has risen to epidemic proportions with diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure the top conditions  related to being overweight. There are a host of other problems with our American diet, including antibiotics, hormones and artificial chemicals. All of these wreck the delicate balance of our immune system and neurotransmitter release.  A large percentage of African-Americans and Latinos suffer from obesity-related issues. The diet usually consists of high fat, salt and pork, a deadly combination. Science has proven that pork is unhealthy and unclean, but  people still continue to indulge in ham, bologna and pork products. I hope the response of one of these blog posters convinces you all that it would be wise to not eat pork…for scientific reasons!


My husband and I made a decision to try to eat whole, organic foods, drink purified or distilled water and read carefully labels we’ve noticed our health greatly improving. I  became very ill and severely depressed rafter using Nutrasweet and later Splenda as part of my diet regimen to keep trim. After doing research, I found that both sweeteners where highly toxic and damaged the brain tissue. We women think we are doing ourselves a favor of drinking diet soda and baking with Splenda and Nutrasweet, but I paid a very high price by losing my health and putting on weight that I haven’t been able to lose! I also came into early menopause because of these sweeteners.

Notice how  big our youngsters and per-pubescent kids are?  Most of these youngsters are the size of us grown adults. The dairy, poultry and ranching  industry is responsible for fattening up their livestock and  fowl.



The information is out there folks. Do your research. The cure for exploding healthcare costs is taking control of your eating, shopping and dining habits.  Ignorance of good health and hygiene will result in sickness and loss of productivity  We must take drastic measures to improve our health and well-being. the government will not do it for us.  Exploding healthcare  costs  stem from irresponsible food choices, lack of physical activity and numbed senses.

Don’t forget about the dangers of flu shots and vaccines. before you get your shots , do the research first!


The following links are very helpful and informative to help you make your new healthy lifestyle a reality. Good luck and God bless.



SPLENDA and NUTRASWEET dangers, Dr Mercola



HOW to DETOXIFY and Cleanse your body

Doctor Sherry Rogers

Click to access FIRS_for_detoxification.pdf

Dr Richard Schulze


Think about juicing, fasting and cleansing twice a year.

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