My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6


I won’t take this scripture out of  its original context, but I must address the truth of this  scripture in regrading to the position of the church in this present time.  As I wake up each day, my fist impulse is to seek Father’s will and be guided by the Holy Spirit  to accomplish His perfect will in my life. This isn’t always easy because there are myriads of distractions and new headlines vying for my attention.

One of  my beloved pastors, Augusto Perez, The Appearance Ministries, shared a report on his weekly  Mail Bag Show program about  California pastor,  John MacArthur’s victory for his church. Indeed, he won his case allowing his congregation to worship. I want to say Thank God for bold pastors who aren’t afraid to oppose the demonic agenda to keep God’s people in bondage and  deprive us of our constitutional rights.

I  wish to also introduce another courageous watchman on the wall, Dr Simone Gold who shared her medical  and legal expertise and address the wearing of masks and the Covid-19 Controversy  regarding the efficacy  of Hydroxychloroquine protocol  Marcus and Joni Lamb’s Ministry Now program (on Day Star Christian TV) had guest, Dr Simone Gold. Dr. Gold was fired from her job at the hospital. She explains how the masks offer very little protection because the virus is microscopic and people believe that they are safe from the virus.

Personally,  Mark and I are astounded at the ludicrousness of people wearing their masks  while alone, driving in their vehicles and   even more ludicrous, while outside  in the fresh and moving air ! But people are buying the  propaganda, rather than research and  being educated by very experienced and  compassionate doctors. What on earth is wrong with our Christian brethren, who should know better and  too many of the population   acquiescing to the  herd mindset? Didn’t God give us  magnificent brains to think critically? I have found many of my  Christian brethren  to acquiesce to the influence of the world and the false propaganda of the liberal secular media.

Herd Mentality: Noun

            The tendency for people’s behavior or beliefs to conform to those of the group to   which they belong.

Christian brothers and sisters, this is a clarion call to come up higher!

Jehovah God’s will is for us to be in health and prosper. So why is the  church not performing at maximum capacity? We are NOT maximizing the wisdom Holy Spirit gives us access to because we are listening to  and heeding  (and being deceived by the enemy, who seems to be gaining momentum) the reports of the liberal media and even Fox news! Sorry Folks, there are  many conservative and cutting edge reporting agencies that are not behind the 8 ball so to speak. We Christians, (Kings and priests having high authority, according the Bible) and especially the intercessors should be way ahead of the demonic assignments of satan’s kingdom.

   Sadly, the proof of the pudding is the destruction of our cities, (billions of dollars of damage)  and a diminishing of our once vibrant-growing economy! We should also be alarmed and shaken to  the core ( and out of our stupor)  about the horrific rise in shootings and the increasing murder statistics.  And most urgent of all is the continued  harvesting and marketing of our precious, innocent unborn fetuses and the trafficking of our little ones. I’ll not apologize for being utterly concerned about the future of our children and our nation. Brothers and sisters it is our Christian  and civic responsibility to have Godly, righteous dominion over the earth and some of you need to repent and take this in prayer to the Holy Father and Jesus.  Do not wonder why this Covid 19 season is  prolonged and the enemy is vehemently waging strong warfare against Jehovah’s righteous ordinances! Do not wonder because  many of us have not been diligent to stand up, like pastor Augusto Perez, Pastor John MacArthur, Alex Jones and Dr Simone Gold.

    Folks, the devil has his generals and lieutenants  strategically organizing  their demonic and destructive assignments over our children, our health, our constitution and nation.  See how successfully the enemies’ minions,  violent murderous BLM and Antifa groups have succeeded in tearing down our great cities without opposition)  The Church, God’s called out people,  should be in dominion over our earth. ) Unless we stand up, (lead by the Holy Spirit), we will lose our nation and life as we know it, will forever change for the worse., ( and get ready for guillotines).

WATCH this video!

May this urgent blog compel you to pray each day and ask Father what your  portion and responsibility  is for such a time as this. Remember the parable of the talents, that every child of God is required to be obedient and fruitful for Father Jehovah God’s kingdom. We all are called to bear much good fruit or we will be cut off and cast into the fire!

So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Mat. 7:19 NLT

Conservative and christian reporting agencies to get your news from:

Mail Bag Show and End Time Current Events, Appearance


Veritas Project

Bevelyn Beatty

Info Wars

Joel Skousen  Last Days Timeline










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  1. Cony Brown
    Aug 25, 2020 @ 00:51:15

    Yes- this is the truth. God has allowed this evil, because so many Christians have not been surrendered to the Lord, & that is why God says- 2 Chr. 7:14. The blame is not with those who stand for evil- they have merely filled the vacuum. Christians need to be the light and stop cowering to those who stand for lies and evil.


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