My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6


I won’t take this scripture out of  its original context, but I must address the truth of this  scripture in regrading to the position of the church in this present time.  As I wake up each day, my fist impulse is to seek Father’s will and be guided by the Holy Spirit  to accomplish His perfect will in my life. This isn’t always easy because there are myriads of distractions and new headlines vying for my attention.

One of  my beloved pastors, Augusto Perez, The Appearance Ministries, shared a report on his weekly  Mail Bag Show program about  California pastor,  John MacArthur’s victory for his church. Indeed, he won his case allowing his congregation to worship. I want to say Thank God for bold pastors who aren’t afraid to oppose the demonic agenda to keep God’s people in bondage and  deprive us of our constitutional rights.

I  wish to also introduce another courageous watchman on the wall, Dr Simone Gold who shared her medical  and legal expertise and address the wearing of masks and the Covid-19 Controversy  regarding the efficacy  of Hydroxychloroquine protocol  Marcus and Joni Lamb’s Ministry Now program (on Day Star Christian TV) had guest, Dr Simone Gold. Dr. Gold was fired from her job at the hospital. She explains how the masks offer very little protection because the virus is microscopic and people believe that they are safe from the virus.

Personally,  Mark and I are astounded at the ludicrousness of people wearing their masks  while alone, driving in their vehicles and   even more ludicrous, while outside  in the fresh and moving air ! But people are buying the  propaganda, rather than research and  being educated by very experienced and  compassionate doctors. What on earth is wrong with our Christian brethren, who should know better and  too many of the population   acquiescing to the  herd mindset? Didn’t God give us  magnificent brains to think critically? I have found many of my  Christian brethren  to acquiesce to the influence of the world and the false propaganda of the liberal secular media.

Herd Mentality: Noun

            The tendency for people’s behavior or beliefs to conform to those of the group to   which they belong.

Christian brothers and sisters, this is a clarion call to come up higher!

Jehovah God’s will is for us to be in health and prosper. So why is the  church not performing at maximum capacity? We are NOT maximizing the wisdom Holy Spirit gives us access to because we are listening to  and heeding  (and being deceived by the enemy, who seems to be gaining momentum) the reports of the liberal media and even Fox news! Sorry Folks, there are  many conservative and cutting edge reporting agencies that are not behind the 8 ball so to speak. We Christians, (Kings and priests having high authority, according the Bible) and especially the intercessors should be way ahead of the demonic assignments of satan’s kingdom.

   Sadly, the proof of the pudding is the destruction of our cities, (billions of dollars of damage)  and a diminishing of our once vibrant-growing economy! We should also be alarmed and shaken to  the core ( and out of our stupor)  about the horrific rise in shootings and the increasing murder statistics.  And most urgent of all is the continued  harvesting and marketing of our precious, innocent unborn fetuses and the trafficking of our little ones. I’ll not apologize for being utterly concerned about the future of our children and our nation. Brothers and sisters it is our Christian  and civic responsibility to have Godly, righteous dominion over the earth and some of you need to repent and take this in prayer to the Holy Father and Jesus.  Do not wonder why this Covid 19 season is  prolonged and the enemy is vehemently waging strong warfare against Jehovah’s righteous ordinances! Do not wonder because  many of us have not been diligent to stand up, like pastor Augusto Perez, Pastor John MacArthur, Alex Jones and Dr Simone Gold.

    Folks, the devil has his generals and lieutenants  strategically organizing  their demonic and destructive assignments over our children, our health, our constitution and nation.  See how successfully the enemies’ minions,  violent murderous BLM and Antifa groups have succeeded in tearing down our great cities without opposition)  The Church, God’s called out people,  should be in dominion over our earth. ) Unless we stand up, (lead by the Holy Spirit), we will lose our nation and life as we know it, will forever change for the worse., ( and get ready for guillotines).

WATCH this video!

May this urgent blog compel you to pray each day and ask Father what your  portion and responsibility  is for such a time as this. Remember the parable of the talents, that every child of God is required to be obedient and fruitful for Father Jehovah God’s kingdom. We all are called to bear much good fruit or we will be cut off and cast into the fire!

So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Mat. 7:19 NLT

Conservative and christian reporting agencies to get your news from:

Mail Bag Show and End Time Current Events, Appearance


Veritas Project

Bevelyn Beatty

Info Wars

Joel Skousen  Last Days Timeline











growing Zucchinis

Journal Entry, August 1, 2020

So, our electricity just went out. I was sending out email notifications about my Sunday, August 9th beach front gospel concert. My difficult Oromnadibular-Tmj Dystonia journey continues as I grapple with mysterious and complex body system issues.

Our nation still lingers in the Covid-19 crisis grip as the battle rages between the Hydroxychloriquine efficacy and the creation of a vaccine. National Hurricane Center reported tropical storm, Isaias barreling down and engulfing the east coast. Mark scurried to set up our power generator as the wind roared vehemently across our neighborhood, already ripping off large branches from the fungus-covered tress. As I gazed out my kitchen window, trying hard to remember where I put the box of candles for weather emergencies, (like the one  at present), I saw huge branches strewn across my back yard. I had just raked up the last few piles of dead leaves, debris and twigs and now, I would have to begin all over again with raking and gathering piles of yard debris.

It’s about 12:51 and the rain stopped. I went outside to see what damage was done. Heavy branches had fallen on some of my special flowering plants. On the other side of the yard, a huge branch had fallen so close to my little vegetable garden that some of my tomato plants were crushed. I took some pictures of my littered yard and spoke life to the remaining plants in my patio. I thanked Father that the dead , bark-stripped tree at the  other end of the yard did not collapse on our rental’s roof, otherwise our landlord would have had a huge expense. I was thankful that our Heavenly Father was so faithful to hear and honor our prayers for protection, as He always has!

These past several months have been severely distressing for me reading and watching so many reports of the death toll from the Covid-19 and the controversy regarding people having access to Hydroxychloroquine. Coupled with that, the continuing anarchy and rioting from the angry Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs which resulted in the senseless shooting deaths of many innocents. Being an intercessor involved with several prayer battalions, it has been almost overwhelming,  coupled with enduring my disabling symptoms  due to the 90 degree and high humid weather.

Facing the  resulting  isolation, lack of social camaraderie, boredom, stress  and unemployment from the  lingering and disabling  Covid-19 crisis, I felt strongly to do something positive and inspire others not to succumb to hopelessness. I know how powerful an impact a child of God can have  using a wonderful platform such as a blog site!

My prayer is that as you read this blog, you decide in your heart to do something and not allow this daunting giant to imprison you permanently. Only the fittest survive and  with Christ, we can do all things.  If we do nothing, indeed we’ll not recover and our lives will change dramatically for the worse.inspecting my tomatoe plants

Let us decide today to be overcomers and remember Jehovah God’s and Jesus’ faithfulness in bringing us through the Storm victoriously. I grapple with the same emotions, frustrations and sadness as you and some days, I really haven’t felt like I wanted to get up and face the day.  But we must remember that our trials besieging us are simply difficult obstacles we transcend while walking with our beautiful Christ. We are runners in a long-distance marathon and Christ is running alongside us!  Our race of life is comprised of different seasons, relationships, and environment and we must decide whether we will adapt or die. I dislike the present view I see of our national horizon, but I know that God has given each of us a gift,  (or for others of us, multiple gifts)  to address and traverse the challenging terrain of life.

Today, I was compelled to revisit the parable of the talents in the Gospel of Mathew 25: 14-30.  It tells the story of the wealthy master going on a business trip and giving talents to his servants to gain interest. This story has always greatly inspired me to be vigorously devoted to multiply my Heavenly Father’s affairs.  Fourteen years ago,  (before the Dystonia diagnosis-battle) I had no problem  boundlessly engaging, with precision and speed,  in all of my endeavors.  As the years came and went speedily, my pace seemed to slow down to almost a snail’s pace and wrought with great frustration, anguish  and regret. Continually re-evaluating my relationship with my Heavenly Father , I deduced that I had to make some emotional and spiritual changes if I was going to continually be fruitful. And I knew it wouldn’t be possible without the help of Holy Spirit.

I continued to have  bouts of  great sadness regarding what I was and was able to do before the Dystonia battle. I continued to rely on the Lord for guidance and He was always faithful.  The uncontrollable muscle spasms often drained me by mid-day, but I adapted to the strategy of taking my journey one hour at a time. I also was greatly encouraged by spiritual moms,  prayer warrior sisters-in- Christ and mentors.  They stood with me as we  declared victory,  envisioned success and  praised the Lord . I’ve had to put a few projects on the back burner, but little by little, they are becoming a reality.  Meditating on scriptures establishes my footsteps and keeps me on track.

Though this Covid-19 crisis has worn many of us thin and haggard with grief and disappointment, we will victor over it  God makes everything beautiful in his time! Ecc 3;11. That is the gorgeous thing about the Lord. There is no devastation that He cannot recreate. The question is, Do you believe it?

In real time,   enduring this movement disorder  at times taxes  me  to the point where I cry out to Father for releif. A voice insists that I can’t do one more day  and losing hope that the the Covid-19  giant will never leave.

Okay, so how do we adjust and emotionally prepare for the consequences of this difficult season? We should first of all be informed and eager to stay abreast of what’s happening through the alternative news reporting agencies. There are many doctors, scientists and Christian leaders dedicated to the betterment of society. Most of them educate and teach how to prepare in times of crisis. There’s a plethora, including,  Breitbart, Info Wars, Veritas Project, Briteon, (Mike  Adams, the health Ranger), WND, Celeste Solum,  Appearance Ministries,  Omega Man, Sheila Zilinksy and many more.

A good first step in prepping  is starting a vegetable garden. Growing vegetables has been an inspiring experience for me , watching tiny seeds sprout and then grow into lush, strong tomato and cucumber plants! Mother’s especially can inspire their children’s imagination and love for nature and to help them understand the value and the necessity of nurturing and growing   Along with working on my garden, I’ve been watching and enjoying the precious small animals which have been regular visitors to my yard.  My husband, looking for a way to cheer me up,  suggested we buy corn, seeds and peanuts to invite the birds and squirrels to our yard. It really has made a difference in my demeanor and I love watching the cardinals, bluejays and squirrels enjoy the treats!

I ask father God to help me to focus on ways  and people to nurture and speak life to the dead things. It is imperative that we find ways  in this season to be creative, nurturing and expectant, because we don’t know how long it will last.  Above all we must  daily cultivate an attitude of gratitude,  however negative and  threatening our world seems.

Another creative endeavor is having family photo album-memory-gathering times. It’s a great way to bring smiles, laughter and hope to break up  the mundareness of  home isolation. There are many creative photography and photo book web-sites you can gather memories to make albums, photo books and blog articles! Michael’s craft stores and Joanne’s Fabric stores are wonderful places for women and kids to be creative. Think of the wonderful things you can make and give to shut-ins and/or elderly. You just have to be creative and dream. God will provide ways where we and our children can grow and thrive during these times. We need only draw near to God and walk in faith to use those gifts He’s given us. The late, precious pastor Derrik Prince and his wife started each day with a powerful declaration each day.    May we declare and decree that everything we create is fruitful!

      For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:  So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.  Isaiah 55 10 &11

my first corn stalk2


          Anita Ivette Ferrer

 Ocean Grove Summer Gospel Concert Series

         Ocean Grove Beachside Pavilion

 Sunday Aug.9 2020
4 PM

Looking forward to seeing you all again. I will be sharing wonderful  traditional hymns, CCM worship and my worship originals. Prayer for healing and/or deliverance will be available.My beautiful hand-made jewelry and worship CD, The Anointing, His Presence will be available to purchase and enjoy.






So, I wake up, make my coffee and check my  e-mailbox to see if anyone needs ministry.  A video message jumped out at me and I watched and listened in unbelief. A prayer warrior  described the subject of  the  CDC’s recent recommendations for  corporate Christian gatherings  on her groups’ conference  call.  Dr Deborah Birke, one of the leaders of the task force, was sharing  her guidelines with faith leaders. She said the largest primary group with the largest outbreak of Covid-19 was the faith community.

Hmmm, a wonder that we weren’t even  allowed to gather for months.  Her suggestions  included,  no singing, stay at home, (because the Covid was so dangerous) and persuade the elderly and immune-compromised to take the vaccine.

Folks, this woman, and many others, are tools of the enemy. We are facing a direct assault from the kingdom of darkness against or supernatural Christian lives. For those of you not walking in the fullness of Christ, this is your wake-up call!! What do I mean by fullness of Christ?

    Christ has already paid the price in full for your healing and protection against plague, virus or bodily assault.
   Isaiah 55:5.  Psalm 91:10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Psalm 103: Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;

Now in order for us to  abide in that supernatural place of healing and protection, we must be in covenant with father God and Jesus. We aren’t talking about being religious. Here is where many churches and denominations find themselves impotent and vulnerable to every attack of the enemy. Without the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit, there is no deliverance or healing. Faith must be unwavering.

But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. James 1:6

So then, in order to walk in confidence and faith, (that our faithful Father  God protects us from falling to the Covid-19), we do not have to fear one on one fellowship and worship by singing.

When I accepted Christ as my lord and Savior in 1982, I had no idea I’d be experiencing God’s miraculous power through my undiscovered gift of singing. God used a beautiful friendship with twin sisters where we became bonded by singing exquisite three-part harmonies to the precious lonely, sick and dying elderly. Ministering with the sisters introduced me to the power of the traditional hymns and I grew to love them.  I can attest to the fact that singing to many of the very sickly and elderly always invigorated them!

One memory I’ll never forget was that of Mrs. Greenberg, a tiny, frail elderly widow who never had visitors and spent her days, hunched almost to her knees in a corner in her chair. I discovered her in a darkened room with the shades drawn. I approached her with my hymnbook and asked her if it was okay to sing a few hymns. She nodded slightly. I became sad upon noticing that her nightdress was soiled with dried food, as if no one cared to wipe the spots off. When I finished, I grasped her hand and gently declared  God’s love for her and that He had not forgotten her. I was exhilarated with faith and hope that the next time I saw her she would be more responsive.

A week later, I found Mrs. Greenberg sitting up in her chair. Her hair was combed and she had on a clean dress! She smiled when i asked her if she remembered me. I sang   a few more hymns and kissed her forehead. ” I will be coming to see you regularly, Mrs Greenberg and I am so happy to see you again.”

Many years have passed since my nursing home ministry days and God promoted me to a higher level of worship, learning the guitar.  Many years later, around 1997, God promoted my faithfulness to ministry by inspiring me to learn and compose on the guitar. (I’d been assailed by several serious crisis and was isolated and not ministering with anyone).  Now that I had a guitar, more doors were opened to minister in various capacities. I saw miraculous moves of God as I served people in hospital  visitation, bedside ministry and even funerals. Distraught people would suddenly be peaceful when I sang and played my guitar.

One memorable event that happened 10 years ago was being invited by my husband’s best friend to minister to his dying father. After the funeral, while enjoying  our meal, after the funeral, a prophetess approached my husband. She told Mark hat while I was singing my new song, Psalm 91 on the guitar at the podium,  she saw cherubim dancing and celebrating! I was pretty astounded and am convinced of God’s power through our passionate worship.

That being said,  we intercessors , Christian leaders and worship psalmists need to have a talk with Dr. Birke about the supernatural and miraculous anointing that flows through singing-worshiping our heavenly Father and Jesus. Two precious  christian sisters, ( truth-seekers0 Lyn Leaz and Celeste sSolum), speak in detail about the power of worship.  Folks, if you don’t understand the power of worship, you need to read and meditate on Paul and Silas’s miraculous prison breakout in  the book of Acts, chapter 16. God inhabits the praises of His people. His people. Are you one of His people? How can you be sure?

Ephesians 5:19 tells us to  Speak to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. Our weapon of warfare is our praise and worship.Our worship also draws the assistance of God’s angels to minister in our time of need, (as happened when I ministered in song at that funeral).

The Bible gives us an astounded account of praising the Lord in the beauty of Holiness when confronted by an intimidating enemy. King Jehoshaphat won an amazing victory over a formidable foe, a vast army, when he appointed the worship singers to front his battalions.  Dr.Birke, you need to read the bible yourself and understand that God’s remnant cannot be defeated by any foe or  plague because we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by our testimony!

Friend, I pray as you read and meditate on the precious and powerful scriptures and prayers in this blog, you will walk in full confidence that you are whole and protected in the shelter of God’s wings!

I also encourage you to check out the many people who have been healed from Covid-19, Aids, Dementia, Lyme Disease, Stroke, Heart failure and many others on the 700 Club testimonials  and through many other anointed healers like Becky Dvorak

Lyn and Celeste say a prayer at the end of this video.  Call upon the name of the Lord, Jehovah, and you will be saved. Rom 10 :13. Call upon Him while He may be found. Seek Him with All your heart soul and spirit, then He will be your  shelter and  refuge.

Keep on Singing. Keep on worshiping and praise Him in thankfulness and adoration. May the peace  Shalom of God be upon you today and forever.



Today, I am focusing my blog on  navigating the Covid-19 trap, by strengthening the immune system. Hearing about all the unnecessary deaths and suffering has been  distressing for me, but even more so the utter laxness and unwillingness for people to discipline themselves  and implement powerful health and immune system strategies. My husband Mark and I have been passionate about preventative  and natural medicine.  ever since we both had catastrophic health assaults which  made our fatigue staggering and our productivity nearly unmanageable.

I enjoyed decent health right after graduating from college and soon was  enthusiastically hired by regional supervisors who were impressed by my college studies and my vivacious and infectious  joy.  They could see that I loved people and seeing them thrive.  I enjoyed my new position as Behavior Modification counselor at Nutri-System Weight Loss centers, and  my reputation as an inspirational weight loss counselor so preceded me, that there was a waiting list to attend my classes!  Even though I’ve had a tough  almost 14 years completely recovering from Oro-Mandibular Dystonia, my disciplined health lifestyle;e has rewarded me with many successful and inspirational projects and endeavors., (by the grace of the good Lord)!  You can still chase your dreams and contribute to society despite a catastrophic illness, like Covid-19, Lyme Disease, Mold Illness or Mercury poisoning.  It is entirely unnecessary for so many unhealthy people  to suffer needlessly and I can’t stress enough the importance of diligence, commitment and focus if we are to avoid succumbing to  Covid-19.

This blog is devoted to those of us  filling our idle time sitting at the computer all day,  surfing  for trivia. I urge you to pay close attention to the information I am about to share with you as it will affect the quality of you and your loved ones lives . It’s been prophesied that our lives will never be the same as before Covid-19 and it certainly won’t  because of economic, our food supply and our health. My late father always chided “When you have your health, you have everything”.  In a way , he spoke truth.  When I was constantly barraged by lung ailments, from the Lyme antibiotics, my whole life and attitude changed and I had to struggle to keep motivated and positive. I found myself isolated and fragile every time I caught someone’s cold which always  became Bronchitis. To make things worse I had allergies, hay fever and a heart  murmur. I probably would not be alive today if it weren’t for  a  compassionate holistic chiropractor, Dr Kelly, who introduced me to natural healing and medicine.  His protocol led me on a life long journey of understanding and applying principals of supplementation, exercise, detoxing and  God’s precepts

I won’t go to great lengths with this blog, because what Mike Adams shares today is cut and dry. He urges strengthening your immune system with supplementation, daily  exercise and sunshine. God truly has given us everything we need and yet people sill ignore the basics.   We do not have to succumb to Covid-19 if we change our present ways diet and health. It seems too many of us  have a lax attitude about our bodies and health.

One of my prayer warrior sisters, shared her grief that over 15 bishops  in her community who died of Covid-19. That would make me question if they were obese, on high blood pressure medication or had an underlying health issue which would indeed make them vulnerable to the Corona virus. People, we need to wake up. Everything we eat and drink affects us sooner or later. We may insist on eating pork, fatty junk food, soda laced with Splenda,  GMO tainted foods. (and we may even bless our meal). but in the long run, they will affect us. Everything is allowable, but not everything is beneficial!

Check the weight-weight chats here to see if you are on target:

it would behoove us to research the drug our doctor prescribe us because  they may cause more problems than  benefits.  Most of the drugs have serious side effects   For some, drug are saving their lives  Some must stay on their medications for a while, so going off cold turkey should never be done without conferring with your trusted physician. With dietary changes, plenty of rest and fresh air,  natural supplements may improve the health.

I hope this article will inspire you to not fear taking that first step making the past, I’ve been hostilely responded to because of my alarm for a friend who suddenly  became ill or died.  Again, I say, Don’t shoot the messenger for my concern is for your health, safety and longevity.  The closer you are to the medical- height-weight charts, the better for you to maintain optimal vigor . I highly URGE everyone reading this to take special measures in your attention to your and your loved ones health!. Mark and I have had to watch many overweight loved ones die unnecessary and painful deaths because they refused to listen to good health and spiritual counsel.

Among the many natural doctors who  confirm  strengthening your immune system against Covid-19 you can GOOGLE Dr Mercola, Dr Shiva, Dr Oz, Dr Don Colbert and many others. Most of all, the lord Jesus took ALL our infirmities upon Himself and by His stripes e were healed.  Jesus should be the first one we come to when we need healing. I’m sharing a powerful prayer with you from my precious deliverance counselors, Ministers Ken and Sylvia Thornberg.

PLEASE FWD this ar to your Social media timelines or via email or any communication platform you have available.  More than ever, we let us be concerned enough to share relevant information which can save the lives of many! We are facing a VERY daunting future if we do NOT change our ways , strategies and thinking. God bless you all and may our gracious God Jehovah and Jesus indue us with all wisdom and counsel from above. Fear NOT, he is with you!


The Covid-19 crisis has turned the world upside down and many nations are seething in chaos. Upon awakening today,  my mind started to wander and this strong feeling of powerlessness  started to seep into my being.  A YouTube video showed the people of Bangladesh, a sea of vulnerable and  impoverished people wandering aimlessly and fearfully. The invisible foe, Covid-19, blanketing yet another vulnerable nation unable to contend with its deadly  force.

Bangladesh  was not the only one, suddenly faced with such a powerful  and invisible foe.  The people of  Guayaquil, Ecuador were also gripped in chaotic angst and helplessness. Covid -19’s swath of death. was now global and few  could deny the reality of this monster.  After watching the two videos, I felt overwhelmed by grief for the people and  related to Jesus being surround ed by hordes of weary, broken and confused people. like sheep without a shepherd. Mat 9:36

       So many questions and concerns  have  clouded my mind and spirit since the first reports of China’s pandemic in late 2019. Unbeknownst to many, 5G was deployed in Wuhan and  military Olympics took place.  I wondered why God allowed  all of us, (and even His own covenant people) to be caught unaware.  To make matters worse,  the liberal media  has succeeded in  ramping up  the public’s fear, panic and unrest. It’s only a matter of time that  civil unrest will  be added to the conundrum of  the Covid-19 pandemic. As the disease continues to infiltrate the masses though, truth warriors blow the trumpet of faith and  strategy. Despite the rigorous efforts of  media, music and corporate America,  who try to rule the airwaves with their poisoning propaganda, strategy is being revealed by courageous reporters and journalists.  Though the Deep State has a firm grip on financial institutions,  our economy and even the food and drug administration.  devoted prayer warriors are opposing.
        Stated Celeste Solum, “They” pretty much have us under their control…and there is nothing we can do about it”
        As I try to  maintain peace and  focus on Father God and Christ’s business,  I wonder. How on earth did we fall so far from grace that we are faced with an enemy so cunning and devastating that only our greatest weapons of prayer and repentance can save us. At what point will the whole body of Christ come to reality and  understand what has hit us and why.
        My husband Mark, is also passionate about truth and has tried many times to share his findings with his servicemen coworkers. Mostly, their response has been  sarcasm,  mockery or they just walk out of the room.  He tells me most of them are very intelligent and schooled in the sciences and technology. I respond, “there is big difference between intellect  from schooling and wisdom . Alex Jones has been known to rant hysterically about the idiocy: of the American people.  I have long known that the issue here is  that we have lost the skill of critical thinking.  The far left and Deep State have succeeded in almost totally brainwashing  us over the decades  through Hollywood,  sports  and their propaganda.
        Thankfully,  if enough people awaken,  whistle-blowers and  alternative media outside of the mainstream, like WIKI Leaks,  Info Wars,  Steve Quayle, Liz Crokin, Mike dams and many other truth warriors. we might extricate ourselves from this diabolical web. Kudos to Mike Smith, the director of the  documentary,  Out of the Shadows,  an exposé on how Hollywood and the mainstream media manipulate the multitudes by spreading propaganda throughout their content.
          The most recent Haggman live report, features  guests Steve Quayle and Mike Adams  who offer hope for this mind-boggling pandemic-conundrum.  I highly recommend all seekers of truth to watch video and take notes and forward to as many people as possible.
        Comments Mike Adams, Health Ranger:
                 “You can be in close proximity to each other  and wear masks and protest and exercise free speech and not infect each other.  It’s so simple, but they want us to stay apart and stay locked down in our homes forever while the economy is being crushed  while you are being herded like cattle into a waiting coral system to be injected like farm animals with the vaccine. Wearing masks and taking zinc and vitamin D. These are ways that we can beat that system,.”
dowShhep to the Slaughternload
Going back to our subject of critical thinking, when our minds are at a loss to understand and/or deal with  a personal or national crisis, most of us collapse into a protective shell of denial or apathy. We become numb or we throw ourselves into a fantasy mode, escapism: sports, shopping addiction or television. Our minds and spirits are dulled because this invisible blanket is an assault of deception from the enemy. The only way to avoid  falling headfirst into the precipice  leading to global bondage  is by surrendering to the gracious and pure  truth  revelation of the holy Spirit, and God’s wisdom in the Holy Scriptures. Mind you, Bible reading alone cannot  enlighten and  inspire  minds that are infiltrated by demonic propaganda.  Rom. 12:2  NLT
            Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect
       We should always be prepared to suffer backlash and retaliation from the enemy when we  oppose deceit. Here is where unity in the spirit with other like-minded brethren (strength in numbers) results in success and victory.
                 Without counsel, plans go awry,  but in the multitude of counselors they are
       established. Prov. 15:22
           Folks, it is time o wake up.  As my pastor Augusto Perez, mentioned in last weeks program, he was urged by Father God to rest and think during this difficult season. Surely,  God is compelling us to stop our frenzied activities and look to him for guidance. I, too have felt the need to focus on Father’s omniscience and omnipresence regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Yesterday, while seeking peace and solace from  the Holy Scriptures, I was led to James  1:27
          Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
       That reading led me to Isaiah chapter 1. By the time I was halfway through, I was weeping uncontrollably. The chapter read as if God were speaking to America at this moment! I got it. This revelation was confirmed by  our Thursday night prayer battalion leader Jim Kohlman who read  to us a similar prophesy  from Isaiah. Father God did not send this plague, but He is using it to chasten His people into true repentance and to cultivate a passionate empathy for his heart and commandments.  As Jesus blasted the Pharisees for uttering prayer from their  mouths while their hearts were far from Him, so we are being rebuked for our religiosity. How many pastors and ministers have w heard preaching against abortion, child trafficking an same sex marriage!?
           Seriously, God will not strive forever and He is waiting for our true repentance and action, in regards to bloodshed of the innocents and  utter perversion of some of our legislation. The bottom line is, we’ve buried our heads in the sand for decades, accepting everything we see and hear, rather than question.  This herd mentality has been the bane of many nations and could be our demise if we don’t quench it’s insidious power and influence. Have we forgotten the slaughter of the Jews during the Holocaust and the recent killings of white farmers in South Africa?
          We Christians and even spirit-filled intercessors can be mislead.
           For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. Mat 24:24
         That being said, before we tune in anxiously for the latest fox news report, (by the way, run by a globalist) we should be questioning and researching the true facts. And  indeed God has blessed us with a plethora of courageous whistle-blowers and reporters who lay their lives on the line for our benefit.
        My husband, Mark often complains out loud,”Why don’t the Christians boycott Face Book, Twitter  who censor our freedom of speech? Do they know that the CEO is a globalists and calls us all dumb mother f_____rs?” WOW! He has a good point! I respond that I am milking it as long as I can to inform and educate those who are unsaved or back-slidden.  But the longer I use Facebook, even for my journalistic–evangelistic endeavors, I’m more disgusted.  Have we intercessors mindlessly  jumped on the Facebook  bandwagon, thinking we do service to our KING Jesus? Are we promoting the enemy?  Why are there almost no Christian social platforms as powerful and  influential as Twitter and Youtube.? We are supposed to be the head and not the tail, right?  Isn’t it time for wealthy, powerful and Holy-Spirit-filled  Christians to innovate new platforms for God’s people and all who seek God?
        At our present state of heard mentality and lack of critical thinking, we will leave a  horrifically hopeless  future to our children and grandchildren. My prayer for those who seriously consider this article pray  our God Jehovah endue them with that different spirit that Joshua and Caleb had when they surveyed  Jericho with the other ten spies. Joshua and Caleb did not think with a herd mentality and God honored their courageous thinking by ushering them into  their Promised Land. Will we stand   confidently in God’s promises and decree that He is more than willing to heal our land if we turn from our wicked ways.
          if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.  2 Chron 7:14
          What are our wicked ways?  Perverting justice, Accepting bribes,  Abortion,  Pedophilia, human trafficking, same sex marriage, Obstruction of Justice, slandering reputations of righteous people, etc, etc
           I hope the viewing of Out Of The Shadows documentary will forever impact and influence your mindset and cause you to step into  an enlightening and liberating way of living your life, rather than as a mindless sheep led to the laughter. In reality, every single person’s actions influences, like a pebble in a still pond. Our very words and actions actually manifest into health or sickness,  wealth or poverty, fear or faith.
      May you honor Father Jehovah and Jesus Christ, the Savior and redeemer of the world in  using your  incredible mind to think, clearly, soberly and with eternal purpose!





                FASTING and WEEPING

                             Psalm 32 7-9

    “You are my hiding place; you shall preserve me from trouble; you shall surround me about with songs of deliverance. Selah. I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with my eye. Be you not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, else they come not near unto you.”

We are living in unprecedented times, reminiscent of the plight faced by the Jewish people in Europe during Hitler’s diabolical reign. As  vivid memories flood my mind about Schindler’s list and some of the documentary’s  about the holocaust, my heart grows deeply concerned for my  fellow Americans, as well as every person on this planet.

I’m all too familiar with the plight of those  imprisoned by social-communist governments. Amazingly, despite the vast amounts of  information available through the internet,  many still bury their heads in the sand as we face the possibility of our  current standard of living and lifestyle catapulting us into the watchful, scrutinizing eyes of Big Brother. My heart trembles as i listen to Celeste Solum, (The Celestial Report)  Deborah Tavares, ( Stop the Crime,)  and Pastor Augusto Perez , (Appearance Ministries), Mike Adams, (Health Ranger, Natural News)  discuss the repercussions of  what our future could be like because of our prayerlessness and apathy.

It is coming folks, if we continue to accept the fear-mongering  death prophecies of the liberal media, (and Bill Gates, Dr Fauci ) rather that what the God of the Universe Jehovah says in His word. I know many of you are fearful and you jut do NOT want to hear about or read such bad news.  Here’s what the Bible says about the fearful and unbelieving.

         Rev. 21:8

      But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

This is a short blog, but the most important message I wish to share is valuable information Pastor Monty Mulkey shared on Shelia Zilinski’s podcast. My pastor, Augusto Perez, The Appearance Ministries  also host his weekly Mailbag Show and End Time Reports about current events. It would behoove everyone to listen closely and takes notes for the health and safety of your family. If you take no action, you will indeed suffer some grave circumstances. and your precious family will suffer because of your refusal to prepare.

What is the Corona Virus and how can I protect myself and my family?

We should be praying and fasting, as Queen Esther did when the  Jews were faced with annihilation. And we are also facing annihilation if we do nothing. We have a responsibilty to be aware, prayerful and prepare.

They’re coming for your children”

And to end with some good news from Dr Shiva, who gives us truth about the Big Pharma industry.

So, I will  end for now and don’t forget to share this valuable information. I will end with an encouraging promise from our Heavenly Father.

Isaiah 41:10

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will surely help you; I will uphold you with My right hand of righteousness.

Now is the time to ask Christ  into your life and allow Him to be you and your family’s shelter!



Lamb's Blood on the lintel

   So, the world watches with bated breath, the infamous momentum of the dreaded Corona Virus.  Today, I wish  to focus on God’s strategy for us to overcome the  demonic assaults mankind will suffer in the coming years. I will not  delve into the complicated realms of science and the Illuminati’s agenda for mankind, but will focus on Biblical strategies  that Father God has already equipped us with. The Corona Virus is not an invincible foe. Indeed, this  pandemic  could be the catalyst of  a global war on humanity, but God is more than able to equip His beloved Bride, (the remnant who walk in covenant with Him).

     God has blessed us with  devoted and anointed scientists, doctors and health advisers who share their wealth of knowledge and prepare us the coming difficult times.  Sadly, there are very few  who take seriously, (and apply the protocols) because of paranoia and  unsubstantiated mistrust of certain  conspiracy  theory icons.  When you finish reading this blog, I remind you, Don’t shoot the messenger and don’t allow a spirit of offense to blind you. One of my beloved pastors, Augusto Perez, always warns us, Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. As mature, Holy Spirit-filled  children of God, we should be able to assimilate  good information and  discern truth from propaganda. Now, more than ever we need solid information to present to our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.
          Celeste Solum’s video  explains what is happening environmentally, with our food and supplement system and with our health. She is an author, and former FEMA employee, who chronicles space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. She is also a student of biblical prophecy. Celeste  urges us to be aware and understand what is going in our environment and take the necessary precautions and protocols.
       I’ve noticed while living in the semi-rural community of Browns Mills, NJ, we’ve observed: 1. most of the trees in our yard are covered by some kind of fungus. There are many stumps  also scattered around our yard, probably due to them dying of this same fungus.  2. Mark noticed  that many Browns Mills residents cars have license plates bearing the disability wheelchair  icon.  3. Our Mirror Lake is contaminated to the point  that fishing isn’t allowed.  4. Any  tap water we leave lying in the sink or our  dishwater basin overnight  starts to smell like sulfur and has a film.  We all should be concerned and watchful to take precautions for the  health of our children and pets.
           My passion and concern for our environment and health  has grown even more ,long after my graduation  with high honors, in the humanities and social studies from from Brookdale College. I share my research with as many as I can, especially those with challenged health and/or disabilities. My research has been confirmed often by many of the great natural heath practitioners, doctors  and scientists such as Dr  Joseph Mercola, Dr Josh Axe,  Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, and  our favorite health ranger, Mike Adams, (who Wikepedia has dubbed a conspiracy theorist and  Genetic literary  Project dubbed Mike as  everyone’s favorite Uber Quack).
            Obviously, many of these websites  do not want he public to be informed and  walking in good health and mental clarity. They want us to be  bed-ridden, disabled and/or mentally zombified. And we,  Children of the Most High God, are not exempt from the physical incapacitations of environmental  agents (GMO,  chem trails, Mercury amalgam fillings, vaccines, fluoridated water) and toxins . Just last year,  several devout Christian prayer warriors lost their battle with Cancer. Another, died at 55 from Wilson’s Disease, (Copper  build-up toxicity, which could have been helped by chelation).  Another  devoted Christian sister, suddenly died in her home at 58.  Weeks after her death, I was told  her dilapidated  mobile home was mold-infested.. I’m sure her diagnosed mold illness was responsible for her female reproductive problems. and monthly hemorrhaging.
         We are all being pummeled  relentlessly by assaults and many of God’s captains and generals  specifically have been targeted because of their  calling and their platform to inform and educate  the people in  defense warfare strategies. Folks, the government is not going to come to our rescue. It is our responsibility to research diligently and ask Holy Spirit’s guidance to thrive.  We are more than able to victor over the Corona virus or any plague that comes our way, just as the Israelites  painted their lintels with the blood of the Lamb (Jesus)  and the death angel passed by,  We are covered by Jesus’ blood.  Some of he more highly anointed healing( ministers are able to maintain divine health, (they rely on Christ’s atoning blood and Communion)  and it is our legal, spiritual  right. Psalm 91 declares the all-sufficiency of  Father Jehovah’s protection from everything, in the natural as well as spiritual realm, but For the most part, many of God’s people are not at that high spiritual level (of faith in Christ’s provision) and need help!  I often  remark that many of us are so heavenly-minded, we are no earthly good! Jesus Himself saw the hungry and weary throngs  need for tangible sustenance and  provided bread  for the people to eat. God’s people need to understand that many of small faith cannot attain the miraculous if they don’t believe it, and so He has provided doctors, scientists and scholars to help.
      If anyone  mocks some of the above mentioned doctors, I must say their protocols and research confirms the efficacy of anti-oxidants for immune health.  I am a living example of God’s grace because of my willingness to learn and apply principles of health,  exercise, pure living,  cleansing and detoxifying. People overcome by Carbon  monoxide poisoning often die or are permanently disabled. Most Lyme Disease and Mercury-metal poisoned people become disabled or die. I’m still standing,  having suffered all these maladies. My battle with Oromandibular-TMJ Dystonia  continues, but with God’s help and guidance,  I will overcome and regain energetic health!  I attribute my productive  life to, diligence and discipline, starting in my  20’s, and my staples have been and continues to be Vitamin C and the anti-oxidants, like E, A, K, B Complex, (as well as other herbs and supplements like, Cats Claw, Echinaccea, Grape seed extract, Beta Glucan, Manuka Honey (royal Jelly) .
          Mike Adams , Health Ranger, gave an informative interview  with Dr. Thomas Levy. who has proven that  Vitamin C is an amazing anti-oxidant. This a a must watch. Take notes and share this blog with friends and family if you wish to keep a strong immune system.
         I hope to continue bringing you all the best videos and articles from the  finest leaders in health and science because I maintain a love affair with people, just as Jesus, our Redeemer and savior has. How can we truly be His disciples if we do not share the Gospel and divine wisdom for our health and Spirit?
            Let us remember the prophet Daniel, who was so beloved by God because of his devout love, service  and obedience. Though carried away with his three Jewish friends into exile  and serving under pagan King Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel ‘s abilities were valuable. He  was highly gifted in the realms of mystical and esoteric  knowledge. How much more are God’s people today, endued with the divine wisdom and understanding from the Holy Spirit. Yes, we have the ability to walk in such high realms of wisdom as we face plagues, economic and environmental distress. The ones who hold the key to God’s heart are the intercessors who are the skeleton of this world. We are responsible to repent and cry out for humanity. How much more would we be ahead of the enemy’s game rather than behind the  eight ball. We should not be praying about past events, but about those approaching.
            I have been  deeply saddened to see that many of Facebook’s (health and Disease) groups have membership exceeding thousands!  I’ve seen very few healing ministers address to their flock invisible and insidious agents like toxic mold,  pesticides, Fungus,  Mercury tooth fillings, root canals, Inflammation, allergies  and Vaccines). Millions of people’s lives are diminished and some miserable because  these ailments are not addressed, thus the body’s are not healed and  and restored. It is time we grab the bull by the horns and take authority over these afflictions and teach the people how to overcome.
           It would also behoove us to take seriously the impending reports, however chilling and outrageous and realize that the Illuminati will go to any extreme to accomplish their demonic, genocidal-infanticide agenda. Maybe those conspiracy theorists know something we don’t? Maybe we need to stop throwing the baby out with the bath water! And maybe we need to get off our heavenly high horse and educate ourselves about medicine, science and our habitat, an amazingly complex world that our heavenly father created.
           And lastly as added by my dear husband, Mark May of recorded history’s actual conspiracies started out as conspiracy theories!


from the pit to the palce

The Called, Pioneers of Destiny

My Pastor’s message at our home worship service came from Genesis Chapter 42 to the end. Joseph, the bragging dreamer, was elevated to the second highest position in Egypt under the Pharaoh. I’d read and reread Joseph’s challenging journey from the pit, to the prison…to the palace. many times. This Sundays’ sermon visitation to Joseph’s amazing story by my enthusiastic Pastor Sandra, reminded me of God’s greatness, sovereignty and mercy to his people.

Sunday’s lesson came all together as my intercessor sisters and I were praying about the suffering and hardship of the mothers and their children trekking in the Caravan line to the United States. A few prayers were compassionately wept, but God was reminding me of a vision He first implanted in my heart as a second year student at Brookdale College in 1987. I was vivacious and full of creativity, especially in my creative writing, graphic design, photography and painting classes. Mr. Scholl, our graphic design instructor, had us design a logo for our dream company. Immediately, images of a sprawling campus, with dormitories, classrooms, training areas, child care rooms and auditoriums came to my mind. I envisioned, homeless people, handicapped, single, welfare moms, dislocated homemakers and veterans being taught life and vocational skills. The anointed Christian teachers and counselors were breathing life into the almost dead ashes of countless lives. They were well-rounded, highly skilled and influential in their perspective fields and were impassioned to pass it forward to broken and destitute people. They didn’t possess pride or the spirit of Mammon, (the love of money). They had also suffered great hardships themselves: physical infirmities and tragedies. For such a time as this, Jehovah Raphha and Jehovah Jireh himself would heal, deliver and prosper these individuals.

My vocation center, AVO, (Artistic Vocations Operations), would encourage anyone with a dream or vision to enroll and participate to a Clearing house-type vetting system to be interviewed for placements and needs.

This first wonderful vision stayed in my heart while I was working towards earning my degree at Brookdale and even until after graduation. This dream stayed afresh while I fronted my first Christian band, The Promise, with Chris Durante, our lead guitarist. We were on fire for the Lord Jesus after seeing so many inmates receive Christ and became transformed right in prison. I knew this was what I loved to do. We were being invited to many NJ correctional facilities and maximum security prisons. Our invitations grew from chaplains who wanted their men to hear my testimony about the new life in Christ.

My dreams for life-transforming ministry abruptly came to a halt, when one day, I felt dizzy and my heart was violently palpitating. I was very scared, waiting to hear the results of my tests. I had Lyme disease and I was thrown in a sudden battle for my very life. That long battle turned into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which then turned into Candida and a near-death encounter with Carbon Monoxide poisoning, all within two years. My body and life was falling apart and with it my dreams for ministering for the Lord.

The staggering fatigue, extreme weakness and constant bronchial infections kept me tethered to deep depression and hopelessness. But God had not forgotten me. One day, one of my best childhood girlfriends called me and asked me if I’d like to go back to work part-time. Diana knew I was very weak, but she was serving part-time also with a Christian non-profit, Love in the Name of Christ. I felt impressed to call for an interview, even though I felt that it would probably be a waste of time. I felt revived and decided to test God at His word, that He was my provider.

Diana’s prayers worked because I had an interview! All I had for an interview suit was one suit I wore to work many years ago as a salesgirl at a fashion store at a the local mall. It was in decent shape and I arrived at the Love Inc headquarters positive and hopeful. I was greeted and interviewed by a gracious matron, Operations Manager, Joan Hodum and Executive Director, Carolyn Eyerman. Surprisingly, Joan was very interested hearing about my early years of nursing home and prison ministry. She also liked my suit! As they stood up to thank me for my time and shake my hand, I knew I had the position. Carolyn called me the very next day and asked me if I could start next week. Joan and she had discussed ideas for a special program to prepare welfare moms leaving welfare for the workplace. I would be mentoring them in business etiquette, resume and I would be running a boutique of beautiful, lightly used business clothing. That vision God gave me in graphic design class started to rise. I was excited.

So began my tenure as program coordinator for my business outreach, Just the Right Touch.  My hiring into this wonderful Christian organization brought me into fellowship with staff from all denominations and professional backgrounds. I was part of a family again and was overjoyed to be part of a God-ordained people-serving entity. The staff, all much older than me, treated me as a daughter and guided me in my new orientation. I loved helping to build up the broken spirits of the young women who came to my program and boutique. They were so excited to apply for jobs in beautiful, professional clothing and have a professional looking resume to hand to their prospective new employer.

I was greatly disappointed when Social Services no longer sent referred women to my business boutique and Love Inc’s board urged Carolyn to have me close shop because clients were not being served. I was very disappointed, but thankful that at least I had acquired years of solid experience, ministering and mentoring young women! I thought of God’s grace and mercy during my years of struggling with Lyme, Disease, suffering from abandonment and divorce and being unemployed for many long months, God was indeed honing me for an amazing destiny which I still didn’t know

In 2016, I was thrust into another unexpected ministry, intercession. My spiritual sister, Donna, who loved to pray, called me one day to give me the number of an intercessory pray conference line. This group, was a passionate group of men and women who felt called to pray for the elections, our next president and our nation. I had been involved with my church’s prayer group in the past, but this groups seemed to have an extraordinary unction to pray with anointing and spiritual authority. I listened first, (as a student of intercessory prayer) and then joined my prayer as my spiritual confidence rose. I was learning to overcome and take authority over the many negative forces in my life. These confident praying led to more intimacy with my Heavenly Father and Jesus and I began to believe that that same authority was to be applied to the lives of my family and friends for their healing and deliverance in my family’s’ and my life!

On the 24/7 NSCP, National Strategic Conference Prayer network, led by Pastor Ioan Piea and Maureen Bravo, we have had to address innumerable national, and global crisis, emergencies, family problems and even testimonies of answered prayers and miracles. Many, included deluded Christian brethren have been opposing and condemning President Trump’s assessment and solutions to the Caravan, to our southern border. As Christians, we are commended to provide for the widows, orphans, sick, the elderly and impoverished, but we must make sure that they indeed are in need. Too many impostors are here to cause chaos and they are overwhelming our border patrol. This is a serious threat to the safety and security of American citizens.

Many Christian and non-profit organizations are stepping in minister to the needy, but the body of Christ must prayerfully seek God’s wisdom and revelation for those who do manage to stay here and how to assure that they will assimilate into our culture and truly transition into Christ-like productivity and success.

Joseph’s story is an example of one impoverished young man who became the salvation of nations. I believe that many intercessors in our group and around the nation, who are fledgling leaders, now being being groomed and honed….for such a time as this!  The Bible doesn’t say if there were threads of national rioting or revolution, but it does say that innumerable lives were saved because of Joseph’s wisdom. For such a time as this, God brought Donald J. trump as the church’s Cyrus, to bring back righteousness and some semblance of order to America.  As the body of Christ faces this quagmire, we can be assured that if we abide in His presence and keep His precepts and commandments, He will be faithful.

Love in the Name of Christ’s mission statement could be a apt template a solution to the Caravan dilemma. Different denominations and Christian non-profit groups unite and mobilize under one umbrella. The needs of the beneficiaries would be assessed through an application process via a “Clearing House” process

Addressing the dilemma of the Caravan scenario entails the supernatural wisdom of God’s Holy Spirit. The spiritual leaders of Christ’s body need to discern the true needy ones from the malevolent impostors who seek to overrun our nation. President Trump’s greatest concern is to keep us safe. He knows the world is watching to see if we truly are the Christian nation he declares us to be.

iFrom the pit

This past week, I remembered how the Bible speaks of how building strong alliances that are unified in God’s will and anointing is the answer to all dilemmas and especially the present  caravan issue. If not addressed properly with a strategic plan, the truly needy may fall through the cracks. At Brookdale College, I foresaw these types of crisis and so envisioned my future ministry, Artistic Vocations Operations, AVO, would provide appropriate services and establish many. God’s children know that in Christ, all things are possible. I’ve never once doubted that my vision at Brookdale College was far-fetched. If God brought Andrew Wommack’s amazing vision, in Colorado, God could certainly bring Anita Ferrer’s vision!

Many of us have gotten lazy regarding facing and felling our giants. We allow fear to cripple us and then we get so overwhelmed that we give up. The Caravan crisis is nothing more daunting than Joshua and Caleb declaring, “We are well able to take the city.” Indeed, the church is more than able to confront the Caravan crisis and all that come our way. We, (the full body of Christ, in all our branches and denominations) just need to unite as one, as an alliance, so to speak. Lone rangers are always vulnerable and soon get attacked and conquered.

It may seem that darkness is spreading like an ominous canopy over the nations, with lluminati billionaires, CEO’s and music mogul, raking in unspeakable profits. There is no longer  a clear division between the righteous and the ungodly. The lines have blurred as even Christian record labels have sold out to secular labels. The principality of Mammon has tainted the lives of mega-church pastors who splurge on jet planes, multiple mansions and vintage cars. Our own veterans lie in gutters, forgotten. Other millions in third-world nation exist in squalid filth. Something has to give.

Let us see that God has given us a gracious reprieve with our president, a modern-day Joseph or Esther to stand up boldly and bring about a reformation for our badly damaged nation. May all the brothers and sisters in Christ unite to become that city on a hill and be that light to the nations  Let us aspire to be the top of the crop, in medicine, science, entertainment, fashion, health,-agriculture, the media and the financial arena, not Amazon, Google and Facebook. We are the head and not the tail.


Heavenly Father, we ask you to seek your wisdom so that Holy Spirit can convict us of our deception and error.  Help us to love each other, as Christ loved us and to unite in agreement, for that’s where our strength lies! We can fell the Goliath liberalism, mammon, abortion and rebellion, but first we must repent, renounce and turn your way. Help us to walk in holiness and as pleasing to you, for your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are not ours! In Jesus’ name amen.


frenzied violent mob

The stench of death, blood and raw flesh permeated the air as a young man fell onto the dusty ground. The wicked lashes of a metal and bone spiked whip gouged hunks of flesh again and again as the young man gripped the stone post. Each agonized moan seemed to ignite the lynch mob’s rage and pleasure even more. The torturing session continued with loud whoops from the torturers and as each lash came down on the victim’s upper body, neck and face, tiny fountains of blood squirted upward. It was a grizzly sight to anyone watching and it was even more astounding that the young man continued to endure, without even trying to defend himself.

Many of us have seen a lynch mob scene, where a frenzied mob dictates the fate of a victim. No one comes forward to defend the victim, nor shows any compassion. In fact, the unbridled rage of the crowd leaps on the casual bystander and they also join in. What is this spirit of chaos and violence and are lynch mobs a thing of the past?

Lynch mobbing is alive and well in the twenty-first century and is already a major issue in many European countries.. One  scene, a lone woman without a proper head scarf is cat-called out, groped and often gang-raped right in the streets. Here in America patriots, conservatives and Christians are also being targeted, riled up by deceived political leaders. Family members of alternative and conservative news reporting agencies and journalists are being threatened and stalked.
The head of the Anti-Christ rises higher and faster and we are heading towards a revolution which will divide our nation if we do not address it. It’s becoming a frightening reality that free speech by conservatives, patriots and Christians are not allowed. If we allow our voices to be censored, we will lose our gift of free speech

So why this hatred?

Truth became a curse punishable by torture and/or death since that pivotal time in humanity’s history when Pilate faced Jesus, He asked, “What is truth?” Pilate could not understand the plan of God for humanity through His Son, Jesus the Christ and multitudes today are still blinded to that truth. We see this through the collapsing economy of socialist nations like Venezuela and North Korea. We see this through the lack of vetting of immigrants pouring into formerly prosperous European nations, (with many intent upon collapsing the status quo) and establishing Sharia Law. And we see the weakening of the Godly fabric of righteousness, order and godliness, facilitated by our founding fathers influences. The  toxic spillage  spewing from Pandora’s box   has already severely damaged our nation, and we’ve strayed so far from our forefather’s template that soon it may be too late to salvage America.

One symptom of the diminished of our nation is  many of our youth’s inability to think critically. So many young adults and even mature people have no moral compass and have no idea of the difference between good and evil. I recently watched a report where some reporters were questioning a group of young people about what they were protesting. Not one was able to say what they were angry about!. Another report showed college-aged adults being asked, “Do you know what the three branches of government are?” Not one knew. Some of the answers given were downright juvenile. And this is our future?

Besides the lack of critical thinking, is the total disregard for consequences of illogical actions, poor choices and decisions. There is little concern to delay  gratification for the sake of a better future for their children and grandchildren. They could care less about the world their offspring will have to face in the future.
Folks, we are truly  facing a crisis of  diminished intellect and wisdom and it only gets worse. The universal umbrella, the internet and technology has been successful in numbing  our minds and souls. Walking down any busy city street, people stroll zombie-like connected to their Smartphones. Long past are the days when family’s would meet at the supper table to share and connect with each other or the days when workers looked forward to eating and catching up in the cafeteria or lunchroom.

Nowadays all information, identity and even the meaning of life are gleaned from the internet. Thinking for oneself and being creative and/or inspired are rare commodities to this modern generation. The information and opinions of present trendsetters, politicians,  media reporters are accepted on the spot and rarely questioned for accuracy or truth. Alarmingly, those who embrace Christian ideals are being targeted.  The liberal media is seeking to vilify and  defame the reputations of  stanch conservatives and it’s becoming unsafe to enjoy a night on the town or a quiet  evening at a favorite restaurant. If we are not careful and take action soon, we could be seeing events similiar to Saint Steven’s, (one of our earliest martyrs), Acts 7

I liken the  rebellious demonstrators to uncivilized plebeian,s asserting their erroneous (and demonic) outbursts in the belief that they are doing what is admirable.  They sincerely beleive that it’s their right to express their unbridled, anger, frustration and hatred with brutality and bloodshed.  In some urban areas of our larger cities, you would be targeted for a good beating. if you are white, conservative, Christian or a patriot wearing a certain type of baseball cap or t-shirt. More angst is being stoked by some deceived leaders of congress and the senate. I never thought I’d see the day where freedom of speech by good people speaking truth would result in violence, hatred and bloodshed.

Some questions we should be asking is, “What is the purpose of a protest rally and what do you plan to achieve by protesting? We might look to the Biblical book of wisdom in the Bible, the book of Proverbs, and find out what truth really is: and how it should be expressed.

  1The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel: Proverbs
        2 for gaining wisdom and instruction;   for understanding words of   insight;
        3 for receiving instruction in prudent behavior,    doing what is right and just      and fair; 4 for giving prudence to those who are simple,[a    knowledge and discretion wisdomto the young—5 let the wise listen and add to their learning,    and let the discerning get guidance.

How do we judge a person, group of agenda? Jesus said it plainly,

    “You will know them by their fruits.” Mat 7:16.

The fruits don’t fall far from its tree. Jesus also told us how to judge a good or evil person.

              A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil  man out of the evil [a]treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

If ones heart of full of kindness, mercy, blessing and encouragement, they will express those good fruits to positively contribute. If ones heart has swelled up with unmforgiveness, bitterness, resentment and rage, those attributes will spill out ion negative expressions of slander, jealousy, violence and even murder.

Wisdom, true wisdom can only be received, lived out and bearing excellent fruit by those who are willing to seek her like a deeply buried treasure. These are those who walk in dignity, righteousness and grace. These are those who humble themselves enough to acquiesce their will to a higher Power, the Almighty God and Jesus Christ. These are the ones who ponder their eternal destiny and submit their will in accordance to God’s will. These are the ones who hope that when they die, they will have left their offspring a legacy of love.

Here is where wisdom comes, in. Do we  slow ourselves down from the  hurried pace of our lives and soul search? Do we ask ourselves, “Am I a child of the light or a child of darkness?” We are either for Christ or against Him. There is no middle ground.  It’s one or the other. I wonder if some of these demonstrators sleep at night after they spent their day, stalking and beating people up for wearing  a Make America Great Again t-shirt. Here’s some food for thought for them

And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne. And                            there were open books, and one was the book of Life. And the   dead    were  judged according to what was in the books  Rev. 20:12

So you don’t believe there will be a judgement day or even a God who will judge? If you’ve not accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior and find yourself standing before the Bema Seat, Christ as Judge) you will find out about what eternity is like…. And eternity is a long time to be wrong.

The young man, you read about at the beginning of this blog, who was being tortured, made sure to endure to the very end. He allowed himself to be violently lynched by the crazed mob even though he was innocent. He gave His own life so you did not have to make a wrong turn at the horrific side of eternity. That young man, Jesus Christ, the blessed Lamb of God, paid ,in full, all your sins. Many have already joined his cause, God’s Heavenly kingdom of righteousness and  the harvest of souls.

Many righteous ones will be lynched and martyred for their Christian faith if we do not fight for and  keep our right to free speech and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The hateful anti-Christ agenda is spreading its roots disguised as a progressive and benevolent ideology.  It will eventually result on genocide, communism and the utter downfall of America.  These proponents of the New world order will seek to obliterate everything that has to do with purity,  truth and Godly righteousness, (particularity the unborns’ right to life).. They will seek to hunt us down and believe they doing a  noble thing.

My friend,  I hope that you are a seeker of truth, which can only be found through diligent searching as for a priceless treasure. Treasures often are hidden or buried deep, but when finally exhumed are replete with joy and celebration.This is the legacy of the Kings and Priests of God.

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