ANITA FERRER’S, music, poetry, blogs and art is a Brave Flame,  piercing the darkness where many musicians and even angels fear to tread. She follows the beat of a different and tenacious drum and eschews derision from scoffers, (who she deems mostly boring anyway),  because she dares to cross boundaries and mow down music, fashion and spiritual barriers.

Her calling for the excellent and powerful began in 1983 when she came face to face with Jesus Christ. Not religious by any means, she is a passionate seeker of truth, human rights, justice, integrity and that higher love that can only be expressed and experienced by…a higher power.

Her early outreach endeavors networking with area pastors and non-profit leaders helping to feed and clothe the homeless centered around Asbury Park, (the Jersey Shore) thus her AKA,  Asbury Park Angel.  The German-born offspring of a dark-skinned Latino father and German mother, was raised in humble circumstances. Anita is no stranger to hardship, rejection and poverty, thus her heart for the underdog and rejected. Her father’s ultra-strict, no nonsense influence elevated her to the visionary that she is today. Good is never enough.

Presently, she wages a devastating  battle in her body, (Dystonia/Lyme Disease), but knows that it is only another challenge to overcome..

Today, her art and outreach encapsulates producing and creating  unconventional music, sharing revealing aspects of higher faith and braving frontiers of self-empowerment, leadership and victorious living through Jesus Christ. Anita Ferrer proves that the phoenix has indeed risen from the pyre.

The  girl and her guitar, Taylor model C218 whita wicker chair angel1@2012-01-06T19;33;51.jpg

 The Outreach-Productions non profit, BRAVE FLAME

incepted in 1992

Provides emergency food packages for challenged individual or families

Provides bedside visitation and prayer for bed-ridden and/or terminally ill

Provides  inspirational  Christian material, (books, DVDS, CDS) for discipleship

Provides discipling and counseling for new and young Christian believers

Provides music. speaking and educational outreaches to churches, schools and correctional-maximum security facilities

Provides entertainment & visitation for nursing home & assistant living centers

Teaching beginning to advanced voice and beginning to intermediate guitar to children and adults

Anita Ivette Ferrer and her husband, Mark depend on faithful partners to support the great needs of the   Monmouth, Ocean and Burlington County areas. We covet your financial gifts and prayers.  Anita’s exquisite hand-beaded necklaces, chokers, bracelets and ankle bracelets as well as music CDs are available at her concerts. You’ll find something special for that lady of any age in your life.

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