Whew! After over thirteen years, independent release, Mod Prophet is now available for download or physical CD.

Mod Prophet was a severely burdensome baby to carry to term, but now, looking back, I wish to share some insights about the varied and compelling lyrical content and subject matter.

I am first and foremost, a poet and journalist. Even before I fronted our Christian hard rock band, The Promise, with Chris Durante in the summer of 1989, I had won awards and had my creative writing lauded by all of my Brookdale Community College professors, (even the non-Christian ones).

Being the first-born offspring of a dark-skinned Puerto-Rican and Indian father and a German mother, I never fit in with my classmates. My transference from Catholic school, (where I was an A student and teacher’s pet) to Tinton Falls public school) was the downfall of my being and I was bulled. The bullying climaxed with a traumatic incident by a huge and fearful classmate in my art class I was never the same afterward and my exuberant creativity in the arts diminished to the point, my only outlet was journaling my emotions and ponderings of my unjust and cruel world.

God makes everything beautiful, though, in His time and though my long and arduous artistic journey took me to very depths of hell, shame and bondage, I can honestly say that my glorious Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit does an excellent job in bringing sense and order to a very broken and deeply traumatized girl.

That all being said, as I contemplate how to utilize and bless other shattered people with the treasures Abba God has cultivated within me, I share with you Mod Prophet’s story.

Mod Prophet was one of the most rewarding, and ambitious projects, working with some creative and gifted men. Long-time, guitar genius and friend, Chris Durante, provided tasty and unconventional motifs to my songs. Co-producer and engineer, John Mulrenan, lent his artistry on bass, piano, keyboards and drum programming. Jeff Palley, Roman Dolinsky, Phil Long drummed magic. Marq-Paul LaRose reworked my folk-jazz song, Basket Case to dizzying jazz-rock satisfaction.

Mod Prophet deserves a good listen. This baby grew me in fruits of humility and integrity, long-suffering and patience. It took incredible faith to wake up each day, asking Christ for the strength to push a phone book-loaded hand-truck up and downs streets in the sweltering heat of August and the windy cold of winter to scrape money for studio time and to pay the various musicians for their skills. Without the hard-earned paychecks from PDC, the phone book delivery company, I’d never have been able to support myself on my performing- gig salary alone. On top of all that was the extra burden of enduring violent neck and upper body spasms from the Dystonia. My supervisor at PDC could have been my daughter and not empathetic bout my suffering. She treated me with the same business roughness as the young men. I no longer cried and complained that I didn’t get signed to a record deal, but was thanking God for the strength and endurance o be able to do such physical work for 15 years!

The greatest miracle has been the many studio sessions with John where my spasms were so violent and painful, I had to lay on the couch until e the very moment I had to track my vocals and guitar.

Tracking “In the Bink of an Eye” with John and Roman

Many people who hear my songs have no idea how they were birthed, but God knows and He sees and He will reward for I will be faithful to what He’s called me to do. My prayer is that Mod Prophet will cause you to meditate on the conditions of injustice, social and spiritual apathy and God’s redemption to the human race. For me, Life has been no joke and neither should it be for any of us because everything we think, say or do will be weighed in the balance, Christ’s Book of Life.

Mod Prophet is not for faint-hearted. It is for those who can celebrate powerful, aggressive and anointed Christ-centered rock!

Tracking at Living Waters Studio

I KEEP FALLING   (Struggling with sin)

2. COUP D’ETAT ( Facing & felling Goliaths, standing Strong in faith) 

3. ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACKS (Wacky world of politics) 

4. BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL   (Beauty, body image angst)

5.   CHANGES ALL AROUND  ( Losing loved Ones)

6. .IN THE BLINK of an EYE  (Dangers of Texting While driving & road rage)

7   POLICING THE OTHER (Condemning Others)

8.  STRUGGLING ( THE HUMAN EXISTENCE)  (The struggle of Living Righteously)

9.  NOBODY SEES  ( Courageous journey of special needs people)

10. TESTOSTERONE, LOGIC & INTUITION  (war between men & women)

11. HIDE & SEEK (Living in Deception and  delusion)

12  PRAY FOR RAIN  (A world thirsty for the living waters of Christ)

13 BASKET CASE   ( Artists and musicians are NOT crazy!.

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