OCEAN GROVE GOSPEL Summer Boardwalk Concert





3 PM

Leading Worship at Ocean Grove Summer Concert Series with my Taylor

Songwriter-Producer, inspirational speaker, journalist, life coach,
impassioned health advocate, fashion maven-designer, Jazz Diva,
artist/photographer, and worship leader-ordained minister, Anita Ivette Ferrer,
is a consummate professional, giving her very best to everyone she meets.
Though life has thrown many curve balls, ( Lyme Disease, Domestic violence,
child abuse and the past 9 years, TMJ- Dystonia), Anita channels her
victorious energy to write books, record her albums, photograph and share the beauty that has moved her , perform her music and most of all, encouraging and helping  those who’ve fallen in their lives.


Provides emergency Food packages for challenged individual or families

Provides bedside visitation and prayer for terminally ill

Provides  inspirational  Christian material, (books, DVDS, CDS) for discipleship

Provides edifying and counseling for new and young Christian believers

Provides Music. speaking and educational outreaches to churches, schools and correctional-maximum security facilities

Provides entertainment & visitation for nursing home & assistant living centers

Teaching beginning to advanced voice and beginning to intermediate guitar to children and adults

Brave Flame was incepted in 1992

Anita Ivette Ferrer and her husband, Mark depend on faithful partners to support the great needs of the   Monmouth, Ocean and Burlington County areas. We covet your financial gifts and prayers.  Anita’s exquisite hand-beaded necklaces, chokers, bracelets and ankle bracelets will be avail for sale at her concerts. You’ll find something special for that lady of any age in your life.  Anita also has her wonderful music CDs

DSCN2164Ministering to the elderly

DSCN2555Ocean Grove, Anita with band 2014

fall,2014 139

SUPPORT, Anita’s ministry by buying her beautiful hand-beaded jewelry universal rehab gig long branch nj 2010Performing for the wheelchair population UNIVERSAL REHABILITATION, Livingston, NJ

hospital vistation

Pee-Wee loves to minister!

blue and turguoise charm

8-14-2016 079

8-14-2016 082






3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JR
    Jan 01, 2017 @ 01:15:35

    I don’t think it’s possible to give yourself anymore self serving titles. Amazed at this blog and the “it’s all about me” articles. Someone referred me here and I’ll let them know the disservice they did by telling me about this site.


    • AnitaIvetteFerrer
      Jan 01, 2017 @ 03:16:21

      JR, I’m sorry you feel this way. I don’t know if you are in the business world, but in many and even Christian circles, institutions, facilities, maximum security prisons and EVEN large churches require an EPK or some sort of resume and they INSIST on seeing what one has done with their gifts and their experience. That is the way it is. I’ve been a businesswoman, and successful performing artist for decades and “Marketing” is part of the deal. FYI Most of of us HATE “marketing” ourselves so we we use skilled publicity marketeers to write our resumes or websites.

      ( have had my Heavenly Father use in as His vessel which have been kept humble and private). The Bible teaches that some works He will reward in the open when we do PRIVATE, sacrificial deeds), I’m curious as to your purpose in deriding me, (very unkind) seeing that I’ve had a staggering changeling most of of my life with serious, life-threatening illnesses, yet I choose to share GOD’S testimony of how wonderful things can come out of dark times. You seem a bit jaded, so II prefer to bless you and pray for you. And before you judge someone so harshly, it would be more productive and God-pleasing to see the good in everyone. I’ve had VERY few of your types of comments, because when people get to know me, we have a wonderful rapport. God bless you and I’d suggest seeing my myriad of helpful, blogs for victims of Lyme Disease and Dystonia. JR, may you have a wonderful and successful New Year,


    • colleen luna
      Jan 06, 2017 @ 20:04:11

      Oh thank you Minister Anita you have been a tremendous blessing to me and my family thank you for the food you sent and the financial blessing also thank you for your prayers for my son. As he is recovering from drugs the music you sent me from your latest CD So inspired me I’m planning on purchasing some jewelry for mom for mothers day now that I’m back on my feet love to you and Mark dear people of God


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