By His Stripes… You are Healed

My Dystonia Journey

Note: If you are suffering from Dystonia, Parkinson, MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia or any of the host of neurological disorders, please have an open heart, research. Please don’t allow drugs to diminish the quality fo your life. Pain is a killer, yes, but Christ is Life. I have no words to convince you to seek passionately and incessantly for the root issue your illness.  If anything…after eight long, tormenting years of suffering agonizing pain and humiliation, God is our only answer and cure! BTW, still can’t find a cure? Look into spiritual Christian deliverance. According to pastor Henry Wright strongholds and generational issues could be the root of you not receiving your healing. This is all so complicated, but at Pastor Wrights Healing    seminars we learned that small insidious sins such as unforgiveness, bitterness, resentments and even innocent emotions such as deep grieving can block us from healing. Deliverance sessions with a empathetic and  Holy-Spirit-filled counselor can release your ability to receive Jesus healing! check out Henry Wright on Sid Roth. His book,  A More Excellent Way, Be In Health, is a life changer.God bless you on your healing journey. Please pass this blog on to any of your loved ones or family members who are sick. This blog may change your life forever

Journal Entry, April 3, 2016 4:50 pm

So, It’s just a little past spring and I’m delighting in the glorious  blooming of my favorite “snow-busters” crocuses. I really had expected that I would be outside brisk-walking and getting back my size four shape. The violent muscle-pulling of my neck  kept me house bound and stuck sitting most of the winter day,  fashioning my beaded chokers. Stringing the beads were just about the only therapy which kept the violent mouth-jaw-tongue and neck spasms from sending me to a nervous breakdown. Of course, my reliance has been and continues to be on my heavenly Father giving me strength and declaring my healing scriptures otherwise, I would be toast!

Mark and I continue to research and scour the internet for any treatment or new breakthroughs in Dystonia, neurological disorders or tremors. We’re researching the treatment protocol to address the mold contamination situation which started in our old home. A Christian sister prayed with me one day last year and insisted I check into the possibility that it was contributing to the Dystonia symptoms and mild seizures. She said the myco-toxins were dangerous and I shouldn’t wait to let myself get sicker.   I trusted her spiritual wisdom and insight, but Mark wasn’t sure that could be the issue, and besides  the tests to find out about mold are very hard to come by. Any doctors who did treat mold were in very exclusive areas and charged at least a grand just to get in the door. After finding out about the cost, Mark got disgusted and gave up…and I continued to get worse!

Even thought, just getting through each hour was arduous and exhausting, my empathy and compassion for those enduring devastating, chronic and unexplained sickness grew. I ‘m more passionate than ever to help others find healing and wholeness.

So many things encapsulate a movement disorder condition.  Besides, the loneliness, isolation and people unable to care and/or empathize with  the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ramifications of Dystonia, FibroMyalgia, Parkinson’s Lupus or MS, there is the frustration and hopelessness of never  leaving the bodily prison. Worse yet, are the consequences of being addicted to pain-killers and other anti-confirmatory drugs.

I hope the following conversation I had with a freind educates other sufferers of immune and/or nerve disorders. The name is changed  for privacy


I just hate to see u in pain. Aside from lethargy and sluggishness, which I know all too well from my meds, do the meds help w tremors
Do u have trouble eating or swallowing. Is that how u keep your youthful, zero fat shape.

BTW, just to add, I’m waiting to get my book ready for publication. Editing takes great segacity. Excelling at my craft for the Lord far exceeds the issue of NOT being in pain. Choosing to stay alert, (Mark has great immune system challenges also) & I have to be on top of everything regrading knowledge of immune-enhancing supplements, herbs and especially keeping up with label reading,, a new priority since this evil government seeks to weaken the population thru vaccinations , GMO and our produce being tainted. Not to even elaborate on the toxicity of Splenda, Sucralose, MSG and high fructose corn syrup now being added to most foods and beverages. HFC makes makes people even fatter..Daily exercise is also a priority for me. I need to keep fit because Mark’s back has severe herniated disks and he couldn’t do any taxing physical work like chopping the wood or a lot of snow shoveling. I’m adamant about fitness and there’s the necessity of being so in case of any impenitent  EMP situation. God help those who are overweight  or physically debilitated in anyway!  You know, I would have had cancer also if  it not were for my Biblical declaration of Healing scriptures and researching everything I can about keeping my body cancer-free.
Regarding drugs for tremors, Sinemet and other muscle relaxers do little to get to the root of the  spasms. And besides, I don’t have a Parkinson or tremor problem. I have a nerve spasm issue from pinched nerves from the TMJ ligament and trying to detoxify my body from a past severe Carbon monoxide poisoning which did a number on my body.
Damaris: Any Dr mention wiring jaw wiring for what?
Damaris,  miracles abound for people getting astounding healing from Jesus, our Divine healer. Doctors know almost nothing about the body & how God created it to heal itself! I watch the 700 club, Copelend, Andrew Wommack ministries and many evangelical outreaches, German evangelist Rinehard Bonnke have prayed for miracles all over the world, especially in third-world nations. I’ve heard of testimonies on the Sid Roth Program of people whose limbs restored. Others had eyes restored where their eye sockets were empty. God created new eyes! Others gave testimonies of God giving them brand new organs like lungs, a new heart and  kidneys.
So, Mark and I don’t put too much trust in most mortal doctors who  are revered almost as gods. Mark insists they practice medicine.  Most of them could care less to passionately research new holistic and natural healing modalities. They’d not get their extra thousands from the kickback drug companies give them! Most of them are charlatans who rob poor working-class people and their greed compels them to aspire to  another Lamborghini. Remember, the drug industry is a billion dollar industry.
The Bible frowns on drugs and the overuse and dependence on them is overrated.  Drug are not conducive in any way to healing and wholeness of the body or mind and God’s people should not be so gullible and foolish to fall under the temptation to depend on them. (In rare cases, God may allow them  to stabilize a severe health issue, like blood pressure or high  blood sugar),  but we should all approach drugs with great caution and  education about side effects. they may be used We should seek the counsel and wisdom of Holy Spirit for everything and most particularly, our health and well-being.
In Galatian 5:20,
pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

Original Word: φαρμακεία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: pharmakeia
Phonetic Spelling: (far-mak-i’-ah)
Short Definition: magic, sorcery, enchantment
Definition: magic, sorcery, enchantment.

Most of the time the drugs have more side effects than the condition itself. Sadly, many people don’t care to do their research for natural cures, (or prevention in the first place). Why aren’t physicians teaching patients how to prevent sickness? 
God’s people should ask the question and ponder the manner in which our precious healer, Jesus Yashuah suffered and bore the lashes on his back and body so we could walk in divine healing! His bruising was beyond our comprehension and manuscripts have yet to describe to true  totality of his battered body for our healing and benefit God’s children are already healed and we have the authority to be healed in His name This is another reason I walk with and serve my Lord, so what doctors offer is of little worth or help. Mark and I will have to continue to seek a Holy Spirit-filled doctor who is in touch with Christ and has the right diagnostic equipment to pinpoint  the root cause of this Dystonia.
I’m thankful for my Facebook sister with the gift of discernment who originally pointed me in a good direction. Mold poisoning , (Myco-Toxins)  often mimic neurological disorders, so besides sharing my other blogs about possible causes, I pray this one will help also.

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  1. crystaldreamswalkingwjesus
    Apr 03, 2016 @ 12:23:00

    Hi Anita, ✨💋💋✨ I found your post “by his stripes you were healed”, so very helpful to me personally. I feel enlightened to know that fiber myalgia is a nerve disorder. Even my rheumatologist did not inform me of just that alone. I can also appreciate so many things in this article, from carbon monoxide poisoning, to which I had when I had my house burned down to mold poisoning. It is outrageous that detoxification of mold contamination of any kind is very expensive to get a doctor that won’t charge thousands. I totally believe in prevention and ways to seek out homeopathic medicine, and chiropractic care, and lots of distilled water, and of course exercise. It’s refreshing to know that you push yourself to exercise every day. That is something I personally have to work on. And yes we have generational curses and strongholds, therefore that would require deliverance. There is just not enough deliverance healers. Perhaps I am capable, as the Bible says that we have gifts, what is my blockage? I know I have the gift of healing inside me, so why don’t I tap into that? I know the answer to that, it’s those nasty strongholds! Your article compels me to draw more nigh to the creator, that I have the power within me through Christ Jesus to anoint myself and my family and cast out generational curses. It is like housework though we have to clean it every day, and that is something that I also have a strong hold over me, is having a structured schedule. Due to our families housing stability, we are all over the place and it’s been extremely challenging to have a set schedule let alone daily anointing with oil routine, daily exercise, and more. I personally am at the time of my life, where I have more free time to myself. This is because I decided to no longer homeschool after three years, which was a heart wrenching decision. I’ve accepted the fact that I can no longer teach the children what do you need to survive and to learn advanced mathematics, advanced science and more. I except humbly that this whole ordeal of homeschooling will be in the care of God and to pray over them every morning before they go to school, that they may be lights of Jesus and keeping their minds open to absorb daily teaching from each subject. This is where they have to eat the meat and spit out the bones in the public school system. But anyway, that is my little commentary on homeschooling. 🎨 Now back to me. Ha! Again, reading this article I realize that you and I have so much in common Anita. 👣👣The difference between you and I of course is that I am single, raising two little girls. So they must be my priority. I know I’m not alone when it comes to the false guilt of motherhood and not prioritizing my health first. Because without a healthy mother, where would my kids be? So God help me and I pray in the loving name of Jesus Christ and by his stripes we are healed that I too can conquer these diseases and fibromyalgia, my herniated – bulging discs and stupid sciatica and more diagnoses that I received. But it is in the foods we eat, and the GMO’s and the high fructose corn syrup and garbage, is in almost everything! So I buy free range and organic. And when there is times I receive non-organic fruits or vegetables, I use citric acid and vinegar to cleanse my vegetables, it does help! I personally love to garden myself, it’s my new hobby. Jarring is something I’m just getting into. Anything that is bought on the store shelf, that is glass, IC. I drink out of jars now. Unless it is BPA free. I mean we could talk about plastics. It’s everywhere and it’s destroying our planet. Earth cannot digest plastic either. It’s a passion of mine to grow my own vegetables, fruits, herbs and even flowers. 🌻🌷💐🌺 it’s also very symbolic being in the garden, plucking those weeds to me is like pulling out soon. If you don’t get all of the fruit from the weed, it’s Days Inn and that’s kind a like sin. It’s hard work, sometimes blood sweat and tears but to fruition is all worth it. Especially when that fork full of spaghetti squash lasagna is about to enter my lips, oh man! 😜

    You mentioned EMP, this would put us back into the dark ages and only the prepped, will survive. This is in the back of my mind every single day. Being overweight, does not help a single thing. So that would be my priority prayer and daily exercise. For me I need to stay way from carbohydrates, and absolutely more label reading and of course the big thing, exercise! I pray for a partner or a group of persons such as myself and a coach who is been there , in the name of Jesus I do. God help me to help myself. I have seen those TV shows on Sid Roth and supernatural healing, it is incredible that God has made new eyeballs for sockets on stories such as these! I think to myself what must I do to have my health restored. I mean there’s the obvious, such as sweets, excess of wine, high carbohydrates and of course addictive pharmaceutical painkillers. That’s a love-hate relationship to me. And if it’s love hate, doesn’t sound too balanced, in fact it sounds downright toxic. (Thank you for the biblical reference and scripture in Galatians. ) This would require detoxification and fasting. I can almost feel the pain now just thinking about it. Anyway, Thank you Anita for this article. Many blessings on your book! Of course you know I’m going to get a copy soon as you publish it. This is very inspiring. And thank you so much. Your sister in Christ, Love you, Sinneh 🌹



  2. crystaldreamswalkingwjesus
    Apr 03, 2016 @ 12:30:28

    Oh and why aren’t the doctors teaching about prevention? And why did all those homeopathic/holistic scientists and doctors get killed? Because they had to cure to cancer and prevention was the key. Of course these doctors should be put out of business and all the money that goes to cancer research. Totally preposterous! I have a friend who’s a health coach, Ellen, she has been praying for the other scientists and doctors who were on the list to be whacked. She feels her prayers are blocking the massive killings of these appointed ones. If you are interested in reading about what happened to you guys, I could send you a link that Ellen has of this tragedies. These holistic doctors and scientists need our prayers. Please put that on your written prayer list.



  3. crystaldreamswalkingwjesus
    Apr 03, 2016 @ 12:37:10

    Sorry Anita, I was proofreading my first reply after I sent it out to you, and I had to laugh. There’s so many typos like when I was talking about going to the garden and plucking out weeds is like plucking out SIN, autoCorrect said something else it would not of acknowledge sin,ha ha! And then there was something else about Days Inn, oh my goodness well I hope you had a laugh anyway and I know it’s not fiber myalgia but fibromyalgia! Oh well laughter is the best medicine 😅

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