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Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!  PSALM 133

Since a young girl I’ve always wanted to live happily with my sisters, get along with my classmates, have wonderful friendships and be obedient to my parents.  In that aspect,  I haven’t changed. I still want more than anything to be reconciled to all those in my circles.

Sadly, I’m noticing people are acting strange. I’m hearing about  rivalry,  jealous criticism and just plain being overly touchy, (thin-skinned).

Right on Facebook, I hear about people being “unfriended” without a reason and no communication! So, what is that all about?

My friends have  asked, What did I do?”

Obviously, the  person  who unfriended forgot about Jesus saying we must forgive our brother 70 times 70!  I’m hoping to remind myself and anyone that we shouldn’t diss  people for the smallest of reasons and if they did offend us, please tell me what I did. I would be more than happy to discuss and move forward in our relationship.

Let;’s also remember  that satan is the  accuser  of the brethren. He stands before Father to accuse us and his cohorts whisper lies or exaggerate  a small fault we have to make it bigger than it really is. We are all overwhelmed ( and forgetful) with family, jobs and especially the bad things happening around the world.  We need to stick together and give each other the benefit of the doubt. We can’t read each others’ minds and sometimes something we said or something we may have forgotten to do hurt or offended you.

Let’s all talk together in love and stay close , edify and strengthen each other, (as our LORD says)  Let’s get over ourselves and get on with tweaking each other in words of love, edifying and  proper, honest & loving communication! This is for anyone I may have “unknowingly offended:)  Blessings and LOVE to all.



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