DWNLOADED 9-24-2012 118Journal Entry, Sunday, Septmer14, 2014

TRUE LOVING is a RISK : As I was meditating on Psalm 27 today My prayer was that God would lead me to a deeper level of intimacy. As I thought about the myriad dark places what He has lead me to and the precious intimate relations with people through my life, I then was reminded to read Ephesians, the first chapter. Kathy will relate and agree about the glorious richness of the opening chapter!

Imagine Father God who has already planned our destinies, resplendent with all the depth, revelation and riches of His devising! We, God’s adopted children are rooted in His love and supernatural gifts and blessings. To enjoy the deep well of God’s beauty and LOVE, we must be open to risk and expose ourselves, however shameful. We will NEVER reach a devastatingly wounded world until we can freely reveal our won woundedness. That sounds weird, hanging out your dirty laundry for all the world to see. But when we allow others to look inside our hearts, we open the door to “relationship” intimacy. I’m growing more and more bored with mainstream Christianity! I seek the treasures of intimacy because it is SO healing and enriching. I say this because last night, my visitation at Buttonwood Hospital was pivotal.

My husband was attending a Hebraic bible gathering and I was alone. I knew I needed to get out and minister with my voice and God’s presence. Though I was a little depressed, I felt compelled to go out and bring sunshine to those who were worse off than me.

And as I walked back to my truck, indeed I felt refreshed! I met two new residents I hadn’t met before. One was tethered to an oxygen tank and lay in a dark room. I never know what wonderful things to expect when I enter a room of a person I didn’t know. I asked if I could share a song. By the time I finished “His Eyes Are on the Sparrow” I could feel the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. The lady was at first apathetic, was shaking with joy I felt so humbled to be used of Father God in such a manner and although I was jerking uncontrollably, it was His deal. I

Nursing home-hospital ministry is not for everyone, but if you are seeking fresh experience in the supernatural and watching half dead people come alive under His power than I encourage you to start today!

My life would be so empty if it weren’t for the deeply enriching episodes of touching a life or making deeper friendship. I call this soul sculpting because you meet a broken person who doesn’t know Christ or has been without human companionship so long, they have forgotten that God loves them. To come back each time and see that person bloom or at least endure their isolation with hope is a powerful example of what Christ wishes all of us to do. He calls us to go out into the highways and byways and be fishers of men.

Being a fisher of men requires endurance, patience and empathy. It is a calling of love, to get out of your comfort zones and influence a life for Christ. I want to see more of Christ. This is the deeper revelation and wisdom the epistle of Ephesians means,: delving into the depths of His heart and to be eager to go out and share that intimate love with the lost…
Okay… I’m going to get off the computer.

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