REJOICE! And again I say, REJOICE!

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REJOICE! And again I say Rejoice!

Are you weary, my brother or sister? Has the enemy buffeted you so that you drag your feet?
This morning as I focused on resting and meditating on the Lord’s word, I recalled that few of my closest brothers & sisters in Christ have not called or visited. I stopped to visit a few, only to find no one home. I sent cards and packages…no response. Only recently, certain brethren and I spent time worshiping and in prayer. Where was everybody? I know many are struggling with illnesses and hospitalization of their family members, but I’m disappointed to be disconnected with my prayer partners.

I also know that spiritual attacks of God’s people are increasing.  Satan’s  host work full-time,  wreaking havoc across the globe. Many are struggling with physical ailments and depression.

As I tune in to the Pastor Janet’s Ellsworth’s  prayer meeting on CTN Christian network each night from 12:30 am to 3:30 am, I’m saddened to hear so many callers requesting prayer for  troubled family members, suicidal children and serious illnesses. As I pray, I wonder how she never seems flustered or overwhelmed at the great amount of suffering of people who call in.Pastor Janet  is  an amazing spirit-filled woman of God and a wonderful role model for me as I try to encourage my brothers and sisters to keep running the race and stay close to the Lord.

I remind you, beloved, that  now is not the time to be slack and allow the cares of the world, family members self-centered issues and worldly strife’s to deter you from your Christian duty. I’m here to compel you to attention. I’m here to stir up the gift that are within you.  Don’t be weary in well-doing, for you will reap if you DON’T faint. Gal 6:9

When you start to get lazy and spiritually weak, recount God’s word! Remember your royal heritage. You are Kings & Priests. Minister to Him in your priesthood regardless of how you feel. 1 Pet 2:8 and  Rev. 1:6 We are also His workmanship Eph 2:10. Everyone of us has a distinct calling in this dark hour. Running God’s race in these dark hours requires great diligence and persistence. If we want God to continue blessing & strengthening us, we must reserve reverent worship and meditation time with Him.

Rejoice for He inhabits the praises of His people. In everything, give thanks, 1 Thes 5:18.  Rejoice for we are seated with Jesus in heavenly places! Eph 2:6 and are partakers of His divine nature and we are given His great & precious promises.  2 Pet 1:4. We are the accepted in the beloved.

So I urge you this day, BELOVED to Focus on who you are in Christ and what belongs to you! Don’t give place to satan where he draws your attention to  personal struggles, family conflicts, job stressors and threatening world events. Paul reminded Timothy, “No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier” Our first obligation is to abide under the shadow of the almighty Psalm 91 and enter His rest..Heb 4:11

I pray for you to be refreshed by this blog.

Paul reiterated to the Philipians, “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice!”

I encourage you all to enter His rest today and even during the busy week, if even for only 15 minutes or a half an hour. Stop, count, (writing down your blessings is even better) and Praise Him! Praise refreshes the soul.

Rejoice I say and Praise Him!


Journal Entry, May 8, 2010

The gown in the window of “Elegant Alternative” bridal shop caught my eyes, at a canary yellow confection that made me stop in my tracks. I inched closer to take a better look. My fried flounder at next door’s MR Shrimp would have to wait. Slightly in back of the featured yellow gown was another glorious gown of white with sweeping turquoise & lime green swirls and flowers outlined in matching sequins. I imagined myself sitting at a sewing machine whipping up one of these for  myself and as an internationally known and loved fashion designer.

I took a fifteen minute  meal break from my back-breaking job delivering telephone books. As a fifteen year old with aspirations of  designing outrageously glitzy gowns for Cher, I  never would have imagined I’d be battling horrendous traffic to the loading dock and then spending the day dragging phone books up and down hills with my hand cart in Shark River Hills, Neptune, NJ.

A far cry from a glamorous life sewing in a beautiful downtown Manhattan showroom and having the upper echelon of wealthy rock stars, models and actresses hurrying to make appointments to see my collection and buy! Each latest design would be featured in the top Fifth Avenue  fashion publications. Over the years, one or two opportunities came my way, but because of so many oppositions and mishaps facing me, all fell through. Like Joseph languishing in prison, professionals, (Christian and non-Christian)  in my desired fields of music and fashion all forgot about me. Over many years, I struggled greatly with depression, wondering why God never allowed me to be internationally known.

When overwhelmed and tired from the physical strain of my job, I’m often tempted to regret and mourn about what could have been. I know the enemy is constantly directing our thoughts to the past, hurts and mistakes. But I know that God has planned my life and is orchestrating circumstances for His glory!  I don’t always remember, But I know that praising Him and thanking Him for all circumstances keeps me close to Him and in His will. I can’t blame God for old unwise choices or for fears that stopped me from taking a step of faith.  Fear is a great killer of God’s dreams., but He is a God of second chances. Thankfully, when we shirk from a great opportunity because we think we aren’t ready and we lose a chance for a breakthrough, He still has a plan B or C.

My dream may have been to madly pursue a Fashion Design career, but God has already promoted me to a new calling. I’ve accepted and look expectantly and with diligence to the next great thing He’s already ordained. I hope I can encourage others who’s progress and dreams have been thwarted because of fear. It is never too late for God to restore and exalt. We must wait upon Him and then we will soar with wings as eagles.