Top Secret War On Christmas Plans Revealed

It seems we have not learned much from the terrorist attack on 9/11. On that infamous day, the anguished cries of many resounded throughout the land. “Why did God let this happen to us” Immediately afterwards, churches, temples and synagogues were filled with repentant and devastated people humbling themselves before the Yahweh God.

After reading Jeff Edelstein’s piece on the top-secret war on Christmas, I marveled that, number 1, a large portion of the page of a popular New Jersey newspaper could waste space about abolishing Christmas!. Number 2, that the Jews are a very intellectual lot and I marvel that in light of all the political chaos, our national deficit and genocide going on in third world countries the subject of Christmas’s abolishing was a priority!?

As a philanthropic journalist, addressing humanitarian issues on the local, national and international level, I’m getting tired of the violent opposition from atheistic and/or secular groups who adamantly seek to edit and delete every nuance of sacred and Christian references of holidays and influences.

It is time for God’s people to set the record straight: :that our nation was founded on Christian values and the ten commandments. It is time for our leaders to discern deeply the necessity of acquiescing to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who blessed the United State of America with such prosperity, protection and military strength. It is time we learn from history, past and especially the recent past, (the attack on WTC.), that God will continue to allow horrific attacks and destruction if we continue to despise and edit God from our society. Time to read Rabbi Cahn’s book, “The Harbinger.”

Every good and every perfect gift is from Yahweh, the Father of lights. If we despise, reject and push God out of our schools, government and politics, surely He has no covenant responsibility to protect us from terrorists or any violent group!

The next time a demonic gunman assassinates innocent, small schoolchildren (Sandy Hook and Columbine High School) or our own military people are ambushed by terrorists, (Fort Hood), don’t blame God!

My prayer for this Christmas season is for divine wisdom, revelation and peace to illuminate the blinded, deluded hearts of ignorant journalists, reporters and the news media. Whether you believe in God or not, He is still on His throne. He is still watching and everything we do is recording in the Book of Life.

If God’s people do not stand united in unceasing prayer and vigilance, America will fall to a worse terror they have ever known and it will be too late.

In the meantime, I prefer to continue investing my energies in supporting Christian and humanitarian organizations that feed the poor, homeless and visiting the sick and dying. I find no greater joy than counseling broken people to wholeness in love and self-sufficiency. There is plenty of useful work for every one of us to do, (mentoring a child from a broken home, filling needs of single moms and the bed-ridden, etc). If we would concentrate on doing random acts of kindness everyday through love, America will be different! Sadly, Mr. Edelstein’s piece is a tribute to where America is today, languishing in idle nonsense and rebellion against that which is good!

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