Genocide, a word few want to envision at least not in their own country.

Each time I hear about another nation in the throes of genocide, I grieve that leaders of the developed nations have still not yet found a solution to this barbaric slaughter. Many still act as if it doesn’t exist.

“The”Attack of Darfur,”  like “Hotel Rwanda” and Schindlers List stirred me to do more than just grieve and complain.  The three movie were well made,  powerful and devastatingly provocative.   I realize I must do something about genocide.

These types of movies draw me into the terror,  hopelessness and cruelty the victims of genocide  suffer.  Most of us rarely do anything about an injustice until it happens to us personally.  I could only imagine the shell-shock of the victims as they saw their nemisis coming their way.  One by one, day by day  the people of the towns and villages were ambushed and overpowered by the machete-wielding marauders..

I wonder what God thinks as this happens. Does His holy angels and His people care? I wonder why the UN and the United States and all the developed Nations hesitated to unite and stop all of the atrocities.  Did any nations care to protest or intervene?

I never sleep after seeing any movies of such devastating consequences and especially the cruel slaughter of human beings as if they were no better than vermin.  Why was Genocide still happening and when would people start paying attention and doing something to end it once and for all?

My husband Mark and I went to hear  Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor, speak at Congregation Torat El, 301 Monmouth Road, Oakhurst on Sunday, September 18 at 7 p.m. The soft-spoken man addressed us with humility, but with such emotional persuasion regarding the most  devastating experience he could endure as a young boy in a concentration camp.  He lost his mother, father and three sisters at the hands of the Nazis. As he addressed the audience, in almost a whisper at times  I thought all his  humiliation and pain he suffered being all in vain. Antisemitism was growing again against Jews all over the world. I dreaded that such a thing could happen to elderly holocaust survivors. Hadn’t they suffered enough already?

So many feeling and questions and wondering where are the impassioned to stop the continuing massacres? Would justice ever established? Why weren’t the perpetrators punished for their crimes and when?

Raphael Lempkin was one such man who could not stay silent about the rampaging evil. He was a Polish lawyer who held a  European Law doctorate.  Raphael had a humble background, his father being a farmer, but his mother was a highly intellectual woman who a linguist, painter and philosophy student.  As a youngster, he mastered ten languages, including French, Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian.

As a young man, Raphael was responsible for coining the term in 1943 genocide from two words, the Greek, Genos (family, tribe or race and the Latin cide, (killing). His impassioned advocacy for Genocide came from learning about the Armenians being massacred in Iraq in 1933. He later became very involved with his work regarding international law relating to group exterminations.

Thank God for passionate journalists and human rights advocates who refuse to be apathetic and stay silent about the atrocity of ethnic cleansing. Genocide will not end by itself. It will take a massive  and coordinated effort of many.

Surely we will not be alarmed enough to take action unless it occurs close to home. One powerful scene in “Attack on Darfur” was when one of the male journalists could not  just leave the people of the village they had just visited.  He knew he would not be able to live with himself if he didn’t make some effort to stop the impending slaughter. As the other journalists tried to stop him, he asked,

“What if it were your wife and children back there? What would you do?”

That is the question. What if it were our spouses, children or parents? We Americans live in safety, with police protection at our beck and call.

Another compassionate and brave women opposing Genocide is Natasa Kandic. The sociologist, turned Human Rights Advocate presented a devastating video both to  tribunal prosecutors and the world. She gave them a brazen glimpse into the barbaric world of the ethnic cleansing. I believe all of us should get a good dose of these types of footage so we are not numbed by our own comfort. I pray that compassionate folks around the world take a good look at Genocide and realize…it could happen to us. We must not allow our TV and computers to lull us into a false world of apathy and  nonchalance about suffering people across the globe.

God has created each and every unique person to enjoy dignity and the right to life.

Why don’t we think about it. Rise up as an enlightened people and begin stopping Genocide today.


AUSCHWITZ, Genocide and the Holocausts

Curiosity compelled me to watch Schindler’s List ten years ago. I remember reading the scrolled credits. My stomach lurched with nausea and my heart trembled with sadness at the fate of the Jewish people.

After about a week though, life continued, business as usual.

Fast forward, several years later. I shared my opinion on the holocausts with a friend who urged me to watch Hotel Rwanda. At the end of the movie, the powerful emotions that settled over me during Schindler’s list regurgitated.

My thoughts again centered around the questions and reasons for genocide, so similar to Cancer invading a healthy body. How could a civilized society as the United States stand by and allow such a unconscionable acts to destroy a race?

Stranger still that in Africa, one people decided the barbaric fate of their near neighbors, (by no other reason but because of the width of their nose and the slight differences sin facial features).

This past December, my husband Mark and I dedicated several week-end evenings to watch the Time/life “Auschwitz” and “The Nazis, A lesson From History” series which gave us a clear view of the seed of genocide towards the Jewish people. Th economic, political and spiritual atmosphere of Europe had to be just so to begin the acceptance of Adolf Hitler’s “dream regime.” The DVD series was a historical document including live interview footage with former Nazi personnel,  concentration camp survivors and eye witnesses. The heart-rending pictorial depicting all the suffering of all caught in the net of hatred, violence and mass murder would forever haunt me. I want to remind the world  that this must never happen again.

Images of soldiers storming into the cities with tanks and military vehicles in preparation to deport masses of Jews made me weep. They were herded like sheep to the slaughter into windowless, unventilated cattle trains for hundreds of miles to an unknown destination. Men, women and children were then separated at the station and anyone looking frail or disabled were immediately shot. The fittest were used for hard work and service to the Nazi’s.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the mainstream society, a diabolical plan was unraveling and being set into place for the extermination of all Jews in Europe. “Auschwitz” and “The Nazi’s” gave a vivid and grisly picture of the extremity of the suffering of the Jews and the callousing of the conscience of the Nazi Regime that only be called demonic.

The Jews extermination took root from the The Nazis’ delving into the occult. Satanic perversion prevailed and this was the fuel than fanned the voracious agenda , (not as a fell swoop), but as a gradual erasing of the Jewish race or any people that they considered a threat to Germany’s, (and eventually all Europe’s). This ultimate goal, (for racial purity), had to be implemented at any and all costs, including anyone who opposed the new regime.

Let us not forget the genocides of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Killing fields of Cambodia and many others.

Though extremely graphic and devastation to view, I recommend everyone concerned and passionate about human rights  to view both, “Auschwitz/The Nazi regime” and Hotel Rwanda to better understand the beginnings of such an agenda. We, as a civilized and spiritual culture must never allow genocide to happen again. Don’t say, it can’t happen in America. It can and at the present moment, diabolical assignments of the NWO are being implemented. Only God can save us from the same fate. God’s people here Must repent, receive and intercede on behalf of the wicked lost, or we too, shall be devoured victims of a Christian holocaust.

Please share this message with all you can while we still have time! God is our defense, our shield, high tower and buckler. Lift up Holy hands, not contaminated by lust, pornography or any evil. He will protect us. Psalm 91! God bless you, servants/soldiers of the MOST high God!