On the FRINGE… but Walking on Water

Sittin’ on the dock.. creating a song


So, I received a notification from the music pitching A&R company, that I’m a part of, Music Xray, (similar to Taxi Music), that famous Producer, Marty, (name changed for privacy) had a message for me.

As I do each day, asking the Lord for his guidance and counsel. as I expressed myself to Mr Marty, I was given a confirmation-revelation bout my position as a true artist I feel a peaceful reckoning about my identity, first as a devoted child of God, living true to His design and then to my calling as poet-minstrel. My prayer is that God will move on Mr Marty’s heart in an intimate and transforming way. despite my letters depth and length.

Hello Mr Marty, 

  I didn’t forget you.  I’ve been inundated with urgent health demands, (more and countless tests with my new Mold Illness MD) and more research for healing of my Phrenic (diaphragm nerve)  and vagus nerve. Injuries of these (singing muscles & nerves is deadly for  singer.  It’s been a very daunting and disheartening journey with such SLOW improvements, however, I try my best to keep creative and productive and  am focused on getting my Christmas album out to sell and bring income in because my poor husband has been overburdened by the  massive medical expenses of my condition.

    After gigging and recording music since 1996 and  amassing  6 original (pre=producing my third worship and seventh original) and 2 cover (JAZZ standards and classic pop and rock albums, I MUST bring some kind of income stream. so, I’ve been struggling to set up my new music and designing website. (I absolutely do NOT know what I’m doing), but since there are FEW people interested in investing time into a “special needs” artist, I have to  muddle through as best as I can, (and with the Lord’s help:).   I know you’re a very famous and busy producer, but after conferring with the Lord, I must first finish my Christmas album and  get my past 4 albums set up for selling streams. The design & template process, ( CDBABY manufacturer process) is another headache  I’m grappling with, (without any help or guidance). As much as I’d be honored for you to guide my artistry, I just cannot afford to spend that kind of money on a song which today’s listeners have no interest in!!!  

   I must tell you, Marty, I’ve come to the conclusion, (after giving a listen to some (SoundCloud artists) I deduce that what  appeals to today’s listeners is urban, rap and EDM  (Some of it is okay, but it looks like those types of music are get the lion’s share of attention. Honestly, I have no  interest in compromising my acoustic, organic “Pure” poetic style to  appeal to  mostly “soulless” people abide in  the  “sheep- heard”-mentality. I’m inspired by nature and “pure” things and Jewel, Joni Mitchell and the Wilson sisters, (of Heart) have moved me as well as Christian artists such as Amy Grant,  Jennifer Knapp,  Brooke Fraser of (Hillsong).    

After listening to what appeals to people currently, I’m wondering if I’m a dinosaur and intimate  acoustic-driven Folk is just out of style! I hate RAP and i I dislike the robotic  auto-tuned vocal sound and  the cheap sounding hip-hop drum sound of these new artists. I even find the production of  some of current Christian and Worship artists repulsive. And I wonder if the secular rock arena-styled videos with the blinding spotlights and smoke honor and reverence God at all. Of course, God can use anything to draw people to Himself, but in these trying times of confusion, hatred and violence, the music industry needs artists who truly are spiritual movers and shakers. We’re losing our young people to drugs, suicide and  spiritual detachment. Apart from Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the universe, humanity cannot be saved. 

That being said, Marty, I’m sure this obscure place I’ve had to  endure for 20 years is because the music trend has drastically changed from the  Singer-songwriter female styling, of the 70s and 80’s  I’m not edgy and I’m not in your-face. Ia; a little bit corny, a little sweet and truly honest1 This is a revelation I received today from the Holy Spirit as i pondered how to answer your email:)   

   I am a journalist-poet, expressing my ideas through my limited  Taylor  acoustic guitar, inspired by the losses, hardships, enigmas and joys of the broken people, I’d met in my ministry journeys. That is who I am and I cannot and will not compromise this treasure to appeal to the  soulless and narcissistic  masses.      If Christ has moved you through this transparent  discourse I would be blessed. If you’re interested in working with a Gospel artist on a different song, let me know;)    blessings to you and thank you for your time, Marty!
Warmly,reverend Anita Ivette

Brave Flame Productions and Outreach
Here is my website if you are interested in my other songs and my ministry journey,


This reckoning has a long time coming.. Thanks to female musician-entrepreneur CEO, the gifted Bree Noble, WOS, Women of Sustenance radio, a divine opportunity has come for me to leap a giant step forward! It took me by surprise that her team chose a handful of my original songs which they deemed as intimate and relevant to their high standards. I was amazed to hear the excellency and polish of all the female artists that Bree spins on her program and I am humbled and excited of the coming opportunities because of being part of the WOS family! Thank you Bree for your very needed and award-winning platform and family. God bless you and your amazing team of gifted gals!

Would you pray about sowing into my music ministry? I thank those of you, (you all know who you are) who supported and believed in my gift over the years. Would you pass this website link on to anyone you know who needs support and has, or is enduring a great crisis. I also ask, for those of you who have marketing skills and are Christ-minded for evangelism and restoration-healing for the broken, to assist me in this great calling! Feel free to visit my Guestbook and send me a note! may God bless and prosper you and your family.

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