So, it’s going on 14 years since being diagnosed with Dystonia. It’s hard to believe that I’d become so intimately acquainted withe the innumerable nuances of this vicious “movement’ disorder and different nerves and systems. I wrote my first article in 2011, fully expecting this staggering battle would be won. In my desperate search for a cure, (and finding out a decade later that the cure would not be a quick fix) I feel very qualified to share what I have learned and applied to my healing (survival) protocol.

This article is a sort of dissertation medical dissertation about doctors. I don’t pass judgment to them regarding their choice of protocol for their patients, but I do criticize the lack of empathy and willingness to diligently research and study new medical breakthroughs and holistic modalities. Most of the medical entities embrace only orthodox procedures and surgeries medical as dictated by their medical encyclopedia.

My opinions and observations stated here re based on the treatments efficacy and health results by my many former MDs, chiropractors, Osteopaths, dentists , Neurologists, Specialists and natural-holistic practitioners. My information is also complied from the experiences and testimonies from suffering and misdiagnosed people on the Lyme Disease, Mercury Detox, Mold illness and Dystonia Facebook groups.

I also base my opinions on the negligent and orthodox treatments of my late beloved father and mother and other dear friends, (many of who died in their fifties)!

It boggles my mind that in spite of living in one of the most technically and “so-called” medically -advanced nations in the world, Americans are among the worse in physical wellness and vigor.. I’ve found the American medical system is terribly lacking and our population as a whole is sickly and extremely vulnerable to any and all viruses and pandemics.

My hell started when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 1992. I was prescribed 31 consecutive days of intravenous Rosphin antibiotic at Reviewer Hospital, Red Bank, NJ. I was never given a script or told to take probiotics. l felt much better after the treatment, but started to feel very rundown, weak and foggy-brained after 3 months. follow up tests showed Lyme had came back full force and another different round of antobiotics were prescribed. The Amoxicillin was a high dose and to be taken for a full month also. Again, I felt better, but after a few months, a felt a strange sensation like my body was being poisoned. I gained weight even eating sparsely and madly exercising,. I craved pasta and bread. I felt so toxic, I could barely function. I knew something was terribly wrong and I am forever grateful that a new neighbor who became a kind friend recommended me to see her wonderful chiropractor, Dr Kelly in Lakewood.

Dr Kelly turned out to be one of the very practitioners who truly were concerned and wanted to see me be totally restored. He admired my desire to minister and also see people walking in vibrant health and discounted his services and supplements. He told me that I should have been on probiotics for the Lyme antibiotic treatment because the gut flora is severely disturbed and the lining becomes overwhelmed by bad bacteria, causing Cadidasis. It took tow years of fighting my cravings for starch and recover from brain fog, depression and toxic ill health.

I’d like to report that I was on to realizing my dream of being a successful singer0pngwriter, but that antobiotic season was the catalyst of suffering from chronic miserable bronchitis and Pnumonia episodes. I won’t ever forget coughing my brains out night after night because of the choking bronchial sputum. Then I was almost died because o my very ancient heater dying and sending carbon monoxide into my apartment instead of heat!

What a relief to marry my husband Mark in 2005 after a glorious honeymoon on a luxury cruise! I thought my troubles were over and I was set on recording my forth album, Mod Prophet with my lead guitarist and other guest musicians. I was an exciting time. Suicidal bronchitis nights were far behind. A year and a half into married life, Mark read a health article about how toxic silver amalgam fillings were to the body. He chose a local dentist, (who we found out years later, didn’t use the HAZMAT protocol for Mercury), who reomoved my one filling an a couple of his.

Within a week, my neck and throat muscles were pulsing in a bizarre way and after a month became very uncomfortable. Two months later, the Platysma muscles was pulling on my TMJ jaw joints. In 2007, Mark took me to see our local primary care physician who diagnosed me with Dystonia. That Dystonia nightmare continues today.

This Dystonia, which the amalgam removal caused, was responsible for completely dislocating my jaw joints. The misalignment destroyed all the cartilage, causing excruciating pain for months. My desperate research brought me to the wonderful Dr Jeffrey Brown, a TMJ specialists. (By this time, we had been through about 4 different dentists and even Dr Rasa, Environmental Illness MD. Red Bank, NJ who specialized in Dr Dietrick Klinghardt’s mercury Detox protocol). The treatment was very costly and also not covered by our insurance and we got deeper into debt with still no explanation of what was causing the violent, jaw, neck and throat spasms!

I constantly researched medical and dental website for knowledge and for relief from my often-disabling symptoms and staggering fatigue. The constant jerking wore me out by mid=day and I became very depressed that I could barely continue my performing and music ministry endeavors. Nor did I feel inspired or motivated to even find a publisher my book, Arise From the Grave picture book series.

My online research, did bring me some hope through meeting and being treated by the wonderful Dr Jeffrey Bron, TMJ Sleep center in Falls Church, MD. The treatment was costly though, to get fit for and purchase a $6,000 mouth TMJ appliance, (which was supposed to reset the dislocated jaw joint and give relief.. I was also grieved and shocked to financially see the results of the jaw issue via my MRI. A jaw surgeon said I would have to have surgery, but there no guarantee that my spams wouldn’t dislocate the jaw joints again!

After all the disappointments and non-successful treatments, (and resisting the temptation to be addicted to pain-killers and dangerous drugs or Botox), I realized that I’d have to tackle this giant alone and find my own answers. I have to tell you, the often, I’ve felt hopeless and that I’d be suffering and getting worse, but I had to fight that inclination by prayer and asking God for help.

Here a a video of how bad the spams became because of misdiagnosis:

In the researching of the anatomy of my brain, jaw joints, nervous system, ( especially the Enteric nervous system), I gained an astounding understanding of why my body was acting the wy it did. That understanding was very empowering and I felt a responsibility to share this knowledge with other precious, incredibly suffering and baffled people of the Facebook groups. It was confirmed that the root cause of most of these neurological, digestive, respiratory and even brain issues occur because of a sever gut disruption, (Which Dr Richard Schulze has stated about any illness.).

When the Dystonia situation progressed into a severe breathing issue this past year, my research into the Vaguss and Phrenic nerve system revealed astounding information on how chronic inflammation can weaken or immobilize the breathing apparatus. The many years of ignoring my gut health has created a serious BIOFILM issue which affects all the major systems of the body. I found this all out, not by any doctors explain how my nody work, but my aggressive research.

If anything positive comes out of this article, and people take their health into their own hands first, (asking God for wisdom) my suffering was worth it. I say to many of these doctors who diagnosed and treated me, “Shame of you,” for not explaining to us about probiotic’s efficacy while receiving antibiotic treatment. When that gut flora is disturbed, it changes, bringing the body into a disastrous caldron of deadly bacteria, A biofilm is composed of attached microbial cells encased within a matrix of extracellular polymeric secretions (EPS), which surround and protect cells. The EPS matrix is typically composed of polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, and extracellular DNA. I believe Biofilm is the crux of almost every disease.

I’m grateful that God has blessed me with the ability to study and understand some of these complex medical and anatomical websites and information. Most of my fellow Mold Illness and mercury people suffer brain-fog and couldn’t possibly decipher and compose health articles. If you are suffering from a mysterious and complicated illness I hope this article inspires you to participate in your own recovery. If you are too mentally-incapacitated by brain-fog to recsearch, ask a friend or spouse to help out. Take notes on your symptoms. Chronicle your storm episodes and research that body part and its function so when you do find a doctor that is compassionate and listens, you will be well-informed and educated about your anatomy and the way your body functions.

I wish you Godspeed and great health as you forge forward in your health journey.

One more thing, do not only trust your doctor. If he doesn’t listen to you, find one who will.

Here are some key supplements you may wish to research

Digestive enzymes, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Olive leaf, EDTA, Chlorella, Spirulina, Mangosteen Juice, Noni Juice, Acai, Juice, Moringa Powder

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  1. Jeanne Phin
    Oct 10, 2020 @ 20:39:45

    I encountered much of what you went thru with toxic mold exposure. I was exposed to toxic mold on my job as a Federal Ranger, due to a faulty Air conditioner installation. The condensation was pouring in behind the walls. Black mold formed everywhere. My direct supervisor told me at,an all hand meeting black mold is just a media created sensation. My workspace had to be HAZMAT remediated the air quality test stated no one should enter the work space without an osha approved respirator and protective gear. What was with held from me was the severe medical consequences of toxic mold exposure. I arrived at a new job promotion in another state in CRITICAL condition I presented with heart attack heart,surgery now have chronic heart failure, renal carcinoma right kidney removed seizures symptoms flu symptoms random vomiting random nose bleeds braking fog IBSD, asthma, shortness of breath. Anxiety and depression. I was I formed by my job my air quality was poisoned, every breath I took I was being poisoned. It was then left to me to prove work man comp I was poisoned on my job. Workman comp denied my claim 3 times. Watch out, the Government does not watch out for you. Thousands of dollars in medical bills and legal fees and medically retired. Most clinicians are not trained to diagnose and treat toxic mold exposure and like you mentioned don’t appear to be interested researching medical break throughs. It took 2 years to get the correct diagnosis of chronic inflammatory Response Syndrome and if the clinician doesn’t know they treat you like an idiot

    Jeanne Phin


    • AnitaIvetteFerrer
      Oct 11, 2020 @ 15:21:34

      Hello Jeanne! So sorry fro your suffering dear. Are you on a special protocol now? Do you have to take Oxygen? I’m sure you could write a book about your hell journey, dear. Blessings and i will be praying for you for a miracle healing!:)


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