For the Love of People

Pee-Wee loves to minister!

Pee-Wee loves to minister!

For the LOVE of People

Coming from a broken family, enduring bullying as a teen and surviving domestic violence and divorce, Anita Ferrer, went on a quest to understand human behavior and relationships.

After accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of her life in 1982, Anita was introduced to ministering to the elderly in nursing homes and later speaking to the incarcerated at Correctional facilities and maximum security prisons. Her faith walk drew her into a compassionate love affair with hurting, broken and ailing people. The pain, loss and failures of her own life gave her a passion to understand and help restore the lives of people who had lost their way or were alone.
Anita’s praying and seeking for more schooling in the areas of social sciences led her to study the humanities at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ. Under the tutelage of supportive professors who helped her to explore the dynamics of being human, she blossomed. “On Death and Dying,(Hospice)” “Writing from the Female Experience” and her “Advance Creative Writing Projects” with Dr Carl Calender continued to hone and meld her writing with outreach/ministry.

Immediately after graduating magna-cum-laude with a 3.85 GPA, Anita was hired as a Behavior Modification counselor at Nutri-System Weight Loss Center and as a youth mentor for the Youth Advocate Program in Eatontown, NJ. These two positions gave her the hands-on experience to teach, encourage and “help “soul sculpt” people from many ages and backgrounds struggling with challenges in their lives.

Pee-Wee loves momma Betty!

Pee-Wee loves momma Betty!

In 1998, Anita was hired as program coordinator of “Just the Right Touch, ” a ministry of “Love in the Name of Christ”, Eatontown, NJ. The unique program for misplaced and young women entering the job force from the welfare rolls, primed her for running a ministry boutique for the poor of Monmouth County, NJ. She cherishes deeply, the people she meet and helped to get back on their feet.

Presently, Anita is finishing up the recording of her two CD’s, “Mod Prophet” a hard rock “message” tinged work and The Anointing, her first worship and Praise CD. In between looking after her husband, cats, designing photography books and home, she regularly ministers to her favorite people, the elderly at Buttonwood Hospital, Burlington, NJ and her mom and other residents at Brandywine assisted Living center, Bricktown NJ. Her ministry cat Pee-Wee, who accompanies her, always brings smiles to the residents!


Anita smiles, “ I’m so blessed to do my ministry outreach to those with so many more problems than me as I recuperate from a long period of :Lyme Disease, Dystonia, (a neurological disorder) and mercury I’m recovering soon and doing even more. I love seeing others restored! I look to Jesus and depend on Him, moment to moment for the strength to be as creative and productive each day. No matter how bad I feel, He’s always there. And I also couldn’t do it all without my precious husband, Mark!”

Performing at Buttonwood

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